romeo and juliet

can you help me on y,m post that i have posted earlier i just need that and im done please

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  1. I last read R & J in 1957, and have no memory of all the details you need. You have read it more recently than I (or possibly anyone else here!).

    If you post what you think, then someone here can check it for you, but no one will write your assignments for you.

  2. i did i put it in the other post but no one checked

    "Two households, both alike in dignity, . . ."
    it seems like the families are pretty dignified but later on u realize that not so, they only seek revenge for each other for the death of their family members

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  3. "u" <~~? You'd better not turn this in without correct English.

    Only one person died?

  4. yea i know i will correct it.

    no in total it

    lady montague

    so 6 people died

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  5. OK what if i use other methods like symbols, dynamic growth on characters, character foils, setting, dramatic irony, situation irony, diction that includes multiple types of figurative language, soliloquy.

    which would would be easier for the theme on revenge

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  6. I have no idea what's easier. You should be choosing examples based on how well each one illustrates what you want to prove.

    If you want to use this idea, then phrase it accurately:
    They seek revenge for the deaths of their family members.

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