High School

Can someone check my answers? Which line from William Blake's "The Tyger" contains the clearest example of symbolism? A. "In the forests of the night..." B. "Dare its deadly terrors clasp?" C. "And when thy heart began to beat..." D. "Did he who made the Lamb make thee?"**** ...

15. Strong social bonds and a good support system can block the negative effects of stress in your life. Which factor can be a poor choice for blocking the negative influences? (1 point) A.associating with peers who are drug free B.having friends who are supportive and ...

how many books each 1.5cm thick can be kept in a shelf 1.45m high

In what way is the government of the United Kingdom similar to that of the United States? A) Both have a head of government that is a member of the legislative branch. B) Neither government has a formal set of written laws as a framework. C) Both have seen their powers ...

Market economy/government
In a market economy, a high price will usually cause A) producers to offer less and consumers to buy less. B) producers to offer less and consumers to buy more. C) producers to supply more and consumers to buy less.*** D) producers to supply more and consumers to buy more The...

S.S@Reed help
1. Which are functions of money? Select all that apply. (3 points) store of value •• producer of resources unit of account •• medium of exchange •• record of finances unit of output 2. What is the main advantage of using money instead of bartering? (1 point) Things...

SS check plz
If governments around Europe reduced funding for primary and secondary schools, which of these would be the MOST likely to be the result? A) Europeans would take more vacations. B) Europeans' standard of living would decrease. **** C) Europe would export more "high tech" ...

In a school 4/11 of the students are girls.if there are 490 boys, find the number of girls.

Social studies (Mr.Sue CHECK MY ANSWERS PLZ)
1. Which are functions of money? Select all that apply. (3 points) store of value •• producer of resources unit of account •• medium of exchange •• record of finances unit of output 2. What is the main advantage of using money instead of bartering? (1 point) Things...

Social studies 7 (Check My Answers PLZ)
1. Which are functions of money? Select all that apply. (3 points) store of value •• producer of resources unit of account •• medium of exchange •• record of finances unit of output 2. What is the main advantage of using money instead of bartering? (1 point) Things...

At Franklin School 3/8 of the students take a bus to school, 3/5 walk and the rest bike. There are 20 students who bike to school. How many students are in the school?

Help i need to write an acrostic poem about my hopes and dreams for high school

The green revolution depended on A) new biodegradable pesticides. B) high-yielding grain varieties. C) clearing forest for crop land. D) organic fertilizers.***

In Grutter v. Bollinger (2003), the Supreme Court ruled in favor of: A. the equal-protection clause. B. the use of race as a diversity factor in law school admissions criteria procedures. C. all forms of affirmative action. D. the exclusionary rule. A?

Male and female high school students reported how many hours they worked each week in summer jobs. The data is represented in the following box plots: two box plots shown. The top one is labeled Males. Minimum at 1, Q1 at 3, median at 10.5, Q3 at 14, maximum at 21. The bottom...

at 3pm one day , the shadow of a tree was 5m long. At the same time a 2m long corn stalk had a shadow which was 3m long. how high is the baobab?

I need help on this letter. You do not have to give me full answers but if you do give me a full answer, I will use it but edit it into my own words. Now it is time to apply and share what you have learned so far about energy sources. After completing the U.S. Overview ...

2/9 of the number of pupils are boys. There are 75 more girls than boys. How many pupils are there in the school?

Social Studies
Which of these is a natural result of specialization? A)Isolation is caused by specialization. B)When people specialize they become rich. C)Specialization leads to interdependence.*** D)Specialization leaves people worse off than without. Why were the Europeans able to drive ...

algebra 1
the ratio of right handed to left handed students in the school was 3 to 14. if the total number in both categories was 714 how many right handed students were in the school? please help its due tomorrow! i totally forgot about the extra homework my teacher assigned.

Hi! I was wondering if you could translate "Then I used the whole day reading until dinner was served" Im really stuck and I forgot my books at school and I'm preparing for exams

In a random sample of 30 sixth graders, 9 had traveled outside of the United States. There are a total of 120 sixth graders in the school. Predict how many students have traveled outside of the United States. A 28 students B 36 students** C 45 students Aa teacher asks 40 ...

