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maths lit,business studies,life science economics
what i can study after matric?what career field i should follow?

The _____ Plan, favored by _____ States, proposed giving States equal representation in a unicameral Congress.

Every night when Samantha came home from work she put any change she had in her pockets into a jar. One day she wanted to know how much change she had in her jar. She noticed that she had two more nickels than twice the number of dimes, and eight fewer quarters than twice the ...

grade 7 math
Uniform motion Related Problem Five boy scouts biked to Caliraya lake at 5 km/h. their scout master gave them a ride back home in his pickup car, at 20 kph. Find the hiking time if it 6 hors longer than their riding time.

Maths lit Business studies Economics History
im in grade 10 and i want to know what jobs can i do with these subjects

A survey or college students collected information on several variables: distance from home, age, major, gender, and class. The variable major is A) neither categorical nor numerical B) categorical C) quantitative Please help :)

Constutitional Law
You are a paralegal assisting an attorney who is representing an individual who has been convicted of a murder during a home invasion and who was sentenced in state court to be executed. You are assisting with research for an appeal to the U.S Supreme Court. Provide the ...

1. A sudden escalation in medical costs for treatment of ischemic heart disease would immediately: Answer Benefit providers. Be passed on to consumers. Benefit insurance companies. Decrease insurance company profits in the short term. Decrease tax revenues to the federal ...

meeting and chasing problem
Amy and Beth live the same place which is 10 miles from the grocery store. Amy gets in her car and drives to the store at 30 miles per hour. At the same time Amy starts driving, Beth starts walking toward the store at 3 miles per hour. Amy spends 1 hour at the store, and then ...

What is the best way to learn and understand Economics?

on Tuesday, elena completed 20 of her math homework in 36 minutes. At that same rate, how long will it take her to complete 35 items for wendy's math home work

tourism.business studies.economics.mathematical literacy
wich career can i follow when im studing these subjects

An outfielder throws a baseball to home plate with a velocity of +15 m/s and an angle of 30°. When will the ball reach its highest altitude? (Points : 3) 1.2 s 1.5 s 0.77 s 0.50 s

  The tax rate on Ned Topolino's $112,000 vacation home is 25 mills. The property is assessed at full value. How much will Ned pay in taxes this year?      A. $2,800 B. $780 C. $7,800 D. $28,000 A?

Hey I just had a question regarding how to calculate VMPL (marginal revenue product). When looking for a specific formula, I got a whole bunch of different one's and it didn't seem like I had enough information to find any. I'm supposed to find it for the 5th worker who allows...

3.   The tax rate on Harriet Walker's $80,000 vacation home is 20 mills. The property is assessed at full value. How much will Harriet Walker pay in taxes this year?      A. $1,600 B. $2,000 C. $640 D. $440 B?

Jeffrey biked to the store at 12 miles an hour but took his time on the way home going 8 miles an hour. If it took him 20 minutes to get to the store, how many minutes did it take him to get back?

Statistics students were asked to go home and fill a 1-cup measure with raisin bran and to tap the cup gently on the counter 3 times to settle the contents. Then, if necessary, add more raisin bran to bring the contents exactly up to the 1-cup line. Once at the 1-cup line, the...

Please someone check my answers. 1. Works such as "To Build a Fire" Naturalist writers such as Jack London advocated: -trusting entirely in the wisdom and ingenuity of human beings. -*respect for the power and wildness of the natural world* -remaining always within the ...

Alan rode his bike 2.6 miles from home to the park . He rode 6.03 miles to the park. Then he rode back home along the original route. How many miles did Alan ride in all? Is this correct 13.83 miles?

in a car, you drive from your home 4 km to the gas station, 8 km to the shopping mall to let your mother off, and 8.9 km back home. The trip takes 20 min. What is your velocity? So I got 17.4 m/s but my teacher told me that the velocity is actually 0 m/s, can someone explain ...

San Diego left San Francisco on Tuesday at 6.30 p.m. and took 8 hours 45 minutes to reach his home. On what day and at what time in a 24 hour system did he reach home?

Imagine that you are taking a journey around the Roman Empire. Write a letter home discussing your travels and talking about the achievements of Rome.

5. (paradox of) VALUE = (blank) + (blank). 16. (Blank) is a situation when production cannot reach its full potential because resources are available, but not being used. These are the only two questions that I can't figure out on my study guide. Help? Please and thank you in ...

Explain the motion of a baseball and the forces acting upon it as it leaves the pitcher’s hand and travels toward the batter at home plate. Identify the term applied to this type of motion.

