eric has a dog walking business. He charges $13per dog he walks and $6 for the water he buys for the dogs. If he made $97 on Monday, write an equation to find the number of dogs he walked on Monday.

I got an answer of 7 dogs on Monday.

Then, in addition to dog walking, on Tuesday Eric made $45 dog sitting at one of his customers homes. IF he made $168 on Tuesday, write an equation to find the number of dogs he walked that day.

How do I incorporate my 7 dogs from monday with the total for tuesday.

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  1. Monday: let D = # of dogs,then:
    13D + 6 = 97
    D = (97 - 6)/13 = 91/13 = 7

    13D + 6 + 45 = 168
    D = (168 - 6 - 45)/13 = 117/13 = 9

    Since there is no relationship between the number dogs Eric walked on Monday and Tuesday, you can not incorporate the 7 dogs on Monday. The only relationship is the charges per dog walked and the charge for water.

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  2. 2*5+3*5=

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