You are going for a bike ride. You ride down a straight road at a speed of 9.0 mi/hr. Just as you pass the point which is 3.6 miles from your starting point, you develop a flat tire. You get off your bike and walk it to a bike shop 0.5 miles further down the road. The walk to the bike shop takes 12 minutes. What was the average velocity for the entire trip?

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  1. d = 3.6 + 0.5 = 4.1 miles.

    T1 = 3.6/9 + 12/60 = 0.6 hr. To travel
    4.1 miles from starting point.
    V1 = d/T1 = 4.1/0.6 = 6.83 mi/h.

    V2=9.0 mi/h. when returning to starting

    V = (V1+V2)/2 = (6.83+9.0)/2 = 7.92 mi/h
    = Average velocity for entire trip.

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    posted by Henry

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