why would you not use filter paper for weighing paper?

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  1. Most filter paper has a texture to it and any solid placed on it during the weighing may stick to the surface and not be transferred quantitatively to a vessel of choice. I assume this is the intent of the question. If I have misinterpreted, please clarify.

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  2. why is using filter paper as the weighing paper not a good idea? I need to two reasons.

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  3. Using weighing paper increases the risk of dropping your sample when transfering it to your container after weighing it on the scale. If you tarry a beaker and then add the sample to the beaker then that risk is mostly eliminated.

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  4. PLEASE, please, don't call a balance a scale. I weigh a sack of potatoes on a scale but in a chemistry lab I use a balance. :-)
    My students used to think my antics about this were very funny; in fact, so funny that they bought large poster boards and taped them up on the doors to the quant lab. The poster boards were printed in bold black letters, "SCALE ROOM"

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  5. balance then. =) (that did seem wrong when I typed it but...)lol.

    very funny

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