Test-Taking Strategies

Please check my answers! Please Check if they are wrong please tell me! Thanks! Only 2 questions!

1: Which of the following is a good way to approach answering an essay question and a test?

a.) Start writing your answer as soon as you have read the question.
b.) Jot down a rough outline before you start writing.
c.) Write as much as you possibly can about the topic.
d.) Do not waste time by reading over the question more than once.

2: Which of the following is a good advice for answering essay, fill-in-the-blank, and multiple choice questions?

a.) Write a rough outline before you begin.
b.) Look for two answers that are similar.
c.) Read the question very carefully.
d.) If two answers seem correct, write them both down.

My answers:
1: b.) Jot down a rough outline before you start writing.
2: c.) Read the question very carefully.

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asked by Cindy
  1. I agree with both your answers.

  2. OMG, Thank You so much for checking my answers! I got it right, 100% YAY!

    Thank You, Writeacher

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    posted by Cindy
  3. You're very welcome!!

  4. yep


    those r right

    i got a 100% also

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    posted by jack
  5. luv u guys & this site! lifesaver!

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  6. B
    Awesome a 100%

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  7. @Connections Academy whiz is 100% correct, thank you! <3

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    posted by OuO
  8. Yup 100%. Thank you.

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    posted by Parrot
  9. Yep just took the test 100 thank you wizard

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    posted by Dl
  10. B

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  11. B)

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    posted by Karma
  12. Can someone help me with the lesson 5 test taking strategies study skills test plz. I need help. -Warrior cat lover

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  13. @warrior cat lover
    I’m pretty sure their is another jiskha page on it, try looking up some of the answers sometimes people will post all of them , sorry I couldn’t help I did that one a while back and for remember:/

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  14. Do not listen to this people they are wrong. I got a 50 because of them. The first one is right obviously because it makes sense ect. But the second one was actually also B. I had my doubts about if it was B but then I choose to go with C because they said it was c and I got it wrong. People I am trying to help you it is
    1. B

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