1. math
    A $76,000 trust is to be invested in bonds paying 8%, CDs paying 7%, and mortgages paying 10%. The bond and CD investment must equal the mortgage investment. To earn a $6670 annual income from the investments, how much should the bank invest in bonds? A) $21,000 B) $38,000 C...
  2. math
    A plane makes a 240-mile trip against a head wind in 1 hour and 30 minutes and returns, with a tail wind of the same speed, in 1 hour. What is the speed of the wind? A) 80 mph B) 200 mph C) 40 mph D) 160 mph
  3. math
    How much will you have accumulated, if you annually invest $1,500 into an IRA at 8% interest compounded monthly for 5 year?
  4. Math
    Suppose you deposit $1000 in an account paying 4% annual interest, compounded monthly. How much money will you have after 15 years?
  5. math
    A bank charge 7.5% simple interest per year.Susie takes out a loan from this bank for 3 years.she pays a total of 1867.50 interest per year,how much she borrowed?
  6. math
    In a geography text book 35% of the pages are colored.if there are 98 colored pages,how many page are there in the whole book?
  7. math
    A bank offers 5% compound interest on investments.A men invest $2000. a)what is his investment worth after three year? b)find the compound interest.
  8. math
    There are 7250 peoples live in a village.If y peoples moves to another village there are still (5y-250) peoples left.Find the value of y.
  9. math
    The sum of three consecutive whole numbers is 96.If the lowest number is y then: a)write down an expression for the other two numbers in terms of y. b)write down an equation involving y. c)find y and hence find the other two numbers.
  10. math
    Three cards are chosen at random from a standard 52-card deck. What is the probability that they are not all the same color?
  11. math
    76x + 46y=474.25 54x+37y+346.25 solve x and y can you use substitution to do this question math 10 pre cal thanks a lot
  12. math
    There were 35 gallons of water in a tank and 4.5 gallons of water in a pail. An equal amount of water was poured into the tank and the pail. The ratio of the water in the tank that in the pail became 7:2. (a) How much water was in the pail in the end? (b) How much water was ...
  13. math
    Emilio left Sunshine Road at 8:30 A.M. and arrived at Summer Lane at 1:30 P.M. His average speed for the whole journey was 60 km per hour. For the first 60% of the trip, he drove at an average speed at of 90 km per hour. For the next 25% of the remaining trip, his average ...
  14. Math
    If a movie start at 1:15 and run for 2 hrs 45 min. When does it end?
  15. MATH
    How does ∫ sin(x)/cos(x)dx become sin(x)+C? Why did cos(x) disapear?
  16. math
    A goat is tied with 1 vertex of a shed with the distance of 10m.Find out how much distance the goat can grace around the shed?
  17. Math for 6th Grade
    A sixth grader weighs 90 pounds, which is 120% of what he weighed in fourth grade. How much did he weigh in fourth grade? (Plz help and make it simple as possible)
  18. MATH
    LESSON 9 UNIT 4 1.B 2.A 3.A 4.B
  19. math
    1) Write 0.78787878787878.... (recurring) as a percentage. 2) The price of petrol increased by 10%. Six months later it increases again by 10% There was no other price changes. What was the total percentage increase in the price of the petrol.
  20. math
    Information about a play took up 1/3 of the pages in the program. Information about the actors took up 1/4 of the remaining pages. Information about the director, the producer, and the designer took up 2 pages, and the same number of pages devoted to the actors. How many pages...
  21. math
    if a man travels r miles and hour for h hours and s miles an hour for t hours, what is his average rate in miles per hour for the ENTIRE distance traveled? a. rh+st b. r/h+s/t c. rh+st/2 d. rh+st/h+t is the answer b?
  22. Math
    15 movie theaters average 600 customers per theater per day. If 6 of the theaters close down but the total theater attendance stays the same, what is the average daily attendance per theater among the remaining theaters? A. 750 B. 1000 C. 1200 D. 1500
  23. Math
  24. math
    Richard went shopping and bought a pen, a book and a magazine. The magazine cost ¼ of a book. The pen cost 1/3 of the magazine. If he spent 734.40 pesos, how much did he spend for the pen?