Social Studies
1. Which are functions of money? Select all that apply. (3 points) store of value producer of resources unit of account medium of exchange record of finances unit of output 2. What is the main advantage of using money instead of bartering? (1 point) Things that people usually ...

A sandal is dropped from the top of a 15.0-m-high mast on a ship moving at 1.75 m/s due south. Calculate the velocity of the sandal when it hits the deck of the ship: (a) relative to the ship and (b) relative to a stationary observer on shore. (c) Discuss how the answers give ...

The body at higher temperature but having low amount of heat gives more severe pain of hotness than a body at low temperature but having high amount of heat. Give some examples.

erectlo chemistry
ADDIS ABABA UNIVERSITY ADDIS ABABA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL OF CHEMICAL AND BIO ENGINEERING Applied Electrochemistry WORKSHEET -1 1. Calculate the standard potential of each of the following cells. State which one(s), if any, will proceed spontaneously as written. a. Sn...

Probability and Statistics
Hi, I am having a lot of trouble with Normal Distribution. I do online school and this lesson didn't really explain how to exactly complete the following problems. My teacher said that the answers to the problems below were all incorrect. I would greatly appreciate any help ...

Westminster school
You drop a rock from a cliff, and 6.56s later you see it hit the ground. How high is the cliff

Health Plz check
. True or False: It is better for you to avoid intense feelings of grief. True False 2. Which of the following is not a stage of grief? Denial Bargaining coping acceptance 3.Which of the following would make dealing with a personal loss even harder? Talking to family and ...

During a high school track meet, each race consist of 9 competitors who are randomly assigend lanes from 1 to 9. What is the probability that a runner will draw lanes 1,2, or 3 in the next four races? Answer: Is the answer is 1/729 or 3/729, please help me. Thanks

There are 247 boys 259 girls and 36 teachers going on a school trip. If a coach holds 32 people, how many will they need ?

A superhero is trying to leap over a tall building. The function f(x)= -16x^2 + 200x gives the superhero's height in feet as a function of time. The building is 612 feet high will the super hero make it over the building?

Kindergarten 43 inches 5 grade 55 inches The inflatable Giant Slide that has been ordered for the upcoming school carnival is 21 feet tall. How many average height 5th grade students would it take to get as close as possible to this height? How many average height kindergarten...

from the top of a tower, the angle of depression of a boat is 30degree,if the toweR is20meter high how far is th boat from the foot of the tower witha diagram

In what major way did conflict in the Middle East affect the economy in the United States? A. Conflict in the Middle East caused a sharp drop in energy prices in the United States. B. Conflict in the Middle East disrupted U.S. exports to that region, an important part of the ...

ASL; American Sign Language
Hi, I'f someone could let me know i'f my english and ASL transcript is correct I would greatly appreciate it? I need to make a short dialogue between two people at least five sentences and then write it in ASL gloss beneath. (Mom) Elizabeth (Shift Left): Hey Kendra how was ...

History Help check my answers
The Citizens of a small city have been eager to see more green space in their environment. There are several abandoned lots that activists think could be turned into community gardens or parks for people to freely enjoy 1.for the additional green spaces to be considered public...


English {2 Questions}
1. Identify the statement that is a verifiable fact. A. Teenagers seem to prefer texting to talking when it comes to cell phone use. B. Lifeguarding is one of the easiest and most lucrative summer jobs for teenagers. C. The number of teenagers who own and use smart phones is ...

A rectangular museum painting has a uniform width frame around it. The frame is 8 feet high by 10 feet long. If the diagonal of the painting is 10 feet, determine the width of the frame.

What is a liquid that is known for its high viscosiy due to H bonds? (not water) I'm not sure how to find this, I feel like it should be easy to just google but I really can't find anything about it. I'd appreciate your help, thank you!

The water level varies from 12 inches at low tide to 52 inches at high tide. Low tide occurs at 9:15 am. High tide occurs at 3:30 pm. What is a cosine function that models the variation in inches above and below the water level as a function of time and hours since 9:15 am? ...

