can someone please explain this to me i am confused and don't know what to do
Suppose that the function g is defined , for all real numbers, as follows
g(x)={1/4x-1 if x≤-2
{ -(x-1)^ +3 if -2<x≤2
{ 3 if x>2

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  1. I assume a typo, and that
    g(x) = -(x-1)^2 + 3 if -2 < x <= 2
    just look at the data:

    since -2 < 1 <= 2,
    g(1) = -(1-1)^2 + 3 = 0+3 = 3

    since -2 < 2 <= 2,
    g(2) = -(2-1)^2 + 3 = -1+3 = 2

    since 5>2,
    g(5) = 3

    Don't let all the symbols confuse you. Each just tells a part of the story of how g(x) is defined.

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    posted by Steve

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