1. Algebra
    Max spent $53 and now has no money left. How much does he have before purchase?
  2. Algebra
    1.Evaluate a-b^2/b if a = 10 and b = 2. a. 1 b. 3 c. 8 d. 32 2.Evaluate 3xy^2 - y if x = 2 and y = 5. a. 26 b. 30 c. 120 d. 145 3.Evaluate 2d + d^2/3 if d = 6. a. 4 b. 12 c. 14 d. 24* 4.Evaluate (a-4b)^2 + 2a if a = 15 and b = 3. a. 39 b. 36 c. 33* d. 11 5.Evaluate (g + h)^2...
  3. Algebra 2
    find the equation of a line that is parallel to y=-1/2x+4 and passes through (-2,8)
  4. Algebra
    A student receives his grade report from a local community college, but the GPA is smudged. He took the following classes: a 2 hour credit art, a 3 hour credit history, a 4 hour credit science course, a 3 hour credit mathematics course, and a 1 hour science lab. He received a...
  5. Algebra
    If Leah is 6 years older than Sue, and John is 5 years older than Leah, and the total of their ages is 41. Then how old is Sue?
  6. Algebra
    1. A sum of $15,000 was invested in three funds for 1 year. At the end of the year Fund A had earned 8% interest, Fund B had earned 11% interest and Fund C had earned 5% interest. A total of $1,230 was earned in interest. Twice as much money was initially invested in Fund A as...
  7. Algebra
    if n houses have k windows, write an expression to represent the number of windows for n + 1 houses nk + k or k(n+1) ie. (10 houses - 4 windows) (10 x 4 )+ 4 = 44 windows
  8. algebra
    consider a partial set of ordered values of the function f(x)=3^x x -1,0,1,2,3 f(x) 1/3 ,1,3,9,27 given g(x)is the transformation of the graph f(X) and the following set shows a partial set of ordered values of g(X). X -1,0,1,2,3 G(x) 4/3,2,4,10,28 DESCRIBE HOW f(X) IS ...
  9. Algebra
    One angle of a pentagon measures t∘. The other four angles are congruent to one another. Give the measure of one of those angles in terms of t.
  10. Algebra
    solve the following literal equation for r v=pi r^2h I got r=+/- sq root v/pi•h am i done or do i need to eliminate signs?
  11. algebra
    write an equation for: the number of triangles is 1/3 the number of sides Y = 1/3X
  12. Algebra
    Question 2 w=10, what is the answer to w+(w-12÷2^2•3)•7 73 66 23 17* Question 3 14-3•4÷6 14 12* 6 3 Question 4---which algebraic expression represents the following:the sum of four times a number and six? 4(x+6) 4(x•6)* 4x+6 x+4•6
  13. Algebra
    name to which subset of the real numbers wo which each number belongs 2/3 = Rational -1 = Integer 17/4573 = rational square root of 113 = Irrational
  14. Algebra
    Evaluate 5(14-2^3)+8÷2 26* 34 44 56
  15. algebra
    The total cost (in dollars) for a company to manufacture and sell x items per week is C=50x+40 whereas the revenue brought in by selling all x items is R=68x−0.3x^2. How many items must be sold to obtain a weekly profit of $200?
  16. algebra
    A car was stopped at a red light. When the light turns green, the car reaches a speed of 41 miles per hour in 1 seconds. What is the acceleration, to 1 decimal place?
  17. Evaluation Algebra and trigonometry
    Evaluate log base10 raised to the power of 350+log base10 raised to the power of 105-log base10 raised to the power of 84
  18. Algebra
    The half-life of radon-222 is 3.8 days. How much of a 300 gram sample is left after 14.8 days?
  19. Algebra
    You buy a painting for $1500. The art work increases by 50% annually. When will the painting have a value of $10,000?
  20. Algebra
    The Fresh and Green Company has a savings plan for employees. If an employee makes an initial deposit of $1000, the company pays 8% interest compounded quarterly. How many years will the employee need to leave the money in the account to have $5000? 19 years 20 years 21 years ...
  21. Algebra
    Two fireworks are set off simultaneously but from different altitudes. The height y in feet of one is represented by y=-16t^2+120t+10, where t is the time in seconds. The height of the other is represented by y=-16t^2+60t+310. After how many seconds are the fireworks at the ...
  22. Algebra
    The Reptile Farm has 400 square feet in which to house a collection of new lizards and frogs. A lizard requires 2 square feet of living space and costs $6 per month to feed. A frog also requires 2 square feet for living space but costs only $1 per month to feed. The farm has ...
  23. Algebra
    The theater departments at Hillcrest and Mauldin are trying to make more money from their school play this year. Both schools had 500 people attend the play last year at $5 at ticket. Hillcrest plans to raise their price by $1 , but will lose 25 people. Mauldin plans to raise ...
