6. The only country in Southeast Asia to maintain its independence was
A. Cambodia.
B. Siam.
C. Vietnam.
D. Java.

7. While imprisoned, Hitler wrote Mein Kampf. In this work, he laid out his views on all the following,
A. an alliance with Italy.
B. Germany's need for increased "living space."
C. Aryan (Germanic) racial superiority.
D. anti-Semitism.

8. In Australia, Governor Arthur Phillip moved the penal colony
A. from New South Wales to Sydney Cove.
B. to Port Jackson.
C. from Sydney Cove to Botany Bay.
D. from Port Jackson to Sydney Cove.

9. Mobilization during World War I was most extensive and effective in
A. Germany.
B. Great Britain.
C. France.
D. Russia.

10. In South America by 1914, _______ featured one the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.
A. Peru
B. Argentina
C. Venezuela
D. Chile

11. With respect to the Holocaust, recent scholarship has revealed that
A. German soldiers in Eastern Europe generally opposed the anti-Semitic program.
B. a majority of Germans were indifferent to the plight of the Jews.
C. resistance to the Holocaust sparked attempts to assassinate Hitler.
D. most Germans were opposed to the concentration camps.

12. In 1822, after Brazil achieved independence from Portugal, _______ dominated Brazilian society.
A. Pedro I
B. Creole elites
C. local warlords
D. Pedro II

13. The Spanish monarch Charles III established Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador under the viceroyalty
A. Bogotá.
B. Rio de la Plata.
C. Peru.
D. New Granada.

14. In 1927, how did Chiang Kai-shek resolve disputes between the Nationalist Party and the Communist
A. He initiated the New Culture Movement.
B. He offered Taiwan to the Communists.
C. He specified boundaries between Nationalist and Communist territories.
D. He decided to liquidate members of the Communist Party.

15. During World War I, Western imperialism was most evident in
A. the Middle East.
B. East Asia.
C. Southeast Asia.
D. Africa.

16. The United States cut off sales of oil to Japan after the
A. Japanese attack on Dutch Indonesia.
B. Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
C. Japanese occupation of southern Indochina.
D. Japanese occupation of Hong Kong.

17. In India, the Great Revolt was initiated by
A. a textile workers' strike.
B. Hindu fundamentalists.
C. Indian peasant farmers.
D. a group of well-armed sepoys.

18. As of 1904, U.S. neocolonialism in Latin America was most strongly represented in
A. Panama.
B. Mexico.
C. Argentina.
D. Brazil.

19. The secret Chinese society, called "the Boxers" by foreigners, blamed all of China's troubles on
A. Japan.
B. the Manchus.
C. foreigners, especially missionaries.
D. the Qing Dynasty.
End of exam

20. Regarding the Ottoman territories during the period immediately following World War I, which of the
following statements is false?
A. In 1921, Greek forces advanced almost to Ankara.
B. Defying Allied pressure, the Turkish sultan supported Kemal.
C. The British and French occupied the Ottoman capital at Constantinople.
D. In 1919, Mustafa Kemal began organizing Turkish resistance.

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