How many calories of heat are necessary to raise the temperature of 200g of ice at -30 degrees celsius to steam at 130 degrees? Show graph and work.

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asked by Bob
  1. Divide this up into heat regions:
    heating the ice from -30 to 0
    melting the ice at 0
    heating the water from 0 to 100
    vaporizing the water at 100
    heating the steam from 100 to 130

    Add the heats to get total heat.

    Calories? I thought calories went out 50 years ago. Joules is pretty standard unit of heat now.

  2. what do you mean by add all the heats. Like add all the numbers you just gave me or what. I don't get it?

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    posted by Bob
  3. calculate the heat to accomplish each of the items listed, then add them up.

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