1. Which resource would be the best choice to learn more information about joining a cricket team? (1 point)
county aquatics facility
lifeguard *
local community center
private equestrian center
2. At the 8th grade dance, Myron asks Janelle if she would like to dance with him seconds before Octavio asks Janelle to dance as well.* Janelle has been waiting for Octavio to ask her to dance all evening long. Janelle should handle this situation in a socially acceptable way by telling (1 point)
Myron she is very tired and dancing with Octavio across the room after Myron walks away. *
Octavio she will dance with him after her one dance with Myron, as he has asked first.
Octavio and Myron to get her some punch and the fastest to return gets to dance with her.
Tell both the boys that she doesn't really want to dance.
3. Wes has not learned that the sports facilities he uses are shared by all the people in the community. He treats the basketball court with little respect just as he does his own bedroom at home. Coach knows Wes doesn’t think about his actions in regard to keeping the facilities in tip-top shape because he (1 point)
changes into his practice sneakers before stepping onto the court.*
puts away the floor mop after volunteering to sweep the floor.
leaves a trail of wet mud behind as he walks from the door onto the court.
reminds another player to wipe his feet as he is entering the gym.
4. Terrance has been waiting all day to try out his new skateboard at the park. As soon as school gets out he is off to skate with his friends. A new boy is there for the first time and doesn’t understand how the procedures work for who gets to ride their board on the ramp next and inadvertently takes Terrance’s turn. Terrance smiles and shrugs his shoulders. When the boy comes back, Terrance explains about how the line order works in a calm manner. How has Terrance used his etiquette when handling this situation? (1 point)
everyone deserves respect
not showing favoritism
poor impulse control*
taking the other player’s word
5. Bert is playing on his school’s soccer team and one of the players on the other team is consistently pulling his jersey when the referee isn’t looking. Bert is getting frustrated as the other player is beating him to the ball almost every time by using this illegal tactic. How should Bert handle this situation in a responsible manner? (1 point)
Start trash talking to the other team and calling them all dirty players.
Talk to his coach and ask him to alert the referee to watch this player more closely. *
Use the same technique in retaliation to this player.
Yell profanity as soon as the player does it the next time to get the referee’s attention.
6. Sylvia and Maurice are playing a racquet sport and are matched against each other. Maurice hits the shuttlecock over the five foot high net and awaits Sylvia’s return. Select the sport they are playing. (1 point)
beach paddleball
ping-pong *
7. Your racquetball opponent has poor reaction time and agility. A good offensive strategy would be to serve (1 point)
before he is ready so he won’t expect the ball.
near him to start a rally and keep the ball in play.
to the same place each time to have a good match. *
to various court locations to keep him surprised.
8. Jermaine has always been a thrill seeker. He loves to experience new activities that push the limits of excitement. While pursuing his quest for thrilling activities, Jermaine and his dad are checking out the local BMX course. After talking it over with his dad, Jermaine decides he’d like to try some BMX racing. Proper safety gear is of the utmost importance. Select the set of gear that will be a part of what Jermaine needs to participate in this new activity. (1 point)
goggles, helmet, bicycle
goggles, helmet, kayak *
goggles, helmet, motorcycle
goggles, helmet, skateboard
9. For two weekends in a row, Stan and his sister have watched a team sport very popular in India and with some community members in their village. The players wear pads like a hockey goalie and use a flat stick like a baseball bat to hit a pitched ball. Stan noticed that normally where he would see the home plate in a baseball game, this game had three vertical sticks. After observing the players’ actions while using this type of equipment, Stan and his sister concluded they were playing (1 point)
Association football.
field hockey.*
tug of war.
10. The sport of hockey has many varieties in different cultures. In the statements provided, select the one in which ice hockey and field hockey are not similar. (1 point)
Both sports have a goalie to protect the net.
Both sports have players wear skates.
Both sports use a long-handled stick to strike the object.
Both sports use goals at both ends of the playing surface.*
11. When playing an alternate shot doubles format golf tournament, Bailey and Connie are trying to figure out who should be the player to tee off. Bailey is known for her outstanding iron play and putting skill when the ball is within 15 feet of the hole. Armed with this knowledge, who is the logical choice for teeing off? (1 point)
A good strategy cannot be determined from this information.
Bailey *
none of the above
12. June is playing capture the flag in her PE class. She has been selected to be on the offense and attempt to get the flag from the opponent's side of the field. She has average speed as a runner. How should June position her body so as not to get tagged as she crosses the center line of the field? (1 point)
Keep herself separated from the group and run a straight line to the flag.
Move with a group of teammates and stay near the back of the pack.
Sprint toward a pair of opponents and, when chased, run between the two of them. *
Sprint toward the jail first and then over to the flag area.

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  2. I checked the first five. You missed all of them.

  3. How did you do it?

    All of your first four answers are wrong. Since I grew tired of reading nonsense, I stopped checking after four questions.

  4. 1-D?

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  5. 2-B?

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  6. Nope. Are you throwing darts?

  7. 3-C?

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  8. 4-A?

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  9. 5-B

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  10. No I'm not throwing darts I'm actually trying here!

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  11. 6-D

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  12. 7-D

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  13. 8-A

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  14. 9-C

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  15. 10-B

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  16. 11-C

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  17. 12-C

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  18. 1-D?
    Please help me!

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  19. I have down syndrome and am slower than others and my teachers won't help me :( Please help me figure these out :(

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  20. 1-D? - No. Learn what cricket and equestrian mean.
    2-B? -- Yes.
    3-C? -- Yes.
    4-A? -- Yes.
    5-B? -- Yes.
    6-D? -- No.
    7-D? -- Yes.
    8-A? -- No.
    9-C? -- No.
    10-B? -- Yes.
    11-C? -- I don't know
    12-C? -- I don't know

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