The table shows the drink preferences of 50 shoppers at the mall. What is the probability that one shopper, selected at random from the 50 surveyed, preferred either Drink B or Drink A?
  2. Math
    A single, standard number cube is tossed. What is the probability of getting a number greater than 3? A. 2/3 B. 1/3 C. 1/6 D. 1/2
  3. math
    Given the formula y = 2x(z+3) find y if z =2 and x=4 I got 40
  4. math
    The measure of the arc created by a central angle is 57°. What type of arc is this? minor arc major arc semi-circle
  5. math
    the bill you pay is $720 a year.if you pay it monthly, you will pay $70/month. thats a monthly $840 each year.  How much would you need to save each month?
  6. math
    find the first and the 15 ters of an arithmetic sequence whose fifth term is -1 and ninth term is 11.
  7. Math
    Burton Bush wants to retire in Arizona when he is 80 years of age. Burton, who is now 55, believes he will need $400,000 to retire comfortably. To date, he has set aside no retirement money. If he gets an interest rate of 6% compounded annually, he will have to invest today (...
  8. Math
    The effective rate of a 25,000 Non-interest-bearing simple discount 10% 90-day Note is A) 10.26% B)10.62% c)10.8% d)10%
  9. Math
    The percentage method aids in calculating a)SUTA B)FICA C)FUTA D)FIT
  10. math
    Write each polar equation in rectangular form if possible, or describe its shape in words if an equation is impossible. theta = 210 degrees
  11. math
    55. there are 3.75 pounds of tomatoes. the one you plan to buy is $3.79/lb.  How much will it cost?
  12. math
    At your school, the building is 20 feet tall, a tree's height is 252 inches, and the flagpole is 6 yards high. Which of the three objects casts the longest shadow?
  13. math
    Your car insurance bill is $600 per year if you pay it all up front.  However, if you pay it monthly, you will pay $60/month which is $720 each year.  You would like to save up each month so that you can pay for the insurance annually.  How much would you need to save each ...
  14. math
    How to pick lottery nos
  15. Math
    solve simultaneous equation,* *4m=(9-n)²* *4n=(3-m)²* Show workings
  16. math
    if a man jobs 3 1/2 miles in 3/4 of an hour, how far can he jog in one hour?
  17. math
    1. Your property taxes come due annually and generally cost about $2,300. You decide that you would like to put a monthly amount aside to be prepared for when this bill comes. How much should you put aside each month? About $192 each month About $230 each month About $384 each...
  18. math
    Find the distance from the origin to the line x-2y=4
  19. math
    What kind of angle will have a supplement but no complement? plz help I am so confused.
  20. Math
    1. One morning you decide to purchase 300 shares of a stock at $6.31/sh.  At the end of the day, you sell all of the shares for $8.24/sh.  How much did you make or lose?  One morning you decide to purchase 300 shares of a stock at $6.31/sh.  What was gained or lost? 2. ...
  21. math
    During a training exercise, a submarine travels 16 km/h on the surface and 10 km/h underwater. if the submarine traveled a distance of 160km in 12.5h, how long was it underwater?
  22. Math
    Joshua sells a pack of pens for $3.15, which is 5 percent more than he pays for them. Which equation will help find x, the amount he pays for a pack of pens? How many solutions will this equation have
  23. Math
    Create a word problem system of equation that has an answer x=1.25 and y= 2.75.
  24. math
    given log 2 base 7 is 0,3562 and log 3 base 7 is 0,5646 evaluate log 42 base 7 without using calculator or tables
  25. math
    When writing an expression, is it correct to write 15,000 - 583.33x or -583.33(x) + 15,000? I have seen both but I have a friend who insists one is the correct one.
  26. Math
    A number consists of rwo digit number whose sum is 9. If9 is subtracted from the number its digits are interchanged. Find the number
  27. Math
    1. You are watching a stock and it closed at $8.41.  The next day, it closed at $12.36.  What is the percent change? Answer: idk this one. Help? 2.From the question above, the stock closed at $6.56 the day after it closed at $12.36.  What is the percent change? 53% 47% (47...
