A 75.00-g sample of an unknown metal is heated to 52.00°C. It is then placed in a coffee cup calorimeter filled with water. The calorimeter and the water inside have a combined mass of 225.0 g and an overall specific heat of 2.045 J/(gi°C). The initial temperature of the calorimeter is 7.50°C. If the system reaches a final temperature of 9.08°C when the metal is added, what is the specific heat of the unknown metal?

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asked by adam
  1. given:
    m1 = 75.00 g
    c1 = ?
    t1 = 52.00°C

    m2=225.0 g
    c2=2.045 J/g-°C



    Solve for c1 to get c1=0.2258 J/g-°C

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