language arts

indicate the Predicate Adjective & Participle of ea sentence:

1. Nearly 150 years later, a talented ballet dancer appeared in the same city.
ANS: Part= talented, PA =same

2. Anna Pavlova's family was poor.
ANS: PA = poor

3. Nevertheless, she joined into the famed Imperial School of Ballet in St. Petersburt
ANS: PA = famed

4. Anna's teachers were famous themselves.
ANS: PA = famous

5. In 1899 Anna Pavlova became a respected member of the Imperial Ballet.
ANS: PA & Part = respected

6. She seemed eager to improve in her art.
ANS: PA = eager

7. She was successful in the lead role in Giselle
ANS: PA = successful & lead

8. After several years Pavolova received the desired title of prima ballerina
ANS: PA = several & prima - Part = desired

9. Her dancing style was classical.
ANS: Part = dancing & PA = classical

10.. While others tried new approaches, she remained faithful to the traditional methods.
ANS: PA = new, faithful & traditional

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  1. Are you clear on what a predicate adjective is (and is not)?

  2. 2, 6, and 9 are correct. The others need LOTS of work.

    Read carefully:

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