  28. math
    use gauss jordan elimination method tofind solution set of4x+5y+3z=23.3x+2y+z=10.2x+5y-z=9
  29. math
    use gauss jordan elimination method tofind solution set of4x+5y+3z=23.3x+2y+z=10.2x+5y-z=9
  30. math
    The function f(t) = 24,500(0.84)  models the population of a town ​t years after 2008. What rate is the popul​ation of the town decreasing each ​year? A. 16% B. 24.5% C. 75.5% D. 84%
  31. Math
    Determine the answer to the following: 9.70 x 108 x 9.6 x 101 = ?? Select one: a. 9.3 e10 b. 9.3 e8.0 c. 0.93 e10 d. 9.3 e8.0
  32. Math
    The external length, width and height of an own rectangular container are 41 cm, 21 cm and 15.5 cm respectively. The thickness of the materials making the container is 5 mm. If the container has 8 litres of water, calculate the internal height above the above the water level.
  33. math
    You would like to purchase 200 shares of a stock at $7.15/sh.  How much are you going to be paying for this? $27.97 $1,430.00 *** $143,000.00   One morning you decide to purchase 200 shares of a stock at $8.31/sh.  At the end of the day, you sell all of the shares for $7....
  34. Math
    If you purchase a stock for $5/sh, and then sell it for $10/sh, you have ____________. suffered a loss gained a profit *** come out even   Flag this Question Question 2 2 pts True or False: You should invest as much money as possible into a stock because you know that it is ...
  35. Math
    The equation of a curve is y = 2x^3 + 3x^2 Find: x-intercept of the curve y-intercept of the curve b) Determine the stationery point of the curve. i) for each point in(b) above, determine whether it is a maximum or a minimum
  36. Math Probability
    A locked door is opened by turning the knobs shown below to a particular combination of numbers. How many possible number combinations are there for opening the locked door? There is a picture of 3 knobs, each with four numbers being: 1, 2, 3, and 4. Maybe you could also ...
  37. Math
    If Billy tosses the nickel three times, what is the probability of the nickel landing tails up on all three tosses? Explain A) 1/8*** B) 1/6 C) 1/4 D) 1/2
  38. Math
    The probability of a table-tennis ball being defective is 1/10. About how many balls would be defective in a case of 725 table-tennis balls? A) 1 B) 7 C) 73*** D) 80
  39. Math
    1. You have two credit cards.   Credit card 1 has a balance of $7,512.33 with an APR of 21.25% and limit of $10,000.   Credit card 2 has a balance of $623.34 with an APR of 24.15% and limit of $7,500. In your own words, which credit card should you focus on paying off first ...
  40. Math
    A freehold property has recently been let for $25,000 per year. Using the annual in arrears assumption and a capitalisation rate of 6.5%, what is the value? ( Answer: $384,615.38)
  41. Math
    If the roots of the equation (b-c)x^2+(c-a)x+(a-b)=0 are equal, prove that 2b=a+c.
  42. Math
    -2x^2+4x+3=0 Complete square Quadratic equation
  43. Math (Algebra)
    Your phone company charges $0.05 per minute for long distance calls. Write a direct variation model that relates the total cost x to the number of minutes y spent talking on the phone. Idk how to do this?? Apparently, the formula is y=ax
  44. math
    On Friday, the temperature dropped from 18°C to 8°C in 4 hours. At what average rate did the temperature go down?
  45. math
    Find the length of the arc on a circle of radius r intercepted by a central angle θ. (Round your answer to two decimal places.) Radius r: 20 feet Central Angle θ: π/4 Arc Length s: radians
  46. Math
    9^2y * 2^x = 72, find the value of x and y.
  47. math
    Which answer best completes the following sentence? Two advantages of a confederation are that it ______ and ______. A: prevents abuse of power by a national government; preserves local identity B: concentrates power in state governments; makes national government too weak to ...
  48. math
    You are looking for an account to invest your $9,000 in.  You want to know how many years it will take to double if the account you are putting it into gets 10% APR.  Using the Rule of 70, how many years should you be expecting to leave it sit? 7 years 10 years 18 years You ...
  49. math probability
    Laura and Adrian attend a dinner party. The 12 guests are seated at random around a round table, with all seating arrangements equally likely. (a) What is the probability that Laura and Adrian sit next to each other. (b) Explain your answer by giving a clear description of an ...
  50. Math
    The feet of two vertical poles of heights 3m and 7m are in line with a point P on the ground the smaller pole being between the taller pole and at a distance 20m from P.The angle of elevation of the top . T of the taller pole from the top R of the smaller pole is 30°.(i) ...
  51. Math Statistics
    Suppose you work for the quality control department at Hewlett Packard. You know that ink jet cartridges are sometimes defective. The current defective rate is 8 cartridges per package of 100 (i.e. 0.08) What is the probability of sampling 12 cartridges and finding: At least 4...
