Physical Education

  1. physical science
    I have 50 grams of an isotope. How much of it will i have in 10 years if it has a half life of 10 years
  2. Physical science CHECK my answers
    6. Sound is an example of a(n) _____________ wave * Longitudinal******* Transverse Surface Electromagnetic 7. Which of the below options demonstrate reflection? * A rainbow Ripples in a pond******* An echo The tone that a plucked rubber band makes 8. Sound waves carry music ...
  3. Physical science CHECK my answers
    1. Which of the following correctly lists friction types (excluding fluid friction) from strongest to weakest? (2 points) * a. static, sliding, rolling b. sliding, static, magnetic c. weak, strong, nuclear d. rolling, sliding, static*** 2. Two or more velocities add by ...
  4. forensic science
    Identification is the examination of chemical and physical properties of an object and using the results to categorize the object as a member of a group. Which of the following are examples of identification? Determination that hairs found on a bag are from a cat Determination...
  5. Health and PE (alcohol)
    Hi, I'm completing a review test my teacher made. I'm struggling on a few of the questions. Others I'm unsure about. Key: Unsure = IDK [Answer] = I am mostly sure [Answer]? = I am unsure, but I have a guess Here they are: The skills you need to say no to alcohol are called ...
  6. physical science
    Do the following substance desosolve in water? Give a reason for answer A) Ethanol B) Iodine
  7. physical science
    Why does liquid substance have the same meniscus shape
  8. Physical science
    Which of the following homogeneous and which are heterogeneous? Blood, carbon dioxide,Rock, steak,iron, concrete, air,oxygen, salt, milk.
  9. Physical Education
    1. In soccer or football, what is the name for the midfielder? Is he a center midfielder or a central midfielder? I mean the two players in the middle.
  10. Physical Education
    What does 'fullback' mean in soccer/or football? Are a sweeper and a stopper 'fullbacks'? What about a left back and a right back in the 4-4-2 formation? Aren't they fullbacks? Are there only two fullback or four fullbacks in the 4-4-2 formation?
    In a study of the relationship between pet ownership and physical activity in older adults, 575 subjects reported that they owned a pet, while 1907 reported that they did not. Give a 90% confidence interval for the proportion of older adults in this population who are pet ...
  12. Physical science CHECK my answers
    1. What is the smallest part of all matter called? (1 point) * a. Element b. Atom*** c. Molecule d. Compound 2. Which of the subatomic particles is negative? (1 point) a. Nucleus b. Neutron c. Proton d. Electron***** 3. Who provided the first evidence that atoms contain ...
  13. Physical Education
    Is every diet a fad diet
  14. ss
    Europeans began to settle in Latin America in the 1500s. Many of these settlers married Native Americans. The children of mixed European and Native American ancestry were called mestizos. . Mestizos became a new A) peer group. B) ethnic group.*** C) family group. D) political...
  15. Re-post Langauge arts
    Plugged In, but Tuned Out: The Evil Influence of the MP3 Player Darrell Thomas I. Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Have you noticed a change in the world around you recently? Have you seen how more and more people are walking around with little white rectangles in their hands ...
  16. Health Plz check
    . True or False: It is better for you to avoid intense feelings of grief. True False 2. Which of the following is not a stage of grief? Denial Bargaining coping acceptance 3.Which of the following would make dealing with a personal loss even harder? Talking to family and ...
  17. Social Studies
    7. Training employees in a new software is an example of what method of improving productivity? A. growing human capital B. growing physical capital C. growing service capital** D. growing domestic capital 8.Which of these are best categorized as public goods and services? A. ...
  18. Physical Science
    An isotope of radon gas, Rn-222, undergoes decay with a half-life of 3.8 days. How long does it take for the amount of Rn-222 to be decreased to one-sixteenth of the original amount?
  19. Physical Science 9th grade
    Could someone please explain how I do this or provide a link explaining how. I am very confused. 1) a) Name 2 properties of waves that change if the wave changes media. b) Name a property that does NOT change when it changes media. 2) If the wavelength of a wave increases when...
  20. CHECK my answers Physical science
    10. If a solid piece of iron is heated and remains at 80°C until it is completely melted, you know that 80°C is (2 pts) * a. the freezing point of iron b. the melting point of iron c. the boiling point of iron d. both the freezing and melting points of iron my answer would ...
  21. English
    1.Read the following passage from "The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband ." 
Though the tailor's wife was indefatigable she failed to discover how the incongruous couple who passes there before her eyes had came to marry. She found this most frustrating; it posed a formidable...
  22. physical science
    it takes 100n to pull an object up an inclined plane. the gravitational force on object is 600n whats load force whats effort force
  23. ELA
    1. which of the following details about the author's life most likely influenced her ideas for the novel Walk Two Moons: A. she came from a large family B. Her family was typically a noisy and rowdy bunch C. she enjoyed family vacations piled in the car on long drives D. as a ...
