Can you make sure these are right, and some of them i just don't know XD

l'écu - shield
la couronne - cap
Les supports - supports
devises - No idea @_@
le cimier et le tortil - crest and ?
le casque et les mantelets - helmet and short cape
la terrasse - Clueless @_@


By the way, im suppoesd to be labeling the parts to the Coat of Arms of Canada.I've got thecrown, shield. supports and nothing else... crown the top crown. Supports, the two animals, and the shield the centre part.



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  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Sometimes there are several meanings for words, depending upon the context, or exactly how that word is used.

    la couronne - crown; wreath; coronet; even rim (of atomic structures)

    les supports - supports, props, pillars, brackets, struts; standards (for a lamp)

    devises - mottos, slogans; heraldic devices; names of a ship; currencie s

    le cimier et le tortil - crest (of a helmet); buttock (of beef) and Baron's coronet

    le casque et les mantelets = the helmet; earphones, headset and the short cloak; apron, canopy cover (of a coach, etc.)

    la terrasse - terrace; sidewalk café

    Here are some sites on the Canadian Coat of Arms:

    1. (Wikipedia):

    2. (part II of #1):

    3. (description; before 1921 it was different but this is the one from 1922):


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