1. Math
    Evaluate cos^2(pi/12). a)1/4 b)(2+sqrt3)/4** c)3/2 d)(2-sqrt3)/4 Please help :(
  2. Math
    What is a simplified form of the expression sec^2x-1/sin x sec x ? a)cot x b)csc x c)tan x d)sec x tan x Please help me :(
  3. Math, science
    Discuss the different types of energies possessed by a flowing liquid .derive an expression for the title energy per unit mass of a flowing liquid.
  4. Math
    x2-7x2y3+6=y2-2xy find dy/dx at the point (-2,5)
  5. Math
    On 9/1, you take your paycheck into the bank and decide that you want to open a checking account with $400.00. The bank gives you some starter checks so you can start using the account until your first order of checks come. On 9/2, you pay your electric bill of $57.38, using ...
  6. math
  7. MATH
    if f (x) is a polynomial of degree 3 whose roots are p,q,r. FIND f (3) if sum of cubes of roots is 0 and sum of squares of roots and sum of roots are unit digit of 3^2018 and 5^50666666666 respectively?
  8. math
    Bruce draws rings of rhombuses about a common centre point. All rhombuses have the same side length. Rhombuses in the first, or inner, ring are all identical. Each rhombus has a vertex at the centre and each of its sides that meet at the centre is shared with another rhombus. ...
  9. Math
    A rectangular plot of land drawn to scale 1:1000. What is the actual area of the plot of land in hectares
  10. math
    Nissan appliances bought two dozen camcorders at a cost of 4,788. The markup on the camcorders is 25% of the selling price.What is the original price of each camcorder
  11. Math
    Is there a shorcut for solving this equation: 2^4 * 9 = 4^2 * y?
  12. Math
    Six men can complete digging a garden in 8 days. How many will days will it take four men, working at the same rate, to complete digging the garden?
  13. Math
    Write an inverse variation to model the situation and answer the question. Two rectangular fields have the same area, One measured 75yd by 60yd. If the other has a length of 72yd, what is its width?
  14. Math
    Line Xy is parallel to Line QR. Line XY = Line PX and angle QRP = 74 degree What is the size of angle RQP?
  15. math
    In how many positive four-digit integers that are not multiples of 1111 do the digits form an arithmetic sequence? (The digits must form an arithmetic sequence, in order. For example, the number 5137 does not count.)
  16. Math
    Find the constant of variation, K,for y = -8 varies directly when x = 12. Write an inverse variation to model the situation and answer the question. Two rectangular fields have the same area. One measures 75yd by 60yd. If the other has a length of 75yd, what is its width?
  17. math
    Find the standard form of the equation of the ellipse with the given characteristics and center at the origin. (2,0), (0,3/2), (-2,0), (0,-3/2)
  18. math
    Find the standard form of the equation of the circle with the given characteristics. Center: (5, -2); point on circle: (-3, -4)
  19. math
    By what percentage is 5 greater than 4?
  20. math
    Find the t-number (the number of equilateral grid triangles of side length 1cm that lier inside an isopentagon) of the (5,3,2,3,5) isopentagon. Find all isopentagons that have a t-number smaller than 20 and explain why there are no others. There are 2 different isopentagons ...
  21. math
    While adding ten two-digit numbers the digits of one of the numbers were interchanged. As a result the sum of all the ten numbers increased by a value which was four less than that number. Three times the sum of the digits of the original number is ten less than the number. ...
  22. math
    Ronny bought 80 pears for $60. He threw away 12 rotten ones and sold the rest at 4 for $5. How much money did he make?
  23. math
    anonymous did you ever get all the correct answers?
  24. Math
    Determine the holes, vertical asymptotes and horizontal asymptotes of the rational function. y=3x^2+10x-8/x^2+7x+12 Can you also show your work. I need to do corrections. I have a 68 I just need to get to a 70. This would mean so much to me if anybody could help. I'm begging ...
  25. math;)
    1. The current flowing through an electric circuit is the derivative of the charge as a function of time. If the charge q is given by the equation q(t)=3t^2+2t-5, what is the current at t=0? a. -5 b. 0 c. 2 d. 8 2. The equation for the position of an object at time t is ...
  26. math;)
    1. What is the equation of the line tangent to the function f(x)=-x^2+5 at the point (1,4)? a. y=-x+5 b. y=-x+9 c. y=-2x+6 d. y=-2x+9 2. Given f(x)=4x^2+2x-9, what is f'(a)? a. f'(a)=6a+2 b. f'(a)=6a-9 c. f'(a)=8a+2 d. f'(a)=4a+2-9
  27. math;)
    What is the instantaneous rate of change of the function f(x)=6x^2-x at the point (-1,7)? a. -13 b. -5 c. 7 d. 11
  28. Math
    I scored a 3456 on my math Scantron, and I tried to look it up and read through the pdf that Scantron provides to explain scores, but it was no help. Can anyone tell me if this is a good, average, or bad score? Thanks!
