An electrician charges a $50 fee to make a service call plus $25 per hour he works. Determine whether the relationship between the two variables is proportional.

Hours Cost($)
1 75
2 100
3 125
4 150

Is this proportional? Because i am not sure. When i plot these points on a graph, they don't pass the origin, which makes it not proportional. But these fractions are proportional otherwise, so is the answer proportional or not?

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  1. Kaitlyn, Jack, anonymous, hiii, anonnnn, anon, Shirley -- or whoever -- you've changed names again! Both Damon and I asked you to keep the same name for your posts.

  2. If the line does not pass through the origin, it it not proportional.

    you clearly have

    y = 25x + 50

    That "+ 50" wrecks the proportionality.

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    posted by Steve

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