  52. math-- PLEASE CHECK
    If you have a balance of $1,375 on your credit card and your card has a limit of $2,500, what should you pay before the end of the month statement to get it to an acceptable balance (50% debt ratio)? $375 *** $125 $1,250
  53. Math
    Points L and M are equidistant from another K. The bearing of L from K is 330 degree. The bearing of M from K is 220 degree. Calculate the bearing of M from L.
  54. Math
    A small cone of height 8 cm is cut off from a bigger cone to leave a frustum of height 16 cm. If the volume of the smaller cone is 260 cm^3, find the volume of the frustum.
  55. Math
    Suppose you work for the quality control department at Hewlett Packard. You know that ink jet cartridges are sometimes defective. The current defective rate is 8 cartridges per package of 100 (i.e. 0.08) What is the probability of sampling 12 cartridges and finding: Less than ...
  56. Math
    A rock climber started descending from 700m and came down 250m. How far above the sea level did he reach?
  57. Math
    Can someone help me convert this into point slope and slope intercept form? m=0, P(3, 117)
  58. math
    Please guys help me out this question #What is 1/4 in 24?
  59. math
    We define two numerical operations labelled T and R. The effect of T is to add 1 to a number. For example, if we apply the operation T to the number 2 three times in a row, we obtain 3, then 4, then 5. The effect of R is to find the negative reciprocal of a number. For example...
  60. Math
    The gradient of the tangent to curve y = ax^3 + bx at the point (1,1) is -5. Calculate the values of a and b. dy/dx = 3a^2 + b -5 =
  61. Math
    A minor arc of a circle subtends an angle of 105 degree at the center of the circle. If the radius of the circle is 8.4 cm, find the length of the major arc. 22/7
  62. math
    The Winners' Circle sportswear and equipment store bought a baseball glove from DICK's Sporting Goods for $66.00. They want to mark up the glove 70% on selling price. What should The Winners' Circle sell the glove for?
  63. Math
    The angle between two force a and b vectors is 114o. The scalar projection of is – 13 N. Determine the magnitude of b. Can the magnitude be a negative number?
  64. Math
    What is 24.305 rounded to the nearest whole number
  65. Math
    Given that OA = 2i + 3j and OB = 3i - 2j. Find the magnitude of AB
  66. Math
    Rewrite the set using the interval notation: (- ∞, 2) n (- ∞, 5) I know how to do it if i have a set builder notation but this is nowhere in the text section that I can see an example of.
  67. Math
    Alpha+beta=pi/2 Sin alpha=1/3 Then sin beta=?
  68. MATH
    Find and simplify the difference quotient for the given function. f(x)= -x^2+2x-1 I need to know how to set up the equations and simplify everything when dividing by h at the end.
  69. Math
    Which type of loan typically has a higher interest rate? Unsecured Auto Secured
  70. Math
    Express each ratio as fraction in it lowest form a) 18hours to 2days b) 100cm to 5m c) 4days to 2weeks d 25cm to 3m e) 1 1/4 to 30 minute
  71. Finite math Probability
    Dependent events are one or more events than influences the probability of another event. Conditional probability is NOT a measure that influences one or more events. True or false
  72. Finite math Probability
    Classical probability of an event is a real number between 0 and 1, where 0 means: a. event is not given b. it will always happen c. it will never happen d. answer choice not given e. the choices are always not equal
  73. Finite math Probability
    Find the probability of obtaining exactly one tails when flipping four coins
  74. Finite Math
    A pair of dice is rolled and the resulting sum is odd. The complement of this event would be the sum of that is a multiple of 3? True or false
  75. Math
    The digits at the ten place and thousand place are inter changed in the number 71920396. which number original or new
  76. Math
    A club has 5 members from these memebers the positions of president,vice-president,and, treasurer have to be filled how many different ways can these 3 positions be filled
  77. math
    The chart below (Monday:2,600, Tuesday: 3,100, Wednesday: 2,800 and Thursday: 3,200)displays Jim's sales for the first four days of his work week. Jim's boss told him that he would get a promotion if his mean sales for Monday through Friday were at or above 3,000. what is the...
  78. math
    Julie baked cupcakes for her family at home and for a party at school. She iced 4 cupcakes with red frosting, 2 cupcakes with orange frosting, 2 with yellow, 2 with green, 3 with blue and the last 3 with violet frosting. Each cupcake is iced with exactly one color of frosting...