  24. CHECK my answers Physical science
    1. which of the following should be classified as a suspension? A. soda** B. sand in water C. glass D. milk 2. Which of the following is an of example of a chemical property? A. density B. flammability C. hardness** D. melting point 3. Which state of matter has a definite ...
  25. chemistry
    Are these physical property's of a pure compound? What are physical properts off this list???? molar weight reactivity with halogens volatility melting and boiling points hardness, brittleness odor density air sensitivity flammability radioactivity colour toxicity chemical ...
  26. physical science
    can mechanical waves travel through any type of medium?
  27. Physical Science
    What will be the total resistance and current in a parallel circuit with a 15-volt battery and 3 10-ohm resistors?
  28. Physical science
    What type of intermolecular forces exist in each liquid
  29. physical science
    Which description does the phrase "mechanical advantage" most closely relate to? A. The same amount of work using less force. B. The same amount of power using less work. C. The same amount of work using less power. D. The same amount of power using less pulleys.
  30. Physical Science
    What is the relationship between the temperature of a star and the spectrum of the star?
  31. Physical Science
    How much time will it take a car at 88km/hr to travel 500km? Show work and include final units
  32. physical sci
    Water can be found as ice, liquid water, and water vapor. Which of these types of water has the least density?
  33. Physical Science
    Answer the following in terms of volume, temperature, and/pressure. As a syringe plunger is pushed down, why does the marshmallow inside the syringe get squished even though the plungerr never touched it? What law does this demonstrate?
  34. physical chemistry
    Estimate the boiling point of 250 cm3 of water to which 12.6 g of phenol(C6H5OH) has been added. Treat the solution as ideal.( water of boiling point elevation is 0.51K/mol)
  35. physical science
    a wave traveling in water has a frequeny of 250 Hz and a wavelength of 6.0 m. what is the speed of the wave?
  36. Health
    2. Thirty minutes of physical activity a day can improve your family's health and can help to bring you closer together. True False 3. Most people that participate in physical fitness do not enjoy encouraging their family members to get involved with them. True False 4. ...
  37. Physical Science
    The specific heat of aluminum is 0.90 J/ g*C degrees and of iron is 0.45 J/g*C. How much energy was absorbed by each 1-gram sample? The temperature of 1 gram of aluminum rises 5.6 C degrees and the temperature of 1 gram of iron rises 11.1 C degrees.
  38. Physical Science
    A current of 6.0 amps passes through a motor that has a resistance of 5.0 ohms. calculate the power. my answer is 180 watts
  39. Physical Sciences
    The relative atomic mass of magnesium is 24,31. Which is The most common isotope of magnesium?
  40. Social 2
    Psychologist Kenneth Kaye finds that, while parent-child interaction may be crucial for emotional development, most of it is irreverent to congnitive developement. "A child comes equipped with an innate timetable for mental growth, and all the jiggles and coos have little ...
  41. Physical Science
    An experiment was done. Pulling blocks of mass that were certain amounts of newtons. There were 2 tests done. However, they varied by a couple decimals after the second test. The results from the two tests differ slightly. Which would most likely cause the variations in these ...
  42. Physical Science
    An experiment was done. Pulling blocks of mass that were certain amounts of newtons. There were 2 tests done. However, they varied by a couple decimals after the second test. The results from the two tests differ slightly. Which would most likely cause the variations in these ...
  43. Physical Science
    Determine how long it will take given the scenario below (in time and in distance) to react to the car in front of you. Assume that the car in front of you takes 3 seconds to change speeds. Reaction time 1.6 seconds Speed: 75 mph Initial velocity: 33.53 Final velocity: 29.06 ...
  44. georgraphy
    What is considered to be the largest mountain-free area in Russia? By what other name is the Russian Plain known? How many time zones does Russia currently have? Russia is located only 50 miles from which US state? Describe the relative location of Russia in terms of: ...
  45. ~Physical Education~
    Which of the following is a benefit of texting? a)It is addictive. b)It prevents crime. c)It allows citizens to submit anonymous tips to the police. d)You can text mean comments anonymously. Thank you to anyone who helps me out! It is much appreciated!
  46. Designing Specialty Areas
    It's recommended that indoor physical centers be set up in stations. Which of the following statements about stations is true? A. Most centers will need to have close adult supervision. B. Two or three stations are typically sufficient. C. Centers should be placed close ...
  47. Physical Science
    If you know the rate of movement along a fault, the amount of offset over a period of time can be calculated. The basic relationship is Rate = distance/time Movement along the San Andreas Fault is about 3.5 cm/yr. If a fence were built across the fault in 2005, how far apart ...
