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All I know is this sentence has parallelism mistake but I don't know how to fix it!

Other people believe that after a nuclear war, the world, with radiation and where there would be disease, wouldn’t be worth living in.

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asked by Josh
  1. In addition to parallelism issues, the subject and verb are interrupted by lots of words. That is usually a poor idea! Here's how I'd fix it:

    Other people believe that after a nuclear war, with resulting radiation and disease, the world wouldn’t be worth living in.

  2. How about this one?Thank you sooo much for your help!

    Arkansas, the group feels, is the best place to be for several reasons: it is an unlikely target for nuclear attack; it offers plentiful supplies of food and water; a good climate.

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    posted by Josh
  3. After the colon, all three items in the series need to have the same structure. Currently, this is what's there:

    ~ independent clause
    ~ independent clause
    ~ a noun with an article and an adjective

    How will you fix it? How will you make sure all three parts of that series match in their structure.

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