High School

AB is a 6 m high pole. CD is a ladder inclined at an angle of 60 degrees to the horizontal and reaches up to a point D of the pole. If AD = 2.54 m, find the length of the ladder

Language arts
What is subject, verb and prepositional phrase in 1.) at night he wants to leave by bus 2.) the child decided to run to the baseball game 3.) after dinner the guests desire to enjoy some coffee 4.) the artist likes to paint during the morning 5.)the teams wanted to practice ...

Fragments Eng 1010
Half of the following word groups are complete sentences. The other half contain fragments. Correct the fragments, and mark the complete sentences “OK.” 1) When Ringo Starr was six, a burst appendix put him in the hospital for a whole year. Because of problems the rupture ...

Which of the practices will lead to losses in electrical power transmission? A. Using transmission cables of large diameter B. Transmitting at high voltage and low current C. Transmitting at relatively low voltage and high current D. Using a step-up transformer at the ...

If your mass is 71 kg, what is the minimum number of calories you would "burn off" climbing a 2100 m-high mountain? Note: The actual metabolic energy used would be much greater.

social studies
Under the Articles, each state sent one delegate to Congress. Thus each state, no matter its size or population, had one vote. Congress did have the power to declare war. It could appoint military officers, coin money, and operate post offices. It was also responsible for ...

A rectangular school banner has a length of 54 inches and a width of 36 inches. A sign is made that is similar to the school banner and has a length of 17 inches. What is the ratio of the area of the school banner to the area of the sign?

Examine the false statement. Weak acids always have a high pH. Select the rewording that makes the statement true strong acids always have a high pH weak acids always partially dissociate strong acids always have a low pH weak acids always fully dissociate is it a

If I have a tv cabinet that is 72inches long and 60 inches high how large a tv could I put in the space (leave 2 inches on all sides for the edging of the tv)

1. She looked depressed[blue,down]. 2. She looked up/high. 3. She looked lively. ------------------------------- Can #2 and #3 be the opposite of #1? Do you have some other expressions which are opposite of #1?

The ratio of men to women at Mabuhay High school is 3:7.If there are 6,153 women in the said school,how many men are at Mabuhay HS?

Which answer choice correctly explains the role of the kinetic theory of matter in the process of solutes being dissolved into solvents? The continuous motion of the particles in the solvent and solute cause them to collide with one another, which results in bonds being broken...

One day, a pharmacy school classmate gives you a sheet containing questions for an upcoming exam. How would you handle the situation and what issues would you consider important in coming to a decision about what to do?

1. He had a chance to study in high school again. 2. He had a chance that he could study in high school again. (Is the 'that clause' in apposition with 'a chance' in Sentence 2? what about in #1?)

Federic Chopin School
For what values of n will the sum n+3 be less than 50?

5th grade LA
4.Which sentence uses commas correctly? A. The teacher read Home of the Brave, before the class went to lunch. B. The teacher, read Home of the Brave before the class went to lunch. C. The teacher read Home of the Brave before the class went to lunch.*** D. The teacher read, ...

Raymond took a survey of classmates to determine the favorite subject of the students in his middle school the results of his survey are shown in the table english=9 math=17 science 13 social studies=11 There are 300 students in Raymond's middle school based on his results ...

posted by rfvv Monday, May 2, 2016 at 5:16pm. William became famous and had a chance to study in high school again. ------------------------- In this sentence, what is the role of "to....." in "a chance to..."? I mean the relationship between 'a chance' and "the to infinitive...

5th grade Math
Can you check my problems? 1. Write the phrase shown using only numbers and symbols. The sum of thirty-six plus twelve divided by 4 = (36+12)/4 2. Evalute the following expression 36 + 12 / 4 = 36 + 3 = 39 3. Write an expression for the phrase below: double five and then add ...

Focus on the Child, Part 2
Which of the following statements is true of children and stress? A. Children's needs should never be postponed or they'll suffer damaging stress effects. B. Children need to face some stress and problems to develop strength and coping skills. C. Stress can be beneficial in ...

Sagardighi S.N. High School
change the voice " publish the book."

Language Arts
Choose the phrase that would best replace the italicized words in the sentence. the ringing of the school bell was "music to my ears" A. a pleasant melody B. a band playing loudly C. a welcome sound** D. a warning signal

Math part 2
Which word is correctly spelled and will BEST complete this sentence? A) grateful B) gratefull C) greateful D) greatful 7) Please pass me the ___________ that is on the table beside you. Choose the word that is spelled correctly and BEST fits the context of the sentence. A) ...