  48. Physical Science
    If the mid-Atlantic Ocean is spreading at 2.4 cm per year, how many years has it taken for it to reach its present width of about 5000 km?
  49. Physical Science
    At a crime scene, the forensic investigator notes that the 7.0-g lead bullet that was stopped in a doorframe apparently melted completely on impact. Assuming the bullet was fired at room temperature (20°C), what does the investigator calculate as the minimum muzzle velocity ...
  50. Diagnosis and Assessing
    Hello, can anyone help me with the following questions: Due to oppression and discrimination that many diverse members of counseling groups have faced, it is recommended that the group be a place where the subject of __________ can be openly explored. A. Civil rights B. Hatred...
  51. Physical science
    Which of the following is not a use for radioactive isotopes? tracers for diagnosing a disease an additive to paints to increase durability a way to treat forms of cancer a way to study biochemical processes in plants
  52. physical cemistry
    f 20.0mL of 0.122M NaOH are required to reach the first equivalent point of a solution of citric acid(tripotic acid H3C6H5O7).How many mL of NaOH in total are required to reach the second equivalence point?
  53. physical sciences
    during the takeoff roll, a boeing 747 jumbo jet is accelarating at 4m\s. it requires 40 s to reach takeoff speed. what is the initial velocity of the jet?
  54. Health and physical education
    I really need help on the connexus academy health and physical education grade 6 semester b unit 6 lesson 6 human body systems test. Please someone help me! If I don't finish this test today I will be in a lot of trouble and I don't have time to study!
  55. Physical science
    Calculate the mass of carbon monoxide that was needed to produce 78 grams of methanol by the following reaction: 2H2+CO=CH3OH
  56. Physical science
    Determine the number of moles of sodium hydroxide produced when 2 moles of sodium and 3 moles of water react to form sodium hydroxide and hydrogen gas.
  57. Physical science
    Explain why an endothermic reaction might cause a drop in temperature.
  58. Physical Health Education
    Facts and fallacies about female participation in sports
  59. Science
    Mount St. Helens, the Great Lakes, and Death Valley are physical features of the earth. What is the scientific term used to describe these features? A. cartography B. topography C. geology D. contourology
  61. physical chemistry
    a mixture of toluene and water boils at 90 degrees. calculate the vapour pressure at this temperature. Assume the atmospheric pressure to be 760 mmHg
  62. physical science
    an object has 2.0x 10^19 more electrons than protons. What is the net electric charge of this object in coulomb?
  63. physical science
    a cars radio draws 0.25 A of current in the autos 12 volt electrical system. How much power in watts does the radio use?
  64. Physical Science
    Find the hydroxide-ion concentration in an aqueous solution when the hydronium-ion concentration is 1×10^−10M. Recall that 10^a×10^b=10^(a+b). Express your answer to one significant figure and include the appropriate units.
  65. Physical Science
    Find a hydroxide-ion concentration in an aqueous solution having a pH of 2. Express your answer using one significant figures. I thought the answer was 1*10^-2, but I have no clue what I am doing wrong.
  66. Health and Physical Education
    The Nose, The Diagram and lungs are apart of which system ?
  67. physical science
    If sam drops a 40 kg mass from a height of 20 meters on earth how much was the potential energy of the mass before he dropped it a-800 j b-784 n-m c-800 n-m d-7840 j e- 200 j
  68. physical science
    a 500 kg elevator is lifted 10. How much work was done a 50 j b 50 j /kg c 5000 j d 5000 j/kg degree c
  69. Creating High-Quality Centers
    Which of the following statements accurately reflects what we know about facilitating science learning for infants and toddlers? A. It's important to have a science circle each week where the teacher demonstrates a science concept to the infants and toddlers. B. Infant and ...
  70. Physical Science
    What are the products of a double replacement reaction between potassium bromide and silver nitrate? Name the resulting compounds.
  71. Creating High-Quality Centers
    The sensory center can help children develop skills and knowledge in which of the following domains? A. Physical and social B. Physical only C. Physical, social, emotional, and cognitive D. Physical, social, and cognitive my answer is c.
  72. Health
    A person who has a physical craving or strong emotional need to use alcohol is showing signs of: A)Reverse Tolerance B)Tolerance C)Rehabilitation D)Addiction***
  73. Health and Physical Education
    Kindey stones are very painful what prevention method can you use from developing them?
  74. Health and Physical Education
    what is the function of the small intestines?
  75. Science
    The following sphere is responsible for forming the solid shell of Earth that holds up life? -Hydrosphere -Lithosphere -Atmosphere -Biosphere** Explain the interaction between the four main components of Earth's physical systems. Be sure to include the name of each system and ...
