English; Punctuation

Do you always put a comma before you use quotation marks, or do you only use a comma before dialogue or a quote?

For example:

“I know, but just give this CD a chance,” my mom said as she inserted the new CD into the CD player. “It was made by a Christian band called ‘pureNRG.’ You’ll probably like their music.”

Does there ned to be a comma before "pureNRG?" In fact, do I even need to put quotation marks around pureNRG? I didn't use quotation marks any of the other times I wrote the name, but this is the first time the name is used in my composition.

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  1. No comma is needed before 'pureNRG' and no, you don't need any quotation marks around that. It's a band's name ... not a title of a story or book or artwork.

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