1. Read the following lines from the poem "Eve to Her Daughters" in which the speaker describes Adam. In the process he had to on reveal everything, because he believed that mechanism was the whole secret- he was always mechanical minded. He got to the very inside of the whole...

1. All of the following lines from "Cranes" demonstrate the story's message about the effects of war on people except. A. "The northern village at the border of the Thirty-eighth Parallel was snugly settled under the high, bright autumn sky."**** B. "Then he suddenly he ...

SS Check
PLZ CHECK MY ANSWERS! 1. Some Polynesian islands are ring-shaped coral islands that surround a body of water, or (1 point) • copra. • coral. • atolls.** • plates. 2. In the mid-1800s, what event played a part in the large increase in British immigration to Australia? (...

Q1: Is a backpack used as a school bag a lot in the USA? Q2: I don't know how to save money. 1. I can help you with that. 2. I can help you with saving money. 3. I can help you save money. (Does #1 mean #2 or #3?)

I really need help. i don't know if this should be posted here or if it's allowed, but oh well.. so just to get straight to point, there's this huge test this month in a few days; i'm not prepared for it AT ALL. it will be 3+ hours but anyway i been cheatin dis whole year, but...

An arrow 2.5cm high is placed at a distance of 25cm from a diverging mirror of focal length 20cm. Find the nature,position and size of the image formed.

I pick a. Is it correct? Which of the following measurements is likely to have the least variation (the smallest standard deviation)? a. The volume of liquid in a simple of unopened 2-liter bottles of sodas. b. The SAT scores of a class of graduating high school seniors. c. ...

What is the surface area of a conical grain storage tank that has a high of 62 meters and a diameter of 24 meters? Round the answer to the nearest square meter. A)2,381m^2 B)2,790m^2 C)2,833m^2*** D)6,571m^2 My answer is C but I think I'm wrong. I lucked up examples of how to...

Social studies
Which is a likely effect of this change in tax policy? High income people will choose to leave the state•• Non profits will become a large part of the economy•• Consumers in the state will choose to buy fewer things Financial institutions will be less likely to invest ...

@ Online Students
A student recently posted this. Please heed. "quick backstory; i've been cheating on all of my work except portfolios this whole year cause i'm in online school. but i'm wanting to learn since there's gonna be ACT test in REAL so... please help me on how to do this!"

Social Studies Help PLEASE CHECK!!
The citizens of a small city have been eager to see more green space in their environment. There are several abandoned lots that activists think could be turned into community gardens or parks for people to freely enjoy. Use the passage to answer the question. 1. For the ...

Social studies
What is one of the things the federales reserve system does? Set income tax rate at the federal level Influence interest rates•• Decided who can open bank account Give loans to bank customers How might the government deal with a huge company that has no competitors and is ...

a weatherman reports, "the storm waves are about 2 meters high and about 35 meters apart." what properties of waves is the reporter describing

Six of the classes at your school are going to the pool for a swimming party. That means 125 students need to get on buses and each bus hold 48 students. How many buses will the school need?

a coin tossed upward from a balcony 330ft high with an initial velocity of 32/sec. During what interval of time will be the coin be at a height of at least 90ft?

On a summer day in Cape Cod, the depth of the water at a dock was 4ft at low tide at 2:00 AM. At high tide 5 hours later, the heist of the water at the dock rose to 14 feet. Write a cosine function to model the height of the water at the dock x hours after the day began at ...

You push back and forth on a 5 m high flagpole and make it sway back and forth. When you push it with a frequency of 2 Hz you get it into its fundamental standing wave. a) How fast do the waves travel through the flagpole? b) What frequency would you have to apply to get it ...

Joe went school supply shopping. He spent $22.50 on notebooks and pencils. Notebooks cost $2.00 and pencils cost $0.50. He brought a total of notebooks and pencils. How many pencils did he buy? What i did n+p=15 0.50n+2.00p=22.50 i dont know who to do so on because it doesnt ...