  76. Science
    Which tunable property is the great thrust in biological and medical sciences? A) physical B) chemical C) biological D) none
  77. calculus
    You are visiting your friend Fabio’s house. You find that, as a joke, he filled his swimming pool with Kool-Aid, which dissolved perfectly into the water. However, now that you want to swim, you must remove all of the Kool-Aid contaminated water. The swimming pool is round...
  78. Physical Science
    If Argon is 39.948, calculate average at kc mass of argon
  79. Physical Science
    A 10 N object rests on a 10° incline. What is the normal force? What is the parallel force? A 10 kg object rests on a 10° incline. What are the normal and the parallel forces?
  80. Communications
    I need help brainstorming ideas for the following below: our assignment is that : "You have been asked by the college union to research a way that will make the lives of its students easier. You should consider ONE facet of a students’ life that you would like to help with (...
  81. Health
    When you are full grown in emotional sense, you will reach. A-a midlife crisis B-emotional intimacy C-Emotional maturity(my answer) D-your physical peak.
  82. Health
    1- what effect does a baby have on a teenage couple? A- brings the couple closer together B-school and education is unefected C-Mother drops out of school(my answer) D-physical maturity gets stronger
  83. physical science B
    I have to build a roller coaster with 3 hills. Hill A is 15 inches high,it drops down to 3 inches, rises to 8 inches, drops again to 5 inches and rises a last time to 3 inches before dropping off. My question is when using a tennis ball as the car.. 1. What is the initial ...
  84. physical sciences
    calculate the coefficient of kinetic friction for tyre rubber on the road surface
  85. Statistics
    A physical fitness association is including the mile run in its secondary-school fitness test for boys. The time for this event for boys in secondary school is normally distributed with a mean of 450 seconds and a standard deviation of 40 seconds. If the association wants to ...
  86. Science
    1. Which of the following is an example of matter A.Leaves B.Shadows C.Light from the sun D.Sound<--- 2.Which of the following IS an Example of a chemical property of matter A.ability to melt B.ability to frezze<--- C.Ability to Break D.Ability To React 3. The physical ...
  87. Health & Physical Education
    Hello, I REALLLYYY need help with my Health and physical ed quiz. I have ONE question that i need help answering. please and thank you. 1) Your doctor tells you that you and your twin sister have the same basal metabolism rate (BMR). You live independent lives and do your own ...
  88. physical science
    How many minutes would be required for a 310.0 W immersion heater to heat 202.0 g of water from 22.0°C to 95.6°C?
  89. Physical Science
    MH = 16.32 g/kg SH = 9.86 g/kg Air mass temperature = 15° C (59° F) What is the Relative humidity & the approximate Dew-point temperature? How do i set this problem up? I do not understand. Thanks
  90. physical science
    A uniform stripe of eureka (resistivity 5-0 × 〖10〗^(-7) Ωm) has a resistance of 0.80 Ω per metre and is 0.25 cm wide. What is its thickness? (show work)
  91. physical science
    A block of carbon, 1.0 cm by 2.0 cm by 5.0 cm has a resistance of 0.80 Ω between its two smaller faces. What is the resistivity of carbon? (show work)
  92. physical science
    . The maximum allowable resistance for an underwater cable is one hundredth of an ohm per metre. If the resistivity of cooper is 1.54 × 〖10〗^(-8) Ω m, find the least diameter of a copper cable that could be used (show work)
  93. physical science
    What length of German silver wire, diameter 0.050 cm, is needed to make a 28 Ωresistor, if the resistivity of German silver is 2.2 × 〖10〗^(-7) Ω m (show work)
  94. physical science
    The resistance of the ohm is very approximately that of a column of mercury 1.06 m long and of uniform cross-section of one hundred of a cm^2. Find the resistivity of mercury.(show work)
  95. physical science
    Taking the resistivity of platinoid as 3.3 × 〖10〗^(-7) Ω m, find the resistance of 7.0 of platinoid wire of average diameter 0.14 cm.
  96. physical science
    The heating elements of an electric toaster is typically made of nichrome wire (an alloy of nickel and chromium). As current passes through the wires, the wires heat up, thus toasting the toast. Estimate the overall resistance of a heating element which is 220 cm long and ...
  97. Physical sciences
    One use of nitrolim
  98. Social Studies
    Which physical feature covers most of arabia? A) The Empty Quarter?** B) The Fertile Crescent? C) The Zagros Mountains? D) The Persian Golf? i think it might be A? but I'm not sure, if you could just check this out that'd be great =)
  99. physical science
    A 15kg piece of mass suspended from a hook in the ceiling is pulled aside by a horizontal string until the supporting string makes an angle of 30 with the vertical .draw a vector diagram showing all the force acting on the piece of mass
  100. Physical Science
    A delivery man pushes the button to ring the doorbell. Which of the following forms of energy is not involved in this process? electrical sound mechanical gravitational my answer is gravitational
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