  29. Math
    how many roots does this polynomial have: f(x) = 5x^3 + 8x^2 -4x + 3 and Of the possible rational roots, which ones are roots: ±1, ±(1/5), ±3, ± (3/5)
  30. Math
    A survey of 63 customers was taken at a bookstore regarding the types of books purchased. The survey found that 39 customers purchased mysteries​, 29 purchased science fiction​, 23 purchased romance novels​, 16 purchased mysteries and science fiction​, 13 purchased ...
  31. math:^]
    A lawn mower is pushed a distance of 100 ft. along a horizontal path by a constant force of 60 lbs. The handle of the lawn mower is held at a downward angle of 45 degrees toward the horizontal. Explain what each value listed in this situation represents in relation to the ...
  32. math
    Suppose you are driving to visit a friend in another state. you are driving 60 miles per hour. you must drive 480 miles total . if you have already driven 120 miles , how long will it take you to reach your destination? a. 2 hrs b. 4 hrs c. 6 hrs c. 12 hrs my answer is 4 hrs ...
  33. Math
    Paul and Sammy take part in a race. The probability tha Paul wins the race is 9/35. The probability that Sammy wins the race is 26%. Who is more likely to win the race? Give a reason for your answer.
  34. Math ASAP HELP
    The following points are plotted on a coordinate plane:(-1,2),(-1,7), and (4,2). If the points are connected by straight lines, which shape will they form? A. an acute triangle***** B. a right triangle C. an obtuse triangle D. a quadrilateral Am i right?? thanks
  35. Math
    I only need the speed and direction of the wind. An airplane has an airspeed of 300 mph, and it is traveling to the southwest. After two hours it is 282.9 miles from its starting point, at a compass heading of 228.6° from the starting point.
  36. math
    Share £3.40 among Angela, Ben and Claire. For every 10p Angela gets, Ben gets 5p, and Claire gets 2p.
  37. Math
    A light pole that is 3 meters (m) tall casts a shadow 2 meters long. at the same time. a person near the light pole casts a shadow 1.2 meters long
  38. Math
    What is the distance between the points (11,18) and (11,-6) in the coordinate plane?
  39. math:^]
    Part A Given that P=(5,4), Q=(7,3), R=(8,6), and S=(4,1), find the component form of the vector PQ+3RS. a. <-10,-16>**** b. <-6,4> c. <-2,-6> d. <14,14> Part B Use the information from Part A to find the magnitude of the vector PQ+3RS. a. 356 b. sqrt(26...
  40. math probability
    A cake is divided into 3 portions one for you, one for your friend and one for your neighbor. If you get twice as much as your friend, and your friend gets twice as much as your neighbor. What proportion of the cake do you get? Please Explain to me how to solve this problem ...
  41. Math
    Three cubes of volume 343 cubic cm are joined end to end.find surface area and volume of the resulting cuboid.
  42. Math
    y = 4 cos (3/4) θ a. amplitude = 4 b. number of cycles = ? c. period = (8pi/3)
  43. Math
    X+ 13/x=8/3
  44. Math
    What are the values of w and x in the triangle below? Round answer to tenth. The triangle is scalene and the smaller one in the larger one has 38 degrees in its bottom right corner. The big triangle is 19 degrees in its bottom right corner. The height is 14. The answers are as...
  45. Math
    Given the regular decagon what is the measure of each numbered angle? There is a one in the first triangle, a three in the second, and a two in the sixth triangle in the decagon. Here are the answer choices m1=72, m2=18, m3=36 m1=18, m2=36, m3=72 m1=36, m2=72, m3=18 m1=36, m2=...
  46. math;)
    For v=-5i-2j, find unit vector u in the direction of v, and write your answer as a linear combination of the standard unit vectors i and j. a. u=-5/7i-2/7j b. u=-5/29i-2/29j c. u=-5(sqrt(29))/29i-2(sqrt(29))/29j d. u=-5(sqrt(7))/7i-2(sqrt(7))/7j
  47. math
    By what percentage is 1/40 greater than 1/50? #Please guys help me please this question.#
  48. Math
    Hey guys! Just asking for some quick help. In ABC , A is a right angle, and B = 45 degrees. What is the length of BC? If the answer is not an integer leave it in simplest radical form. The diagram has 11ft listed as height of the tall side Answers: 11ft 11 sqrt 2 11 sqrt 3 22ft
  49. Math
    A conveyor belt carries supplies from the first floor to the second floor which is 30ft higher. The belt makes a 60 degree angle with the ground. How far do the supplies travel from one end of the conveyor belt to the other to the nearest foot? If the belt moves at 80ft/min ...
