a train travels the first 30 km of 120 km track with a uniform speed of 30km/h.What should be the speed of train to cover the remaining distance of the track so that its average speed is 60km/h for the entire trip

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asked by Hitesh
  1. Total distance = 120 km
    For an average of 60km/h,
    total time available = 120/60=2 hours

    Distance left = 120-30=90 km
    Time left = 2-1 = 1 hour

    What is the speed need for the remaining distance?

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  2. avg speed= distance/totaltime
    total time=time1+time2
    = 30km/30km/hr + time2

    avg speed=60=120/total time
    total time=120/60=2h
    30km/30km/hr + time2=2 hr
    but speed2=90km/1hr=90 km/hr

  3. a train normally travel at a uniform speed of 24 km per hour

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    posted by Sakshi

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