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this is a book review for 9th grade honors english. does it look OK? are there any errors or anything? thanks--
The novel Dairy Queen by Catherine Murdock is the story of 15-year-old D.J. Schwenk who lives in Red Bend Wisconsin. Her father gets injured and can no longer take care of the family dairy farm, so D.J. volunteers to take up the work. The work is difficult, especially when one person has to do all of it. It includes baling hay, milking cows, and much more. One day Brian, a rival high school quarterback, comes to help out with the farm work on orders of the coach, who wants him to get into shape for the season. He’s facing elimination from the team if he refuses. After some time of working with him and getting to know him, D.J. decides to train Brian. She grows very fond of him over time. All of the training with Brian inspires D.J. to try out for her own high school football team. She makes the team and ultimately has to face Brian’s team.
Throughout the novel D.J. is charming and likable character. The reader witnesses her character developing persistently. She’s very inspirational to girls because she works so hard on the farm and also makes the football team. The whole story is an adventure of self-discovery for D.J. and the hard work it takes to get there. This book is generally for young adults, particularly girls. I would highly recommend it. It’s enjoyable and easy-moving once you get into it. When you finish, you’ll be glad you read it. It’s a one-of-a-kind book. Girls will especially like this novel, although it’s about football.

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  1. *Book titles need to be underlined or italicized.

    *Lots of comma work is needed:

    *The second paragraph reads like a commercial sales promotion. If you are supposed to give your opinion about the book, then I suggest you do away with most of that paragraph and EXPLAIN WHY you find the main character so compelling.

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