Indicate whether a debit or credit decreases the normal balance of each of the following accounts:
a. Office Supplies e. Salaries Expense i. Interest Revenue
b. Repair Services Revenue f. Owner Capital j. Owner Withdrawals
c. Interest Payable g. Prepaid Insurance k. Unearned Revenue
d. Accounts Receivable h. Buildings l. Accounts Payable

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  1. Assistance needed.

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  2. Office Supplies is a credit
    Repair Services Revenue is a debit
    Interest Payable is a debit
    Accounts Receivalbe is a credit
    Salaries Expense is a credit
    Owner Capital is a debit
    Prepaid Insurance is a credit
    Buildings is a credit
    Interest Revenue is a debit
    Owner Withdrawals are a credit
    Accounts Payable is a debit.
    Unearned Revenue is a credit

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