  25. math
  26. math
  27. Math
    This week Bob puts gas in his truck when the tank was about half empty. Five days later, Bob puts gas again when the tank was about three fourths full. If Bob bought 24 gallons of gas, how many gallons does the tank hold?
  28. Math
    A body of mass 3kg moving at 15m/s collides with another body of mass 5kg moving at 26 m/s in the same direction. After collision the 5kg body moves at 39.8m/s in the same direction. Find the velocity of the 3kg body after collision
  29. Math
    Find the centroid of the area in the first quadrant bounded by the curve y=e^-x and the axes and the ordinate x=ln5
  30. Math
    10 less 4 tens is:
  31. Math
    A water tank can hold 56 5/7 litres of water. How much water is contained when it is 2/5 full?
  32. Math
    A water tank can hold 56 5/7 litres of water. How much water is contained in the tank when it is 2/5 full?
  33. Math
    mike can complete a project in 60 minutes, and if mike and walter both work on the project, they can complete it in 40 minutes. how long will it take walter to complete the project by himself?
  34. Math
    Mr. Brown owned a house which he rented for $60 a month. The house was assessed at $9000. In 1975 the rate of taxation was increased from $25 to $28 per $1000 assessed valuation. By what amount should the monthly rent have been raised to absorb the increase in that year's ...
  35. math
    2^99 - (-2)^99 = a. 0^99 b. 2^99 c. 2^198 d. 4^99 is the answer a?
  36. Math
    If 2/y+2 = -3/y-3, then what is the value of y? A. -3 B. -2 C. 0 D. 2
  37. math
    Edith wants to cut pieces of ribbon 1/3 meter long from a piece of 5/6 meter.how many pieces can be cut?
  38. Math
    Differentiate y=13x^2-5x+8
  39. Math
    The owner of a small business is aiming to increase sales by ₱1000 weekly. If this condition is met, how much should be the sales on the first week to reach exactly ₱75 000 worth of sales in ten weeks? Type your answer without the peso sign.
  40. Math
    A school librarian can buy books at a 20% discount from the list price. One month she spent $72 for books. What was the list price value of the books? Is the answer $90?
  41. Math
    Which of the following is the BEST illustration of congruence? A. a pair of shoes B. two dinner plates from the same set of dishes C. any two tables D. a slide and its projection on a screen is a the correct answer?
  42. Math
    Two triangles of the same shape are always A. similar B. equilateral C. congruent D. equal
  43. Math-Forecasting Statistics
    The following data is a sample of daily maximum temperatures in New York in March (from 2006-2008). a. Calculate the mean (1 decimal place) and standard deviation (2 decimal places) of this data. You may use technology to answer this question. Only the final answer is required...
  44. Math
    Calculate the indicated Riemann Sums for the function g(x)=4-x^2 a)one rectangle b)two rectangles
  45. Math
    What is a sample?
  46. Math
    What is a dependent variable?
  47. Math
    What is an independent variable?
  48. Math
    A company of really good jobs conducts a survey to determine the attitudes of college seniors about the workforce. What are the sampling techniques that would give them the most representative samples?
  49. Math
    A company of really good jobs conducts a survey to determine the attitudes of college seniors about entering the workforce. Which of these sampling techniques would give them the most representative samples?
  50. Math
    An average doughnut is about _________ across [in diameter].
  51. Math
    Bobbie delivers pizza after school. The price of each pizza he delivers is $14. There is also a $3 delivery charge. To calculate the cost of a customer's order before taxes, he uses the equation t = 14p + 3, where t is the cost before taxes and p is the number of pizzas the ...
  52. Math
    A scientist learns to tell the temperature outside by the number of chirps a cricket makes per minute. He uses the formula: t=n/8+5 where t = the outdoor temperature and n = the number of chirps made by the cricket in 1 minute. What is the dependent variable in the above ...