  79. Math
    Please check my answers :). 1. Complete two column proof. Given: x/6+2=15 Prove: x=78 x/6+2=15 A:__Given____ x/6=13 B:__Addition property of Equality____ x=78 C:__Multiplication property of Equality_____
  80. math
    Mr. Reader has six different Spiderman comic books, five different Archie comic books and four different Garfield comic books. When stacked, all of the Spiderman comic books are grouped together, all of the Archie comic books are grouped together and all of the Garfield comic ...
  81. Math/probability
    Sally works in a factory that produces 1,00 televisons each day. When 40 televisons were sampled, it was found 6 were defective. Estimate how many defective televisons defective televisions are made each day. I don't know how to answer this.
  82. math
    Complete the table for the radioactive isotope. (Round your answer to two decimal places.) Isotope: 239Pu Half-life (years): 24,100 Initial Quantity: g Amount After 1000 Years: 0.6
  83. math
    Complete the table for a savings account in which interest is compounded continuously. (Round your answers to four decimal places.) Initial Investment: $350 Annual % Rate: % Time to Double: yr Amount After 10 Years: $435.21
  84. math
    Find range of the function f(x) = sin (1/x)
  85. Math
    Find range of f(x) = 9-7sinx
  86. math
    Using elimination method solve 2/x-3/y=1, 8/x+9/y=1/2
  87. math
    #Please guys i need your help for this question# Sample charges: Greeting telegram on a special code;50 cents Ordinary telegram costs shs 3 for 10 words and each extra word at 30 cents. Find the cost of the following telegram. CHARLES MUSHI BOX 123 MUSHI WISHING YOU A MERRY ...
  88. math
    A circula garden whose radius is 14 m is fenced by posts which are 6 m far apart from each other.Find the number of posts which will be required to fence the circular garden.
  89. Math
    Help! I need to get these questions done before 8:30. Write a system of equations to model each situation. Solve my any method. 4.You and some friends buy hamburgers and milkshakes for lunch. A hamburger costs $1.50 and a milkshake costs $2.00. The total bill for 12 items is $...
  90. Math
    Let ABC be a triangle and P be a point inside it such that AP, BP and CP meet sides BC, CA and AB in points D, E and F, respectively. Given that AP=a, BP=b, CP=c, PD=PE=PF=3 and a+b+c=43, find a*b*c.
  91. Math
    Geoff planted dahlias in his garden. dahlias have bulbs that divide and reproduce underground. in the first year, Geoff's garden produced 8 bulbs. in the second years, it produced 16 bulbs, and in the third year it produced 32 bulbs. if this pattern continues, how many bulbs ...
  92. Math
    what are the next three terms of the sequence? 6, 12, 18, 24, ... A 28, 34, 40 B 30, 34, 38 C 30, 36, 44 D 30, 36, 42
  93. math
    what are the next three terms in the sequence? -1, 9, 19, 29, ... A 38, 37, 32 B 40, 51, 62 C 39, 49, 59 D 38, 47, 56
  94. Math
    Are these right then I'm done for the day 11) A snail can move 3 inches in 2 minutes. At this rate, how many feet can it move in 6 hours? C. 45 12) Patios can be made by mixing cubic meters of ash, stones, and wood chips in the ratio 5:7:3. How much stones is needed to make 45...
  95. Math
    Janna is using a cone-shaped cup to fill a cylindrical container. The cup has the same height and radius as the container. How many times will she have to fill the cylindrical container? A. 1/3 B. 1 C. 2 D. 3 It didn't show the numbers for the radius or anything, I'm not good ...
  96. Math
    Fernando surveyed a group of people to find their shoe size and the number of children in their family. He graphed the ordered pairs (shoe size, number of children) for each person. Which of the scatter plots most likely represents his graph?
  97. Math
    1) If the height of a parallelogram is 27.3 m and the base is 6.3 m, what is the area of the parallelogram? 2) If the base of a rectangle is 27.4 mm and the area is 420.92 mm2, what is the height of the rectangle? 3) What is the height of a rectangle with perimeter 133.2 mm ...
  98. Math
    ) If you rolled a die 48 times, how many times should you expect to roll a 3? *
  99. Math Test: Probability
    Okay so I have looked a lot of places for some help on my math test. I am going to put down the first 3 questions and answer choices on my test. If you have the same test as I do then could you give me some answers ASAP? Remember, all test aren't the same and I'm a Connection ...
  100. math
    Carbon 14 (14C) dating assumes that the carbon dioxide on Earth today has the same radioactive content as it did centuries ago. If this is true, the amount of 14C absorbed by a tree that grew several centuries ago should be the same as the amount of 14C absorbed by a tree ...
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