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My social studies class is discussing the energy issues in the world today. I have to write an essay about an energy issue and include the two opposing sides viewpoints. The issue I would like to write about is the United States dependence on foreign oils. Can anyone help me in finding information or news articles on this debate?

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asked by Jared
  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some:

    1. (The Boston Globe):

    2. (Scientific American):

    3. (gov't State of the Union):

    4. (U.S. News):

    5. (part II of #5):

    6. (articles at BNET):

    7. (part II of #6):

    8. (Reuters):

    9. (N.Y. Times):

    10. (ezine articles):

    1. (The News Room):

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  2. well i know youve probly looked but what about OPEC i mean look it up it could have a website

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