  53. math
    Calculate the area of the minor segment of a circle of radius 14cm using each of the following angles subtended at this (a)14degree(b)50degree(c)120degree
  54. math
    The rate of inflation is 3%. The cost of an item in future years can be found by iterating the function c(x)=1.03x. Find the cost of a $1500 refrigerator in three years if the rate of inflation remains constant.
  55. math
    The volume enclosed by a sphere of radius r is (4/3)πr^3. The surface area of the same sphere is 4πr^2. You may already have noticed that the volume is exactly (1/3)r times the surface area. Explain why this relationship should be expected. One way is to consider a billion-...
  56. Math
    Amy went to the fall festival and bought at least 25 apples. The apples were a mix of gala apples and red delicious apples. Amy knows that she got more than twice as many gala apples as she did red delicious apples. This can be represented by the system below: x + y > 25 x...
  57. math
    In a Grand Prix automobile race, Speedy Ryder averaged 110 miles per hour for the first half of the course and 130 miles per hour for the second half of the course. Cannonball Carter maintained a constant speed of 120 miles per hour throughout the race. Who won the race?
  58. math
    one less than the reciprocal of a number is 9. what is the number?
  59. Math
    Sue left her home at 6 A.M. driving her car at the rate of 50 miles per hour. At 8 A.M. her brother Kevin drove after her along the same highway, traveling at the rate of 60 miles per hour, in how many hours did Kevin pass Sue? I got 10 hours but that is when they're at the ...
  60. math
    the square of a certain whole number n is n^2. if 60 is a factor of n^2, it's possible that ? is not a factor of n^2 a. 16 b. 25 c. 36 d. 100
  61. Math
    what is the value of 12 √(8^4)? 768?
  62. 6th grade math
    Rodrigo placed 3 large stickers on each of 5 pages in the sticker book. then, he placed 6 small stickers on each of 5 pages. the expression 5x3x6 shows the total number of stickers he used. use the distributive property write this expression another way. My answer is 5(3+6) Is...
  63. math
    how many integers are their own multiplicative inverses? a. 0 b. 1 c. 2 d. 3 is it 2 or 3? because it could be 1, -1, and 0
  64. math
    when 0.0709 is rounded to the nearest thousandth, the result is A. 0.0709 B. 0.0701 C. 0.070 D. 0.071 is D correct?
  65. Math
    how to determine the rate of change of a graph if the graph does not show a staircase pattern?
  66. math
    *Please i need the help people about this question* In a school there is 15% more boys than the girls. If the number of girls is 30, find the number of boys in the school.
  67. math
    Please anyone to help the solution and the answer# A piece of copper wire is 52 2/3 m long. If each piece has been cut of 3/4 m from it. What length will remain after cutting pieces?
  68. math
    the monthly income for 12 randomly selected people, each with abachelors degree in economics,are shown below. Assuming the population is normally distributed,construct a 90% confidence interval for the average income of a person with a bachelors degree in economics. 4450.34, ...
  69. math
    Please anyone to help me solve this question A piece of copper wire is 52 2/3 m long. If each piece has been cut of 3/4 m from it. What length will remain after cutting pieces?
  70. 6th grade math
    How many different 3-digit numbers can you make with the following digits if no digit may be repeated in the same number? 2 7 8 0 3 1 Is there any way I can solve this problem by writing equation?
  71. Math
    A grocer sells milk chocolate at $2.90 per pound, dark chocolate at $4.40 per pound, and dark chocolate with almonds at $5.50 per pound. He wants to make a mixture of 50 pounds of mixed chocolates to sell at $4.50 per pound. The mixture is to contain as many pounds of dark ...
  72. math
    Please anyone to help me solve this question A piece of copper wire is 52 2/3 m long. If each piece has been cut of 3/4 from it. What length will remain after cutting pieces? math question
  73. Math
    If the shadow of a x metre tall tree is broken up in the middle and touches the top of the tree on the ground at a particular distance from the ground.calculate the image distance?
