Spanish please help

can you please help me translate the answers

1: What type of exercise do you do in order to live a healthy life?

I play sports and walk everyday

2: How do you prepare for school in the morning? (use reflexive verbs)

First I take a shower then I get dressed and eat breakfast.

3: How do you feel today?

I feel very happy about my new puppy.

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asked by sam
  1. are these correct

    1. Me siento muy feliz sobre mi perito nuevo

    2. Primero tomo una ducha entonces que consigo vestido y como el desayuno

    3. Juego deportes y camino diario

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    posted by sam
  2. Me siento muy feliz con mi perrito nuevo.

    Yo hago muchos deportes y camino diario.

    Primero me doy un baño despues me visto y desayuno.

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    posted by guzy

    This site will help you with that.

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    posted by GuruBlue
  4. Please see the later post, around 1 a.m.?

    Unfortunately the translation link will not work where your teacher specifically said "use Reflexive Verbs."


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