to build a 2.5 m by 3 m deck, a local building supply store chargers $1000 for materials, plus the carpenter's wage of $30/h. The store gives you an estimate of $1480 for the total cost. How much time is estimated for the carpenter to build the deck? provide a full solution'

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  1. (1480 - 1000)/30 = h

  2. A formula has to be written that takes all the money into account and the time that the carpenter's will spend on the deck.

    We know that the store charges $1000 for materials and $30/hr on labor. So with that information we can say this:

    $1000 + ($30 * t) = total

    Where t is the time in hours, and because we know the total, $1480, we can say:

    $1000 + ($30 * t) = $1480

    Now all that is left is to solve for t:

    $30 * t = $1480 - $1000

    t = ($1480-$1000)/$30

    t = $480/$30

    t = 16h

    Therefore, it will take the carpenters 16 hours to build the deck.

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    posted by Jason

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