Math! Please check!

Which statement best describes inductive reasoning?

A- It uses previously proven or accepted properties to reach a conclusion.

B- It uses observation of patterns and past events to reach a conclusion.

C- It uses any convenient method to reach a conclusion.

My choice is B.

Lilly solved an equation. She showed all her steps and got the correct answer. What kind of reasoning did Lilly use to solve the equation?

A- deductive

B- convenient

C- predictive

D- inductive

My choice is A.

Which is a conditional statement?

A- I can buy the sandwich.

B- Throw the ball.

C- I will go if you go.

D- Wait until tomorrow.

My choice is C.

What is the conclusion of the conditional statement?

If it rains, then I will not go outside.

A- it rains

B- it does not rain

C- I will go outside

D- I will not go outside

My choice is D.

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  1. I agree with all of your choices.

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  2. Thank you!! :)

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  3. Yes that is correct! nice Job

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