Find the range of value of X for each for the following inequalities


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asked by akhmal
  1. (8-4x)/(x+5) > 1-x

    If x+5 > 0,
    8-4x > (x+5)(1-x)
    8-4x > -x^2-4x+5
    x^2+3 > 0
    This is true for all x, but the initial condition was that x > -5. So, that is the domain: x > -5

    If x+5 < 0,
    8-4x < (x+5)(1-x)
    8-4x < -x^2-4x+5
    x^2 < √3
    But, we said x < -5, so no solutions hers.

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    posted by Steve

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