  74. Math
    The numerator of a positive fraction is 2 less than its denominator. By adding 1½ to the fraction, the fraction is reversed. Find the original fraction. Help me please
  75. Math
    Money invested in compound interest amount to rs 27783 in 3 years and rs 26460 in 2 years what is the rate percent of interest ?
  76. Math
    Vikram spent 1/4 of his money on a science textbook and 2/3 of the remainder on stationary. What fraction of his money did he have left ?
  77. Math
    Find all those numbers x on the number line that are twice as far from 2 as they are from 10.
  78. math
    3 buah buku dan 2 batang pen berharga RM135 manakala 2 buah buku dan 3 batang pen berharga RM 140.Hitung harga bagi setiap barang itu.
  79. math
    What is the thousands digit of 9^1000?
  80. Math
    In January, Jeff filled his car with 11 1/2 gallons of gas the first week, 13 1/3 gallons the second week, 12 1/4 gallons the third week, and 10 1/6 gallons the fourth week of January. How many gallons of gas did he buy in January?
  81. Math
    A chemical plant takes in 5 1/2 million gallons of water from a local river and discharges 3 2/3 million directly back into the river. How much water does not go directly back into the river?
  82. Math
    Tad needs to measure where the free-throw line should be in front of his basketball goal. He knows his shoes are 1 1/8 feet long, and the free-throw line should be 15 feet from the backboard. How many toe-to-toe steps does Tad need to take to mark off 15 feet?
  83. math
    Plot a graph of y = 4^x by first producing a table of values. Label the y-intercept and the equation of any asymptotes. Just need help with producing the tables of values, thanks.
  84. math trignom
    x^2 + 10x − 6y = −31
  85. math
    Differentiate from first principle: i) y=x^2-3x ii) y=5sinx
  86. Math
    Find the value of k p(x)=2x^3-3kx^2+4x-5=6
  87. MATH
    How does 114 become 4 from ∫[0,114](√1+4x^2/57^2)dx become ∫[0,4](√1+u^2(57/2du))
  88. Math
    Eight students are running for three positions in the student council: president, vice president, and secretary. Which represents the total number of ways the three students can be selected if each student can be elected to only one position? A. 8x3 B. 8x7x6 C. 8x8x8 D. 8! Is ...
  89. math
    Out of a pool of 234 people with lottery tickets, 120 of them are women, and out of those 120, 65 are older than 23, and out of those 65, 12 are married. What is the probability that the lottery winner will be a married woman older than 25? A. 2/39 B. 23/234 C. 12/65 D. 65/234
  90. Math
    Seth took a 30-inch piece of wire and cut it into 1 1/4 inch pieces. How many pieces did he get?
  91. math
    Two boys divided $3.36 so that one boy received 12 cents less than three times as much as the other. How was the money divided?
  92. Math
    Write an inequality and solve. Two times the sum of a number and four is no more than three times the sum of the number and seven decreased by four.
  93. math
    if a car moving at a constant rate travel (2x³-x²-4x+3)km in (x²-2x+1) hours what is the rate of the car in km per hour? I need it asap thanks
  94. math
    indicated operations. Express all answers in lowest terms 2/5+1/5+1/5
  95. Math
    If I invest 5,000 at a rate 8.5% for 13 days? How much interest will I earn on my investment if the interest is compounded daily? I need help with setting up formula or help in general. Any help is appreciated.
  96. Math
    metrix method solve equation 2x-y-3z=9 ,x+y+z=6 ,x-y+z=2
  97. math
    Refine square root(250)
  98. Math
    If the probability of an event occurring is 1/y, what is the probability that the event will not occur? A. y B. y-1/y C. y/y-1 D. 1-y/y Is it B?
  99. Sat math
    Brian and Richard stand back-t0-back. Each boy takes 5 equally spaced steps, in opposite directions from the starting location. At this point, Richard walks to where Brian is in 9 steps. How many times bigger are Richard's steps than Brian's steps? A. 4/5 B. 5/4 C. 7/4 D. 2
  100. Math
    Seth took a 30-inch piece of wire and cut it into 1 1/4 inch pieces. How many pieces did he get?
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