Computer Literacy

1. Which vendor did IBM select to create the operating system for the IBM PC? (A)

2. Which of the following components was a significant development featured in the Macintosh LISA computer? (A)
C Prompt
Disk Operating System
Graphical User Interface)

3. Which of the following is an operating system? (D)

4. Which is NOT a function associated with a motherboard? (A)
Expansion slot

5. A significant and powerful aspect of the Java language is the: (B)
Source program.
Object program.

6. Computers are not just stand-alone desktop machines anymore. They are often embedded in common appliances and technology that we use every day. Which of the following does NOT have a computer in it? (D)
Cell phone

7. Which action BEST describes a branch in a computer program? (A)
It jumps to a non-sequential line number.
It moves one line number ahead.
It moves one line number backwards.
It stays on the same line number and calculates new data.

8. How many generations of computer languages have there been since the middle of the 20th century? (C)

9. Literacy is best defined as knowing how to: (C)
walk and talk.
memorize and recite.
read and write.
think and dream.

10. Many people describe computers as “complex” machines. What can this mean? (D)
Computers are smarter than humans.
Computers are understood by very few people because of their intricate technical components .
Computers run software programs with hard to use features.
Computers have had both a positive and negative effect on society.

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  1. Incorrect: 2, 4, 10.

    I don't know about 5, 7, 8.

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  2. Question 2 is C
    Question 4 is D
    Question 10 is B

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  3. Eight

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