the average attendance of a class from monday to wednesday was 39 and that from wednesday to saturday was 39.5. What was the attendance on wednesday, if the average attendance from monday to saturday was 40

I did this:-
m+t+w=39*3(cross multiplication)108
Iam stuck from here!!!!!

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asked by Math
  1. m+t+w=39*3 = 117 , (how did you get 108 ?)
    w+th+f+s = 4*39.5 = 158
    add them

    m+t+2w+th+f+s = 275 , but
    m+t+w+th+f+s = 9*40= 240
    subtract them
    w = 35

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    posted by Reiny
  2. Nice

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    posted by Cutee

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