What is one theme, or central of "Two Kinds"? Persistence is the key to success High expectations are the key to success Discovering one's own goals and desires is an important part of growing up A family cannot be happy unless the children obey and respect their parents I'm ...

The mathematics club in a school has 53 members 5/7 of the girl members and 3/5 of the boys members are from lower secondary. The total numbers of lower secondary members is 35. How many members of the club are boys?

A soccer player kicks a ball from the ground to a maximum height of 11 m. the high point in the trajectory of the ball occurs at a distance of 16 m from the kicker. on the downward path, another player heads the ball at a height of 1.9 m from the ground. a. write a quadratic ...

knott central high school
Create a flowchart OR a pseudocode that shows the logic for a program that generates a random number, then asks the user to think of a number between 1 and 10. Then display the randomly generated number so the user can see whether his or her guess was accurate

so school is starting again .0. Could I be walked through a few practice questions? I've forgotten everything over the summer and a refresher would be nice. I'm not looking for answers, just some help/pointers! 1. Solve for x. |2x - 4| >10 (for this one don't I have to do ...

It is said that we should use 'while' for 'age' or 'periods of life.' What are periods of life? Would you name 'periods of life'? 1. When I was 15, I went to Chicago. 2. While I was 15, I went to Chicago. (Is #2 wrong?) 3. When I was in middle school, I sold newspapers. 4. ...

P.E Physical Education please help
A _________ is a substance the body needs in order to grow and function properly? metabolism diet nutrient*** calorie 2.A very active person uses a large amount of energy and therefore has a high A. temperature B. cholesterol level C. fat diet D. metabolism*** Fruits and ...

High school Chemistry
Choose the correct names of the atoms or molecules. Check all that apply Silicium Carbon monoxide Mercurium Hydrogen chloride Iron Boron monoxide Fluorine Sodium trichloride Molybdenum

A total of 556 tickets were sold for the school play. They were either adult tickets or student tickets. There were 56 more student tickets sold than adult tickets. How many adult tickets were sold?

in a school,180 students play hockey or football.the number that play football is 5 more than twice the number that play hockey.if 15 students play both games and every student in the school plays at least one game,find:1) the number of students that play football.2)the number...

furth math
in a school,180 students play hockey or football.the number that play football is 5 more than twice the number that play hockey.if 15 students play both games and every student in the school plays at least one game,find:1) the number of students that play football.2)the number...

The middle school band has 56 members. The high school band has 96 members. The bands are going to march one after the other in a parade. The director wants to arrange the bands into the same number of columns. What is the greatest number of columns in which the two bands can ...

Tides are cyclical phenomena caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon. On a particular retaining wall, the ocean generally reaches the 3m mark at high tide. At low tide, the water reaches the 1m mark. Assume that high tide occurs at 12:00 pm and at 12:00 am, ...

Your house is 1030 meters from school. Your friend's house is 1.5 Kilometers from school. Whose house is father from school?

My nephew has a question that I'm not understanding since I haven't been in school in years it says what is 300+5,000+7+40,000+4 wrote in standard form

buisness math
Krypton is the last element on the ionization energy graph and chart. If the graph were extended to include the next 18 elements, what position would you expect the element Xe (xenon) to be in on the graph? It would be in the next valley which would be lower than the valley ...

On rainy days, Izzy goes from his house to the school by running 1.2 miles on West St, then makes a 90º turn and runs 0.5 miles on North Ave. a. If Izzy runs 7.5 miles per hour, approximately how much time will it take her to run to school on rainy days? b. On dry days, Izzy ...

Three boxes are stacked one on top of the other. One box is 4 feet 4 inches tall, one is 3 feet 10 inches tall, and one is 3 feet 11 inches tall. How high is the stack? Write your answer in feet and inches. Use a number less than 12 for inches.

Three boxes are stacked one on top of the other. One box is 4 feet 4 inches tall, one is 3 feet 10 inches tall, and one is 3 feet 11 inches tall. How high is the stack? Write your answer in feet and inches. Use a number less than 12 for inches.

Math Survey
James wants to find out the favorite movie of students in his school. Which method would give James the BEST results? A) survey every student on the football team B) survey every student that walks to school C) survey only students who go to the movie every week*** D) survey ...

For every boy taking classes at the music school, there are 3 girls who are taking classes at the school. If there 128 students taking classes, write and solve a proportion to predict the number of girls taking classes at the school.

