social studies

I provided my answers and if they are wrong can you correct them?i know nothing about this subject..thanks

1. Which region of Mexico are sinkhole most likely to be found?

A. Mexico plateau
B.Baja California
C.sonoran desert(I PICK THIS)
D.Yucatan peninsula

2.what effect does altitude have on Mexico's climate?

A. as altitude decreases, the temperature becomes cooler. altitude increases the temperature becomes cooler.(I PICK THIS) altitude increases, hurricanes form.
D. there is very little effect.

3.Farmers in the north face which problem that those in the southern region do not ?

A. infrequent rain limits plant growth(I PICK THIS)
B. the worst pollution in the country is found here.
C. they often lose equipment in sinkholes.
D. it is very difficult to get their crops to other nation.

4. cattle ranchers are generally found in northern Mexico because

A. there are many cities where beef can be sold
B. there is a lot of open space for grazing.
C. cattle thrive in rain forests.(I PICK THIS)
D. there are many sources of water.

5. what is Mexico's most valuable natural resource?

A. fishing
B. rich soil for farming
C. copper
D.petroleum(I PICK THIS)

6. what could farmers do to address the problems created by deforestation?

A. return to the system where the land belongs only to the wealthy.
B.bring in animals that are disappearing from the ecosystem.(MY ANSWERS AREE B)
C.Irrigate the land more often .
D.develope new ways to fertilize depleted,soil

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asked by Matt
  1. Wow! This is telling!! "i know nothing about this subject"

    You undoubtedly need to STUDY this subject before trying to answer questions like these.

    Read, read, read, and take good notes.'s+different+climates&oq=mexico+climates&aqs=chrome.5.69i57j0l5.18555j0j7&sourceid=chrome&espv=210&es_sm=122&ie=UTF-8

  2. What a confidence booster Writeteacher way to go!!!! :((((

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    posted by Aron
  3. read the lesson!

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