Hi i put a question that i wanted to know about down below

How did the haitian revolution impact the history of the united states?

A.It brought the united states into a war with spain over cuba.
B.France no longer had haiti,so Napeleon was willing to sell louisiana.
C.Slave owners in the american south began to free their slaves.
D.the haitian revolution had no impact on the history of the united states.

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  1. Did you Google the Louisiana Purchase as Damon requested? What did you find?

  2. can you google it and copy and paste because i cant access the site

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  3. You can't access Google??

  4. 1.B

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  5. 1.B
    i got 100

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  6. yeah right

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  7. there's
    five questions you loser

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  8. she doesnt lie xD

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  9. 1. b
    2. c
    3. b
    4. b
    5. d
    I got 100%

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  11. Anonymous is right! Thanks dude!

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