Help on these few questions please? :( I'm so confused. No need for a direct answer if you don't wanna give it but I just need some explaining. thank you.


A ball is thrown horizontally from a platform so that the initial height of the ball is 6.0 m above the level ground below. The ball lands 24 m from its original horizontal location. Find how fast the ball was thrown. Show all work.

A car is driven at constant velocity along a level highway. Indicate the value of the net force and list all the main forces acting on the car to produce the net force. Clearly explain what produces or exerts each of the contact forces acting on the car and explain which forces are balanced.

Summarize two observations that are contrary to the predictions based on Newton’s laws but that confirm Einstein’s explanation of gravity. Indicate how the predictions based on Newton’s theory differ from Einstein’s.

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asked by EIllie
  1. 1. h = 0.5g*t^2 = 6 m.
    4.9t^2 = 6
    t^2 = 1.224
    Tf = 1.107 s. = Fall time.

    d = Xo * Tf = 24 m.
    Xo * 1.107 = 24
    Xo = 21.7 m/s = Initial velocity.

    2. Fg = m*g = Force of gravity = Wt. of

    Fk = u*Fg = Force of kinetic friction.

    Fn = !@#$%^&-Fk = Net force.

    !@#$%^& = Force applied.

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    posted by Henry

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