  24. Algebra
    The flight paths of two Thunderbird jets are plotted on a Cartesian coordinate plane, and the equations of the jets’ flight paths are represented by y=3^x+2 and y = (1/4)^x. Where do the flight paths intersect?
  25. Algebra
    A father is 30 yrs old and his son is 5 yrs old. In how many years will the father be twice as old as the son?
  26. Algebra
    Write the fraction you would use to change the base for log8 15 (base 8)
  27. Algebra
    The population of los angles, CA is about 7 times the population of Cleveland, OH. The population of Los angles is 3,500,000. What is the population of Cleveland I need an answer ASAP
  28. Algebra
    Write the fraction you would use to change the base for log815.
  29. Algebra
    Since populations are continuously changing based on their immediate previous state, the Pert formula can be used to quickly estimate near future growth (or decay). Assume that the 1990 census for a city of 800,000 reveals an annual increase of 2.3%, estimate the population ...
  30. Algebra
    You invest $5,500 into a 4.5% one-year CD. Find the balance of the account after five years if it's compounded: a. Quarterly Equation:______________________ Balance: $_________________ b. Annually Equation:______________________ Balance: $_________________ c. Continuously ...
  31. Algebra
    How much would you need to invest to get $30,000 in 10 years for an account offering 2.54% interest?
  32. Algebra
    Fraction Review Rewrite each improper fraction as a mixed number or whole number: 1. 5/4= 2. 7/5= 3. 4/4=
  33. Algebra
    find the numbers of this geometric sequence: 8, __ , __, __, 648
  34. Algebra
    You just purchased a painting for $1500 as an investment and it is suppose to appreciate in value at a rate of 3.65% each year. What will it be worth in 25 years?
  35. Math algebra
    Mia bought 7 golf balls. The total weight of the golf balls was 8 ounces. To the nearest hundredth of an ounce, how much did each golf ball weigh?
  36. Algebra
    The prices of the systems are: $1200 for System 1, $1500 for System 2, $1600 for System 3, and $1800 for System 4. Write the information from the table as a 4 x 3 matrix B. Write a row matrix A for which the entries represent the prices for the systems. If C = AB, find c11 . ...
  37. Algebra
    Michael's bank contains only nickels, dimes, and quarters. There are 63 coins in all, valued at $5.50. The number of nickels is 5 short of being three times the sum of the number of dimes and quarters together. How many dimes are in the bank?
  38. Algebra
    A $148,000 trust is to be invested in bonds paying 7%, CDs paying 6%, and mortgages paying 8%. The bond and CD investment must equal the mortgage investment. To earn a $10,860 annual income from the investments, how much should the bank invest in bonds?
  39. Algebra
    Write a matrix equation equivalent to the system of equations. 7x - 8y = -9 -2x - 2y = -2
  40. Algebra
    Perform the matrix operation. Given A = [-1 2] and B = [1 0] , find 2A + 3B.
  41. Algebra
    Provide an appropriate response. Suppose that A and B are two matrices such that A + B, A - B, and AB all exist. What can you conclude about the dimensions of A and B? A) A is a row matrix and B is a column matrix. B) A and B have the same dimension, but are not necessarily ...
  42. Algebra
    How much will you have accumulated, if you annually invest $1,500 into an IRA at 8% interest compounded monthly for 40 years?
  43. Algebra
    A man invests $10, 000 in an account that pays 8.5% interest per year, compounded quarterly. What is the amount of money that he will have after 3 years
  44. Algebra
    You just purchased a painting for $1500 as an investment and it is suppose to appreciate in value at a rate of 3.65% each year. What will it be worth in 25 years?
  45. Algebra
    How much would you need to invest to get $30,000 in 10 years for an account offering 2.54% interest?
  46. Algebra
    How much will you have accumulated, if you annually invest $1,500 into an IRA at 8% interest compounded monthly for: a. 5 year b. 20 years c. 40 years d. How long will it take to earn your first million dollars? Your answer should be exact rounded within 2 decimal places. ...
  47. Algebra
    How much will you have accumulated over a period of 30 years if, in an IRA which has a 10% interest rate compounded quarterly, you annually invest: a. $1 b. $4000 c. $10,000 d. Part (a) is called the effective yield of an account. How could Part (a) be used to determine Parts...
  48. Algebra
    Simplify 0.2(3b-15c)+6c
  49. Algebra
    A scientist learns to tell the temperature outside by the number of chirps a cricket makes per minute. He uses the formula: t=n/8+5 where t = the outdoor temperature and n = the number of chirps made by the cricket in 1 minute. What is the dependent variable in the above ...
  50. Algebra
    Bobbie delivers pizza after school. The price of each pizza he delivers is $14. There is also a $3 delivery charge. To calculate the cost of a customer's order before taxes, he uses the equation t = 14p + 3, where t is the cost before taxes and p is the number of pizzas the ...