The image of the public library is constantly changing, and their online services continue to grow. Usage of the library's home page grew by 17% during the past 12 months. It has been estimated that the current average length of a visit to the library's home pages is ...

Maths literacy, accounting, economics and business studies
Are ther any possibilities of studying an Accountant career with this subjects?

Social Studies
Can you give me a few comparisons and contractions of the below paragraphs? You don't need to make a paragraph, just list a couple of comparisons and contractions and I will write it into a paragraph and also add extra words on my own. The next time you are washing your hands ...

U.S History
1. Which of these was a precedent that George Washington set? (5 points) a)constitutional amendment process b)formal presidential dinners c)singing of the national anthem d)use of a presidential cabinet 2. "The time for the new election of a citizen to be president of the ...

She folds some of the clothes she has already ironed, and crosses to the bed with them.” What impression do we get of the character in the above stage directions? She is bored with her current circumstances She is too busy to worry about housework She is a preparing for an ...

home / homework help / questions and answers / science / physics / the temperature of an ideal gas at an initial pressure ... Question The temperature of an ideal gas at an initial pressure P1 and volume V1 is increased at constant volume until the pressure is doubled. The ...

A baseball has a mass of about 0.15 kg, and it is pitched towards home plate at a speed of about 60 m/s. If the bat exerts an average force of 8600 N for 2.4 ms, what is the final speed of the ball in m/s?

social studies
1)An interest rate is a special type of? a. loan b. price c. bank d. service 2) How does a compound interest rate differ from a simple interest rate? a. Compound interest rates pay more interest over time b. Compound interest rates are calculated only once a year c. Compound ...

if you could verify/falsify my answers on these multiple choice questions and possible give me insight on possible correct answers, that would be great. thanks! 1. Which is an acceptable market method of regulating negative externalities? A. Legal action against the source ...

Consider the problem of a firm that needs to decide how much output, denoted by x, to sell. The marginal revenue function of the firm is given by 10−x. It's marginal cost function is goven by x. In addition, the firm faces a legal constrain: it is allowed to sell a ...

Accounting, maths literacy, business studies, economics
am doing matric this year so I dnt knw which career I can do next year with those subjects.......plz I need help

1. Who controlled the most territory bordering the Louisiana Purchase? A- Spain B- France C- Great Britain D-Mexico 2. Which of the founding fathers was an author, a statesman, and a scientist? A- John Adams B- Benjamin Franklin C- Thomas Jefferson D-George Washington 3. What ...

After you have read the following, write a short essay comparing and contrasting life in the Middle Ages to today. Is there anything that was better about life then? The next time you are washing your hands and complain because the water temperature isn't just how you like it...

1. What are the three types of population? 2. Give a graphic description of the three types of population.

Differentiate between large scale and small scale production

List the three types of population (graphically)

Math/ Statistics
The owner of a football team claims that the average attendance at home games is over 3000, and he is therefore justified in moving the team to a city with a larger stadium. Assuming that a hypothesis test of the claim has been conducted and that the conclusion is failure to ...

home economics
Please help me Explain how a firm suffering losses in the short run decides if it should continue production

economics,tourism,business studies and maths lit
which career should i follow when i'm doing those subjects?

Tourism,economics,business studies,maths literacy
Im in grade 12 so i want 2 knw which courses are there for me with my subjects:economics,tourism,business studies,maths literacy

Last 3 QUESTIONS !!:( please
How did party leaders resolve the disputed election of Rutherford B. Hayes and southern demands for removal of troops in the South? by agreeing to home rule for the South and an investigation into the election practices in several states by disapproving both through the ...

Big History Test (Check) Part1.
What was the chief goal of the Compromise of 1850? to resolve Texas's statehood issues to preserve the Union <-- to improve the economy in both the North and the South to preserve the balance between slave states and free states What theory promoted by Congressman Stephen ...

Question Part Points Find the monthly payment for the loan. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) A $118,000 home bought with a 20% down payment and the balance financed for 30 years at 10.5%

A bond yields $100 yearly at 4 percent interest. What is the market value? I got $1,500.

Mutual funds are attractive to small investors because (a) the funds offer a guaranteed return on investment (b) the funds are insured by an agency of the US government (c) the funds offer the opportunity to share in an investment in a variety of stocks and bonds (d) investors...

Hi, I need some help distinguishing the type of narrators in this story. The questions relate to the following prose passage: "When Peter Smith saw his old friend George Rogers for the first time in years, he was amazed. He was walking through one of the poorest sections of ...

