Check this please?

I am writing about how different groups view the role of the government. I saw this online and wanted to use it to guide me through my essay, but wanted to check its accuracy because I thought Democrats weren't for higher taxes I thought Republicans were.

Those in favor of a bigger role for government include most Democrats, especially Franklin Roosevelt, who initiated programs that helped poor and middle class citizens.
Democrats typically want higher taxes, so that the government can fund more social programs and basically spend more on citizens. Republicans don't trust the elected officials to do the right thing with the higher taxes that they acquire. Republicans want lower taxes, and less government spending. Republican’s believe that those who earn the money should be the ones who decide how to spend it.

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asked by Mel
  1. essay? "Writing about" is hardly a thesis. Do you have a point you wish to make, or to compare different groups? The choice of "Democrats" and "Republicans" are hardly cohesive groups in themselves. I think I would look for more cohesive groups of like social, economic, racial, or cultural identity. Often these groups in themselves do not form a political view of government until they group themselves into political parties. So what one has in a polictical party is a collection of diverse groups. Your paragraph above generalizes so much as it tends to be meaningless. No intelligent thought can take place in generalities.

    Have you done any research? is a good start.

    Finally, you have to break this mentality of "writing about". Anyone can write about, what you should be aiming to do is write to make a point, with clarity, and sound analysis. That takes research for you to know what you want to say. When you know what you want to say, "writing about" is forgotten, and you are aiming to make a case for something.

    Good luck.

  2. Sorry I didn't see this earlier.

    That passage is accurate. Democrats usually want higher taxes for businesses and the rich. Those taxes, say Democrats, should help the people.

  3. Thank you guys.

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    posted by Mel
  4. You're welcome, Mel.

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