The dimensions of aluminum foil in a box for sale at a supermarket are 66.6 yards by 12 inches. The mass of the foil is .83kg. What is the thickness of the foil (in cm)?
(1in = 2.54 cm)

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  1. 66.6 yards x (3 feet/yd) x (12 in/foot) x (2.54 cm/in) = length in cm
    12 inches wide x (2.54 cm/inch) = width in cm

    mass = volume x density or volume = mass/density = 830g/look up density
    solve for volume in cc.

    Then volume = length x width x thickness
    You know v, l, w, and you solve for thickness (in cm)

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  2. density=mass/volume=mass/LWT


    change yards to cm, inches to cm first. density should be in grams/cm^3, change kg to grams...

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  3. 66.6 yards * 36 in/yard * 2.54 cm/in = L

    12 in * 2.54 cm /in = w

    volume = w * L * t

    2.7 grams/cm^3 * w * L * t = 830 grams

    solve for t

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  4. Thankyou all so much for your help

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  5. You are welcome.

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  6. length= 6089.9cm
    volume= 307g

    307g = 6089.9cm X 30.48cm X thickness

    thickness= .00165 cm

    was the information I got correct?

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  7. I agree with that.

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