John sells a $2,015,000 home and receives a 2.5% commission. How much is Johns commission? Do I have the problem set up right? $2,015,000 * 0.975

L.A help please
Read the following passage from the novel. A sergeant yelled at Johnny as he started to limp past them, but when he explained in a piteous whine that his foot had been squashed by a blow from a soldier's musket and all he wanted was to get home to his mama, an officer said the...

Tony jogs 4 2/5 miles from the gym to his home daily. If he takes a water break after 2 1/4 miles,how much further does he have to jog home?

Tony jogs 4 2/5 miles from the gym to his home daily. If he takes a water break after 2 1/4 miles, how much father died he have to jog home?

1. In works like "To Build a Fire," Naturalist writers such as Jack London advocated (Points : 5) trusting entirely in the wisdom and ingenuity of human beings. respect for the power and wildness of the natural world. remaining always within the protective boundaries of ...

Life Span Development
Question 1 1-The quality of a children’s attachments has been found to affect a-what children expect social interactions to be like. b-whether children remember positive or negative aspects of events better. c-children’s concepts of themselves. d-all of the above. (I chose...

What is an oligopoly? A. An agreement by a formal organization of producers to coordinate prices and production B A market structure in which a few large firms dominate the market C A market structure in which two firms have a price way D a market structure in which a single ...

according to the law of supply the higher the price A the more consumers are willing to pay B the larger the quantity produced c the smaller the quantity produced D the more the availability of a good is reduced

Science help
A homeowner determined that he used 114 gallons of oil every month to heat his home in the winter. This information would be considered part of his My answer Carbon footprint Am I right?

What are two reasons why the values of corporations fluctuate? Explain. My answer: Competition and events in the world

Ethan kicked a ball from home plate during a kickball game. The height of the ball is represented by h(t) = -16t2 + 25t. What would the vertex of the function represent in the context of this problem? Write you answer using complete sentences.

Word box : Mercantilism Religious Freedom Magna Carta English Bill of Rights Mayflower Compact Fundamental Orders of Conneticut Virginia House of Burgesses Navigation Acts 1. 1689 law that reinforced the idea of no taxation without representation and the right to petition the ...

On keynesian model what variables are used

How to calculate autonomous consumption

Middle School Math
My home work problem is 3g+5=17 my answer is -20. A I correct.

ugh my book gives us the easy stuff and then our homework makes no sense. if someone could help me out by directing me to any other sites or just explaining how it works and any formulas it would be great. i want to understand what i'm doing but when my teacher doesn't really ...

Can someone explain the characteristics of a good tax? simplicity, efficiency, certainty, and equity

Can someone help me with #1 - a,b,c it is on economics20145.weebly

Economics (CHECK)
The swiss franc is selling the spot market for $0.60, while the 90-day forward market it sells for $0.62. (A) is the dollar selling at forward premium or discount? Discount, 0.2 (B) What is the forward premium (Discount) on the franc in percentage (at an annual rate) 2%?

Abnormal Psychology
I need help diagnosis this case for my abnormal psychology review. Mr. B is a 20-year-old male college student who was recently arrested for possession of marijuana, which was detected when he was stopped for un¬safe driving. He was charged with driving while intoxicated with...

Use the formula or a calculator application to find the monthly payment on a home mortgage of $292.649 at 5.004% interest for 25 years.

In 1980 the average price of a home in Brainerd County was $97,000. By 1986 the average price of a home was $109,000 Write a linear model for the price of a home, P, in Brainerd County as a function of the year, t. Let t=0 correspond to 1980

Writers often make common errors by omitting punctuation. Identify and explain the sentence structure error in the following sentence: Tabitha drove to school she took her math test she drove home in the afternoon.

math(5th grade)
Gino wants to travel from home to school. Find how many routes are possible if he does not travel in a northerly direction.

Child Development
Please Check my answers 1. A type of communication that isn't only about the present and that promotes higher level thinking such as planning and reminiscing is called A. child-child conversation. B. chanting. C. early production. D. decontextualized talk. ANSWER: A 2. ...

Economics- IPO help
Does an IPO seem like a good idea for a business? What kind of things would you say in an SEC statement to demonstrate that your business? So would I say that the business is very successful and on its way in expanding?

Economics help
Does an IPO seem like a good idea for a business? What kind of things would you say in an SEC statement to demonstrate that your business? So would I say that the business is very successful and on its way in expanding?

Given that a line passes through the point , and that the line is perpendicular to the line Determine the equation of the line If sin(20-30)-cos(30-40) then the value of is 0 In a class of 40 boys, 18 passed Business Mathematics, 19 passed Accounts, 10 passed Economics, 6 ...

john receives a 2.5% real estate commission when he sells a home for his client?how much will the client receive from the sale of their 346.000 home

Help - involving economics
So if the federal government decided to increase the minimum wage by $1/hr, what could be some economic affects of that? I already thought of the fact that people will get paid more, but I can't think of any more. Can you help?

