Tell whether the underlined word in each sentence is reflexive or intensive.

1. Jill read (herself) a story after supper.

2. Her parents (themselves) had encouraged her.

3. They said, "If you children want to play, you will have to see to it (yourselves).

4. Nat whispered, "I will go outside and take a look around (myself).

5. He convinced (himself) they were safe.

My answers:
1. Reflexive
2. Intensive
3. Intensive
4. Intensive?
5. Reflexive

Write two sentences that include these pronouns, used as indicated.

1. himself (reflexive)
2. ourselves (intensive)

1. Once more he settled himself to sleep.

2. We had to endure something ourselves before it touched us.

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  1. I agree with your intensive/reflexive answers and your two sentences.

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