English (Reunion by John Cheever)

In John Cheever's story reunion, what do the restaurants symbolize.

Why does Charlie call hi father daddy at the end of the story?

Examine the first and last sentences of the story. What is common and why? How do you interpret the ending of the story? Does Charlie accept of reject his father?

What does the story why does Charlie's father want to get him a newspaper? Could this have any symbolic value in the story?

What is the significance of the title? Although the the story depicts Charlie's reunion with his father the word reunion id used without a definite or an indefinite article. Why?

Comment on the following quotes from the story " I would have to plan my campaigns within his limitations." / "I smelled my father the way my mother sniffs a rose."

I have answered all the other questions on the assignment but I am struggling with these ones.

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  1. I've never read this story, but you may get some ideas here:




    Remember NOT to copy and paste anything. If I can find these websites online, so can your teacher!

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