  51. Algebra II
    A bacterial population in a broth culcture has been growing exponentially. It was at a density of 4300 individuals per mL two hours ago and is now 5850 individuals per mL. What was the density 4 hours and 15 minutes ago?
  52. Algebra
    Convert to an exponential equation. log 11 = 1.0414 A 101.0414 = 11 B 111.0414 = 10 C 1.041410 = 11 D 1011 = 1.0414
  53. Algebra
    Given that loga7 = 0.845, and loga2 = 0.301, find loga343 A 0.603 B 2.535 C 1.146 D 0.254
  54. Algebra
    Express as a sum of logarithms. ln 4x A ln 4x + ln x B ln 4 - ln x C ln 4 + ln x D ln(4 + x)
  55. Algebra
    A sample of 600 grams of radioactive substance decays according to the function A(t)=600e^-0.045t where t is the time in years. How much of the substance will be left in the sample after 20 years? Round to the nearest whole gram. A 778 g B 1 g C 0 g D 244 g
  56. Algebra
    An initial investment of $480 is appreciated for 8 years in an account that earns 9% interest, compounded quarterly. Find the amount of money in the account at the end of the period. A $978.29 B $956.43 C $498.29 D $956.76
  57. algebra 1
    jeff invested $3000 in an account that earns 6.5% intresest , compounded annually. the formula for compound intrest is A(t)=P(1+l)^t
  58. Algebra 2
    A souvenir shop sells 300 key chains each month for $5 each.the shop owner estimates that for each 50 cents increase in price he will sell 15 fewer key chains per month.write an equation to model this. How many increases should make to maximize revenue
  59. Algebra
    Steve is making bags of mixed nuts. Almonds are $5 per pound & Cashews are $12 per pound. Steve charges $56 per 7 pound bag. 1. Write a system of equations that can be used to determine how many pounds of almonds & how many pounds of cashews Steve uses. 2. Solve the system of ...
  60. Pre algebra
  61. algebra
    . Find the midpoint of the segment with the given endpoints. D(1, 2) and E(–3, 6) (4, 64) (–1, 4) (–7, 10) (–2, 2)
  62. Algebra 1
    Write the equation in slope-intercept form of the line that is parallel to the given line and passes through the given point. Y=2x+1; (5,-1)
  63. AP algebra 1
    I 6 - (3d-5)I < or equal to 14
  64. algebra
    what is 6xy+5xz
  65. Algebra
    Divide 75 units into 2parts,such that the product is 1,250.
  66. Algebra
    Describe when the graph of f(x) = ab^x is a horizontal line.? I thought it was when a=0, but its not...
  67. algebra
    Sam opened a savings account that accrues compound interest at a rate of 3% annually. Let P be the initial amount Sam deposited and let t be the number of years the account has been open. Write an equation to find A, the amount of money in the account after t years. Assume ...
  68. Algebra
    A scuba diver's vertical position in relation to the surface of the water changes by -90 Ft in 3 min. What is the average change in the Diver's vertical position each minute?
  69. Algebra
    16. The equation models the height h in centimeters after t seconds of a weight attached to the end of a spring that has been stretched and then released. h= 7 cos (π/3 t) a. Solve the equation for t. (I'm pretty sure i've got this one solved) T= 3 arccos(h/7)/π b. Find the ...
  70. Math Algebra
    Complete the square to turn the equation into the equation (x - p)^2 = q 2x^4 - 5x^2 - 12 = 0 a.) (x^2 - 1.25)^2 = 6 b.) (x^2 - 2.5)^2 = 6 c.) (x^2 - 2.5)^2 = 7.5625 d.) (x^2 - 1.25)^2 = 7.5625 I learned this topic but for some reason I still don't get this one. I think it's ...
  71. math, algebra
    If A>B and B(B-A)>0, which of the following must be true? I. B<0 II. A<0 III. AB<0 A: I only B: II only C: I and II D: I and III
  72. Algebra
    The amount of paint needed to cover the calls of a room varies jointly as the perimeter of the room and the height of the wall. If a room with a perimeter of 60 feet and 8-foot walls requires 4.8 quarts of paint, find the amount of paint needed to cover the walls of a room ...
  73. algebra
    Find a quadratic model for the set of values: (-2, -20), (0, -4), (4, -20). Show your work Please help!
  74. algebra
    8y=7+14x 18y-2=-7x
  75. Algebra
    Find the real zeroes of the polynomial: f(x)=2x(x+5)^2-8x I know you can pull the factors from the leading coefficient and the constant: constant = p= 5 factors 1, 5 leading coefficient= q= 2 factors 1, 2 so would my rational zeros be: +/-{1, 1/2, 5, 5/2} and at that point ...
