engl - citing

In my indroductory paragraph I talk about a certain individual. I mention her current profession etc. In the next sentence I give a quote by her. How do I cite that?
Should I give her name and the page number?
Or just the page number?
Or do I even need to cite that?

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asked by jamie
  1. Is this individual someone you know personally? If it is someone you know personally you can just put what she said in quotations and not worry about citing what she said. You do not need to cite that type of information. On the other hand, if you received the information from a website, you would have to cite that but I am pretty sure you already knew that though.

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  2. (Broken Link Removed)

    At this site, you'll find all kinds of help in quoting and citing. Use the list at the left as the table of contents.

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