Trig Help Please
A smokestack is 200 ft high. A guy wire must be fastened to the stack 30.0 ft from the top. The guy wire makes an angle of 42.0° with the ground. Find the length of the guy wire.

I did answered my question but not sure weather is correct or not 1)How is X-ray produced and why can it be used to help us see the structure inside the body? X-rays are produced when electrons strike a metal target. The electrons are liberated from the heated filament and ...

Yumi walked 2 km to a bus stop to catch the bust to school. The bus arrived straight away and averaged 60km/h for the 5km trip. Yumi's total travelling time was 25 minutes. at what average speed did Yumi walk to the bus stop? The answer is 6, but the only thing I could think ...

word problem
The admission for a school play is $3.50 for children and $9.00 for adults. on a certain day, 312 people attended the play, and the total money collected from sales was $1884. How many children and how many adults were admitted?

Social Studies
In which h economic situation would interest rate decrease? Most people are saving rather than buying houses••• Average families are choosing to invest in new businesses High consumption is driving a surge in the services sector Increased job stability is encouraging ...

History of Technology
I have to interview 2 people for how technology has changed throughout their lifetime, but I have no one right now so can someone tell me different ways of how technology has changed over their lifetime it's for school and I need it done today. Thanks.

delhi private school
Find the area of a rectangular hockey table that is 8 1/4 feet by 4 3/8 feet.

1. In the novel Walk two moons blackberries most likely symbolize A freedom B Love C Nature D Pastries 2. It made it trough the rest of my classes without losing control of my lips What can the reader most likely conclude about salsa reaction after she kisses Ben A She ...

Social studies
3) Why were the Europeans able to drive Australia's Aborigines off the best land and into the dry interior? A) The Europeans paid the Aborigines a large amount of money. B) The Europeans had better military technology and equipment. C) The Aborigines were nomadic and did not ...

The dimensions of a rectangular wading pool are shown in the diagram above. Which one of the expressions below represents the maximum volume (in cubic units) of water it can hold? 2 feet high. 3.5 feet across bottom and 5 feet long. Which answer is best 1. 2(3.5)(5). 2. 3.5(2+...

I need help on a Middle School Math With Pizzaz worksheet. It is titled, Vive la France!

The box-and-whisker plot below shows the numbers of text messages received in one day by students in the seventh and eighth grades at Lincoln Middle School. Two box and whisker plots are shown above a number line. The number line is scaled from 2 to 38 by twos. The first plot ...

tickets for a school play cost $4 for adults and $2 for students at the end of the play the school sold a total of 105 tickets and collected $360 how much of each type of tickets did they sell .

Enrollment at Buchanan Middle School is 524. Sixteen students will be randomly chosen to attend a meeting with a U.S. senator. What are the odds in favor of Tim attending the meeting?

In a middle school computer club, 3/8 of the members are girls. Of the girls in the club, 2/5 are 6 graders. Write and solve an equation to find the fraction of the members of the club that are 6 grade girls

A 0.299 kg bead slides on a curved wire, start-ing from rest at point A as described below: A: a crest (hill) 6.15 m high b: a valley between A and C C: a crest (hill) 1.85 m high The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . 1) If the wire is frictionless, find the speed of the ...

A pendulum is connected to a rope 3 m long, which is connected to a ceiling 4 m high. The angle between its widest swing and vertical hanging position is pi/3. If the pendulum swings out to its widest position in 2 seconds, model the height of the pendulum from the ground ...

Hello, I want to know what the amplitude and the phase shift would be for this question to model the equation Q. A pendulum is connected to a rope 3 m long, which is connected to a ceiling 4 m high. The angle between its widest swing and vertical hanging position is pi/3. If ...

There were some boys and girls in the school hall at first. 40% of the boys and 10% of the girls left the school hall. As a result, 3/4 of the pupils remained in the school hall.There were 12 more girls than boys who remained in the school hall. how many boys were there at ...

A man 1.5m tall is 15m away from a bbuilding 24m high.what is the angle of elevation of the top of the building

Yuri surveyed randomly selected middle school students in his neighborhood. He found that around 60% of them plan to participate in a charity walk organized by the town council. What is the estimated probability that it will take at least six middle school students to find one...

