a parking lot charges $1.50 for the first hour of parking and 55 cents for each additional half hour how much would it cost to park a car from 12:45pm to 6:15 pm

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  1. 12:45 - 6:15 = 5.5 hours

    That's 1 hour plus 9 additional half-hours.

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  2. 12:45pm - 6:15pm - is 6Hr 30Min
    6hr 1half hr...
    less 1 hr at 1.50$ leaving 5hr and 1 half hour

    5 full hr x 2 half hours/hr = 10half hrs + 1 half hr = 11 half hr

    11 half hr @ .55 cents = 6.05$

    6.05$ for 11 half hrs + 1.50$ for the initial hour = 7.55$

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  3. 12:45pm to 6:15pm is 5hour and 30 minutes.
    convert this to half hours so 5*2 half hour + 1half hour

    here 1 hour charge is $1.50 and additional 0.55 cents

    by calculating just additional hours
    4*2 half hour + 1 half hour =8 half hour + 1 half hour = 9 half hours

    additional .55 cent charge per hour
    9 half hour * 0.55 cents = 4.95

    now add the intial charge for 1hour.
    ie, 4.95+$1.50= $ 6.45

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  4. 12:45 to 6:15 is 5:30 minutes.
    (12:45 + 15 minute is 1p.m. we have 30 minutes)
    Now we have to count 1p.m. to 6p.m. is 5 hours.
    The first an hour $1.50
    We have additional half hour 4:30 miutes= half hour for 9 ×55 cents
    =495÷100= $4.95+$1.50= $6.45

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