6. At a party, it's sometimes permissible for serving personnel to A. smoke, provided they don't do so in view of the guests. B. become part of the party if they know some of the guests. C. take home any leftovers that remain. D. sample the buffet items before the guests ...

Questions Given that a line passes through the point , and that the line is perpendicular to the line Determine the equation of the line If then the value of is In a class of 40 boys, 18 passed Business Mathematics, 19 passed Accounts, 10 passed Economics, 6 passed Accounts ...

Chemistry honors
20 grams magnesium metal react with excess oxygen and 28 grams of magnesium oxide are produced in lab what is percent yield? If 99.8 g of aluminum nitrate are reacted with excess sulfuric acid what would be the theoretical yield in grams of aluminum sulfate? i have done both ...

please check my english
1. Which phrase, in "The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses," best describes Brille? (1 point) easygoing and generous with his friends intelligent, yet shortsighted in his political views intuitive and calculating in his appraisal of others quick­thinking and quick­tempered in his ...

Economics calculation help
Kelly total income last year was $24,000, but she could deduct $12,000 for various reasons. How can I calculate; If she had to pay 15% of her taxable income in federal income tax, what was her total tax payment? So I did 12,000 x .15 and got 1800, but I don't know if that's ...

A glass windowpane in a home is 0.62 cm thick and has dimensions of 1.30 m × 2.22 m. On a certain day, the indoor temperature is 22°C and the outdoor temperature is 0°C. (Assume the thermal conductivity of the glass is 0.8 J/s · m · °C.) What is the rate at which energy ...

Economics help
An elderly man receives free prescription drugs from a veterans' hospital. So what kind of a good is this, like is this a privately owned service or publicly own service?

Which of the following is most likely to be purchased in the factor market? You will choose two answers for this question. Shampoo and dog food Cement and copper wire Opera tickets and sushi Automobiles and deodorant Dirt and timber I know that dirt and timber is one of the ...

Diane Gobin is the founder and manager of Gobin's World. Diane has approached the local bank for a loan to expand her business. As part of the loan application, Diane was asked to prepare Financial Statements for the business. She prepared the following balance sheet and ...

in 1990, US nominal GDP was $5,744 billion and the GDP chain price index is 93.6. Real GDP in 1996 dollars is approximately:

How do you calculate economic profit without knowing the quantity? Here is the information included in the question I'm trying to answer regarding finding the economic profit. price - $8.50 current output - 100 units ATC at current output - $9.00 AVC at current output - $8.00 ...

3. In a class of 40 boys, 18 passed Business Mathematics, 19 passed Accounts, 10 passed Economics, 6 passed Accounts only, 5 passed Business Mathematics and Accounts only, 2 Passed Accounts and Economics only. How many passed in all three papers.

in a class of 40 boys 18 passed business mathematics, 19 passed accounts, 10 passed economics, 6 passed accounts only, 5 passed business mathematics and accounts only, 2 passed accounts and economics only. how many passed in all three papers

Managerial Economics
Two competing hospitals in small city can choose whether to offer only basic health care, all- purpose care, or specialized care. The following payoff table denotes profits for each hospital: Hospital B's Services Hospital A's Services Basic All-Purpose Specialty Basic 5, 7 9...

Managerial Economics
Since dry cleaning produces air pollution, a small town with two dry cleaning companies has decided to regulate the dry cleaning industry. The two dry cleaning companies, Company A and Company B, currently produce 350 units of air pollution, which the town wants to reduce to ...

It is known that homing pigeons tend to avoid flying over the water in the daytime, perhaps because the downdrafts of air over water make flying difficult. Suppose a homing pigeon is released on an island at point C , which is 3 km directly out in the water from a point B ...

Paul lands a home mortgage of $58,200 at a 7.40% interest rate. He plans to pay this after 3 years . What will the total principle be?

The auto repair shop is 1 3/10 miles from the bank. The bank is 3 3/5 miles from gina home. After she left her car at the shop gina walk to the bank. Then she walked home. How far did gina walk in all. Is the answer 5 miles

Managerial Economics
Problem 1 (50 points) The city of San Diego is considering extending the trolley (the downtown mass transit train) 11 miles from Old Town up to La Jolla. The cost of construction would be $1.7 billion. The estimated ridership along the new section is 18 thousand per day work ...

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