Use the table of simulated values to answer the question. The numbers 0 to 5 represent middle school students planning to participate in the charity walk, and 6 to 9 represent those who are not planning to participate. 7 1 0 7 8 8 8 5 3 0 3 0 0 5 7 3 8 5 4 6 5 6 6 4 2 9 3 0 7 ...

About 75% of the girls in grade 7 at Grande Rock Middle School prefer colored jeans to the regular blue ones. The randomly generated numbers in the table simulate this situation. The letter C represents colored jeans, and B represents blue jeans. CCCBC BBCCC CCBBC CCBBC CCCCC ...

A sixth-grade class has 20 total students, while the entire middle school has 1,000 students. A census is taken of the entire school’s population to see on which day of the week every student was born. Theoretically, 14.3%, or 1/7 of the students should have been born on ...

Population density
If population density is high in a spot does that mean there will be more people there?

Social Studies
I'm majorly behind in school right now and I really want to get caught up, but I need some help on this assignment. 1.What effect did John Hay's open door policy letters have on the imperial powers of Britain,France,Germany,Russia, and Japan? A.It provoked the imperial powers ...

A theater has tickets for $6 for adults, $3.50 for students, and $2.50 for pre-school children. A total of 238 tickets were sold for one showing with a total revenue of $1142. If the number of adult tickets sold was 10 more than twice the number of student tickets, how many of...

@Online Students
A student recently posted this. "quick backstory; i've been cheating on all of my work except portfolios this whole year cause i'm in online school. but i'm wanting to learn since there's gonna be ACT test in REAL so... please help me on how to do this!" Please heed his ...

Thirty six members of the middle school choir or 30% participated in the regional contest as shown in the model below

A man whose mass is75kg walks up a stairs of 12steps each 20cm high in 5seconds.calculate the power expended in watts.[assume g=10m\s2

A man whose mass is 75kg walks up a stairs each 20cm high in5seconds.calculate the power expended in watts.[assume g=10m\s2

Economic part 2
Two countries shown in the chart ranked higher in overall development than the United States did. The United States had a higher per capita GDP than these countries. What factors accounted for the higher rankings of these countries? A. Iceland had the highest rankings in all ...

language arts
from the dramatization of Dragonwings by Lawrence Yep 1 Scene 9 Piedmont, later that day outside the stable. 2 MOON SHADOW: September twenty-second, Nineteen-ought-nine. Dear Mother. I have bad news. We are going to lose Dragonwings before father can fly it. Black Dog stole ...

Solid figures
A cylinderical 30 gallon container is 42 inches high,find the diameter of the cylinder. If 1 gallon= 231 inches.(Hint: Use proportion to find volume first.)

@ Online Students
I just banned another "student" for cheating and rudeness. Please heed this student's lament. "quick backstory; i've been cheating on all of my work except portfolios this whole year cause i'm in online school. but i'm wanting to learn since there's gonna be ACT test in REAL ...

Which of the following types of information is NOT suited for display on a double bar graph? A. population of boys and girls at three different schools. B. Numbers of records versus compact discs sold each week during a one month period at The Music Den. C. the weekly interest...

Read the oral notes carefully. Then, decide what the ( ) euphemism in each statement means. Q1.  The problem of (undocumented workers) in this city is getting serious. a.worker passports b.immigration laws c.illegal workers d.word documents Ans: c.illegal workers Q2.  I am (...

During a recent survey of two middle school classrooms, 1/3 of the students reported that they bring their lunch to school. Another 1/4 reported that they buy their lunch in the cafeteria and 1/6 reported going home for lunch. The remaining 18 students reported that they don't...

Part A: Using the graph above, create a system of inequalities that only contain points D and E in the overlapping shaded regions. Explain how the lines will be graphed and shaded on the coordinate grid above. (5 points) Part B: Explain how to verify that the points D and E ...

To determine whether there is a relationship between the type of school attended and verbal reasoning scores for Irish students, three samples with 25 students, in each group, were randomly selected from data used by Raferty and Hout (1985). One group of students attended ...

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