  50. Math
    The surface areas of two similar solids are 416yd ^2 and 1,354yd ^2. The volume of the larger solid is 2,976 yd^3. What is the volume of the smaller solid? 2,976 yd ^3 2,619 yd ^3 914 yd ^3 507 yd ^2
  51. math
    draw all isopentagons for which the longest side length is 5cm
  52. Math
    I need help with this: For the vector W = <12, –20>, determine |W| (magnitude) and the angle between W and the x-axis.
  53. Math
    Help thanks...what are some examples, no, all examples of isopentagons that you know of/can think of? I'm making some tessellations and I only know one type. Thanks in advance.
  54. Math
    What is the equation for the line of symmetry for this: xy = 16
  55. Math
    All i need is an equation of the hyperbola. given that the center is at (2, -3), the vertices are at (2, 3) and (2, - 9), and the foci are at (2, -3 ± 2√10).
  56. Math
    I don't know how to solve this equation. cos(30) = x / 6 How would I solve this to find the missing side of a 30-60-90 triangle?
  57. math-- check my answers!
    You are in "Car Parts USA" buying some headlight bulbs.  The original price is $19.99, but you have a coupon for $6.00 off.  What is your subtotal for the bulbs? $13.99 *** $24.99 $17.85 You are at a convenience store picking up some iced tea.  You see that tea is on sale ...
  58. math PLEASE HELP
    Sales tax is a tax calculated on ______________. the subtotal your income the total To find the total amount you are going to pay, you would _______________. multiply by the sum of one and the sales tax rate multiply by the sales tax rate 2.
  59. Math
    What is the rectangular form(a + bi) of: 1. 5 cis(255°) 2. sqrt3 cis (11pi/6)
  60. Math(answer check)
    1. Find the modulus and argument of the following complex numbers, and write them in trigonometric form: a. 5 – 8i Answer = Sqrt{89} ( cos (-1.01219701) + i sin ( -1.01219701)) b. –1 – i answer = Sqrt2 (cos (5pi/4) + i sin (5pi/4)) c. –5 + 12i answer = 13 (cos ( -4....
  61. math
    1. (-10x^3 + 30x -20) divided by (-5x+5)? a)2x^2-2x+4**** b)-2x^2-2x-4 c)-2x^2+2x+4 d)2x^2+2x-4 2.The width, w, of a rectangular playground is x + 3. The area of the garden is x^3 - 7x + 6. What is an expression for the length of the playground? a.) x^2 - 3x + 2 *** b.) x^2 + ...
  62. Math
    A hanging spring is compressed 3 inches from its rest position and released at t = 0 seconds. It returns to the same position after 0.8 seconds. Find: a) the amplitude of the motion b) the period of the motion c) the frequency of the motion
  63. Math
    A hollow metal pipe has an external radius of 5cm and an internal radius of of 4.5cm. If the pipe is 1m long, find the volume of the metal used to make the pipe. I am really confused how to begin to solve this, can someone help please?
  64. Math
    An airplane has an airspeed of 300 mph, and it is traveling to the southwest. After two hours it is 282.9 miles from its starting point, at a compass heading of 228.6° from the starting point. what is the speed and direction of the wind?.
  65. Math
    A vendor borrowed $7,500 from their cooperative at 8% a year. If he paid at the end of 1 1/2 years, how much in all did he pay? I am not sure if the answer is $8,400
  66. math:)
    Vector u is represented by the directed line segment RS and vector v is represented by the directed line segment OP. If R=(8,-2), S=(11,-6), O=(-3,-9), and P=(0,-13), are u and v equal? Explain how you reached your answer.
  67. Math
    externalfile:drive-2408f996220908404fd73​a28cf7f7ec25690d912/root/Unsorted Items/Screenshot 2018-05-24 at 4.31.49 PM.png <> Which one is it?
  68. Math
    The price of a pair of jeans decreases from $45 to $40. What is the approximate percentage of decrease?
  69. Math
    Susan gave 1/3 of a pizza to her brother. She gave 1/2 of what was left to her mother. Susan ate the rest herself. What fraction of the pizza did susan eat?
  70. Math
    You invest $500 at an annual interest rate of 6.75% compounded continuously. How long will it take y our money to double?
  71. math
    A theater has 22 seats in the first row, 25 seats in the second row, 28 seats in the third row, and so on. How many seats are in the Fifteenth row?