  76. Algebra
    If f(×)= 3x^2/×-2, then find f(4)
    IF(4X +3Y) : (3X+5Y)=6:7 find x
  78. Algebra
    What is the smallest positive integer?
  79. algebra
    The annual salaries of all employees at a financial company are normally distributed with a mean = $34,000 and a standard deviation = $4,000. What is the z-score of a company employee who makes an annual salary of $28,000?
  80. Algebra
    A certain lottery has 29numbers,in how many different ways can 6 of the numbers be selected
  81. algebra
    determine if the line is parallel or perpendicular or neither: -3x+8y=5 8x+3y=18
  82. Algebra
    A tank is filling with water from a natural spring. Three days ago the water was four feet deep, and yesterday the water was eight feet deep. Assume that the water depth continues to rise at this same rate after today
  83. algebra
    An ice-cream parlor sells sundaes with 3 different types of ice-cream and 4 different toppings. They have 8 flavors of ice-cream and 10 toppings for their customers to chose from. what is the probability that a customer orders a sundae including the toppings of whipped cream, ...
  84. Algebra 2
    Which property is shown by the following statement? 3 × (9 + 6) = 3 × 9 + 3 × 6 A. The Associative Property of Multiplication B. The Identity Property of Multiplication C. The Distributive Property D. The Identity Property of Addition
  85. Pre algebra
    1. Find the degree of -5w^3 - 4w^2 + 7w + 16. -5 16***** 14 3
  86. Algebra
    Suppose you are having a birthday party at the local bowling alley. You are trying to figure out how many people you can afford to invite. How much money are you willing to spend to host this bowling party? Set up an equation that shows the inverse relationship between the ...
  87. algebra
    Marvin is comparing two different music websites. Website A charges $10 per month for a subscription and $0.25 per song. Website B has no subscription fee, and all songs cost $0.75. Which equation would you solve to find the number of songs, s, that Marvin would have to buy ...
  88. algebra
    A math class has 3 girls and 7 boys in the seventh grade and 2 girls and 2 boys in the eighth grade. The teacher randomly selects a seventh grader and an eighth grader from the class for a competition. What is the probability that the students she selects are both boys?
  89. Algebra
    The foot of an extension ladder is 9ft from a wall. The height that the ladder reaches on the wall and the length of the ladder are consecutive integers. How long is the ladder?
  90. Algebra
    Suppose you are researching the eating habits of people your age. What sampling method could you use to find the percent of students in your grade who eat five servings of fruit and vegetables each day? What is an example of a survey question that does not have bias? I have ...
  91. algebra
    (3x^3-x^2+2x-4)dx -------------------------- sqrt x^2-3x+2 ​
  92. algebra
    The time it takes to cover the distance between two cities by car varies inversely with the speed of the car. The trip takes 5 hours for a car moving at 54 mph . How long does the trip take for a car moving at 45 mph ?
  93. math/algebra
    Find the greatest possible error for the given measurement if it is to the nearest 10 miles. 150 mi
  94. algebra
    Check my answer? What is the order of the numbers from least to greatest? A= 6.2x10^5, B= 1.1x10^-3, C= 4.3x10^-3, D= 5.2x10^-5 I think it's D,B,C,A (5.2x10^-5, 1.1x10^-3, 4.3x10^-3, 6.2x10^5)
  95. algebra
    Apply the concepts of linear functions to answer the question. "All Items 10% Off Marked Price" is a sign at a local golf pro shop. Create a function and then use it to determine how much one has to pay for each of the following marked items: a $9.70 hat, a $17 umbrella, a $60...
  96. Trig/Algebra 2
    The following table of values compares national test scores to high school GPA at a certain school. National Test Score HS GPA 2350 3.95 1900 3.20 1825 2.00 2270 3.00 500 1.50 2000 4.00 1550 2.50 1030 1.17 1665 2.85 1380 2.25 2220 3.60 Using the equation for the line of best ...
  97. algebra
    2. 2x2+ 8 – 4x + 3x – 6x2 + 7 (1 point) –8x2 – 7x + 15****** –4x2 – x + 15 4x2 + x + 15 8x2+ 7x + 15 3. 4x2+ 8x – 11x + 6 – 5x2+ 2 (1 point) –x2 – 3x + 8 –x2 + 3x + 8****** x2 – 3x + 8 x2+ 3x + 8
  98. algebra
    Can someone help me make an equation for a horizontal eIIipse with major axis thats 50 units and minor axis thats 20 units?? Thanks so much in advance!!!!! im stuck :^(
  99. algebra
    HYPERBOLA Q!! Find an equation for a horizontal hyperbola with vertices that are 20 units apart from each other and foci 30 units apart each other?? im lost on this any help is appreciated !!!
  100. algebra
    help please!! write an equation of a parabola with vertex at the origin and the given focus focus at (2,6)??? Please help im lost!!
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