A rectangular garden has an area if

A.) Write the area as the product of two binomials with integer coefficients

B.) the garden is to be completely enclosed by a path 1 m wide. find and simplify an expression for the area of the path

C.) the path is concrete, poured to a depth of 10 cm. calculate the volume in m^3 of concrete used if a=6

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  1. I think you meant
    12a^2 - 5a - 2 = (3a-2)(4a+1)

    After the path, each dimension is increased by 2, so the new total area is

    (3a-2+2)(4a+1+2) = (3a)(4a+3)
    Now subtract the original area to get the area of the path:

    now just simplify that

    Finally, just plug in a, recalling that the volume

    v = (a)(.10) m^3

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