  72. Math
    Karaoke is x years old and two years older than his wife. In ten years’ time he will be 3 times as old as his daughter. What will be their total age then?
  73. math/ sociology
    Describe an example of a graph where adding a single edge can increase the size of the largest strongly connected component by at least 1,000 nodes. Clearly, you don't need to draw the full graph rather, you should describe it in words.
  74. math
    Justin writes the letters Illinois on cards and then places the cards in a hat what is the probability of picking an n
  75. Math
    The cash price of a T.V. set was sh 22000. Maria bought the T.V. set on hire purchase terms. She was allowed to pay a deposit equal to 40% of the cash price and eight equal monthly installments of sh 2800. How much more money did she pay than the cash price?
  76. Math
    your class is electing a vice president. how many ways a president and and a vice president be seleteced 25
  77. math-- one question
    Suppose we know that we need $36,000 of realized income each year to cover all of our expenses. What is the minimum amount we should make per hour if we know we can work at a job at least 38 hours per week.
  78. math
    why1\7 is greater than 1\10
  79. math
    A swimmer is swimming across a river that is exactly one mile wide, and the river current is 1.5 mph directly south. If the swimmer can swim through still water at 2.5 mph, and he swims east, perpendicular to the north-south bank, how far downstream will he be carried by the ...
  80. Math
    4. Find the indicated roots of these complex numbers. a. 3√1 = 1? b. sqrt{- 3 - 4i} c. 4sqrt{81cis60°} d. 5sqrt{32cis (pi/6)}
  81. Math
    what are the indicated powers of these complex numbers: a. (2 – 3i )^2 b. (3 + 4i )^3 c. [2 cis(300°)]^5 d. ( cos (4pi/3) + i sin (4pi/3)) ^4
  82. Math
    How are these solved? 1. cosx+1=0; x ∈ R 2. 4sin^2 x - 1 = 0; x ∈ R 3. 2cos^2 x + 3cosx + 1 =0;0 ≤ x < 2π
  83. Math
    A hanging spring is compressed 3 inches from its rest position and released at t = 0 seconds. It returns to the same position after 0.8 seconds. what is the displacement from the rest position at t= 3 min rounded to the tenths place What is the function that models the ...
  84. math
    twice the product of 3 and -2 added to the product of -7 and 5
  85. Math
    Given: y = 2 cos 1/2 (theta + pi/4) + 1 What is the number of cycles? what is the horizontal shift?
  86. math
    For how many positive integer values of n is 3^n a factor of $15 factorial (15!)?
  87. Math
    Why is the difference between the next two numbers in the pattern: 5, 9, 25, 49, 121,..., ...,?
  88. math
    60% of the product of one-twelfth y and two-thirds z How do you simplify this?
  89. math
    Alice has $15 more than Barry. Charlene has 5/9 of the amount of Barrys money. If Alice has x dollars, how much money do they have altogether.
  90. Math
    Wani bought a cow for sh 42000 after being offered a 16% discount. How much money would have been the discount had she bought the cow for sh 21000?
  91. Math
    Given: y=10/(x+1)-8 What is the domain and range?
  92. Math
    A rectangular container measures 4m by 3m by 500cm. The container is completely filled with 0. 5 long cubic packets. How many such packets are needed to filled 3/4 of the container? V = lwh = 3(4)(5) = 60
  93. Math
    A farmer is wanting to clear of a circular plot of land for his horses. The farmer wants the horses to have 314 square yards of land. What radius should the farmer use to create this plot for his horses?
  94. Math (Trigonometry)
    sin(5x)/sin(4x) = ? How do I cancel them out to get a constant?
  95. Math
    The length of a rectangular garden is 4 yards more than its width. The area of the garden is 60 square yards. Find the dimensions of the garden.
  96. Math
    I was trying to answer a question with the formula of time= d/v Q:"an asteroid is 7.98x10^8km from the sun;if the speed of light is 2.99x10^8m/s, how many minutes will it take light from the sun to reach the asteroid." What I did in my calculator: (7.98x10^8)/(2.99x10^8) ...
  97. Math
    You and 5 friends go to a concert. In how many different ways can you sit in the assigned seats? Remember, you and 5 friends means six. Not 5.
  98. math
    Rewrite the following linear equation in slope-intercept form. Write your answer with no spaces.
  99. Math
    Suppose 10% of the flights arriving at an airport arrive early, 60% arrive on time, and 30% arrive late. Valerie used the random-number table to find the experimental probability that of 5 flights, at least 2 will arrive late. The digit 0 represents flights arriving early. The...
  100. Math
    What is the 50th term of the sequence that begins -4,2,8,14 My answer is 296
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