Social Studies
For their part, native Americans introduced Europeans, Africans, and agent to new foods, customs, and ideas. After 1492, elements of native American ways of life gradually spread around the world. Sadly, disease also spread from the Americans to Europe and other parts of the ...

A red ball is thrown directly upwards from the ground with an initial velocity of 35.0 m/s. At the same time, a blue ball is thrown directly upwards from he ground with an initial velocity of 10.0 m/s. 1. How high is the red ball when the blue ball reaches its highest point? 2...

Tina's day school
A swimmer is capable of swimming at 1.4ms-¹in still water. How far downstream will he land if he swims directly across a 180m wide river? And how far will it take him to reach the other side?

1. The taxi fare was too high. 2. The taxi fare was too expensive. (Which one is right in this case?) 3. After I went through the entry procedure, I could go anywhere in the city. (Is this sentence right? Do you have other expressions?) 4. Later I had to hand that one to an ...

Social Studies
1. Why does scarcity exist? Producers need scarcity to set prices. Wants are always greater than resources. Economic institutions control most money. No country can make all the goods it needs.*** 2. Which of these is an example of a capital resource? workers*** iron ore ...

valley and ridge region is known for its a. rich farmland**** b. granite quarries c. high mountain ranges d. textile production Am I right

Introduction to Early Childhood Education
Early childcare education professionals teach children for birth to age 3 age 3 to 6 age 3 to 8 birth to age 8** Child care centers and family child care homes provide care and educations under federal regulations**?? in cooperation with local school districks for children of ...

World History
Which answer correctly compares the first medieval merchants to merchants of the High Middle Ages? A The first medieval merchants were higher in the social hierarchy, while merchants during the High Middle Ages were members of the lower social class. B The first medieval ...

In a school library there are 35% English books,25% maths books and the remaining 250 books are on general subjects. How many books are there in the library?

World History
1. Which river shaped ancient Egyptian civilization? A. Euphrates River B. Indus River C. Nile River D. Tigris River 2. Why is Mesopotamia known as the Fertile Crescent? A. The area is home to tropical forests. B. The area lies at a crossroads of trade. C. The land has rich ...

Language Arts- Writeacher!
Please read "Two Kinds from the Joy luck Club" by Amy Tan (I mostly referring to Writeacher who has already read this book!) 1.What is one theme, or central idea, "Two Kinds"? Persistence is the key to success High expectations is the key to success Discovering one's own goals...

P.E help plz
the friends you hang out with at school are an example of A. your physical enviroment B. your heredity C. bullying. (D). your social environment***

5th grade LA
Can you check my homework? Which of these are compound sentences? 1. My cat licked my face when I came home from school. NO (simple) 2. I am worried, because my cat is missing. No (complex) 3. Sarah did her homework, and then she went to the party. YES 4. Kevin went to the ...

two thirds of the students at school prefer beats headphones to all others.3/4 of those students prefer the wireless ones. 1/5 of those students prefer the pink ones. what proportion of students prefer the pink, wireless beats headphones?

On the school playground, the slide is 8 meters west of the tire swing and 5 meters south of the monkey bars. During recess, Zack plays on the tire swing first. Zack then goes to slide down the slide before meeting up with another friend at the monkey bars. Then Zack returns ...

Three students are sitting on a school bus. Leslie is 5.6 feet directly behind Sandra and 6.6 feet directly left of Dave. Leslie makes a paper airplane and throws it to Sandra. Sandra throws the airplane to Dave, who throws it back to Leslie. How far has the paper airplane ...

PED 212
I need a pro and con for relevance within a school environment

a boy stands at a distance of 175 m from a high wall. He claps his hands and hears an echo after one second. Calculate the speed of sound in air.

Here is my problem. I bought my son Tommy, his back to school clothes. I can’t tell you how happy he is too being going back. Tommy now has, 7 Shirts: 7 Pants: 3 pairs of shoes: How many different possible outfits can Tommy make? Answer would be, 7x7x3=147 147 possible ...

Jen was the leading scorer on her soccer team. She scored 120 goals and had 20 assists in her high school career. A. The number n of points awarded for goals is given by 2g where g is the number of goals scored. How many points did Jen earn for goals? B. The point total is ...

1) What are four suggested steps to becoming familiar with early music standards? I. Implement the music standards. II. Consult with a music specialist. III. Check to make sure the music standards are satisfied. IV. Read the music standards. V. Sign up for an in-service ...

Physical Education (P.E)
Slide 2:Setting and Achieving Goals A woman doctor is using a stethoscope as she performs a checkup on a young girl. A teddy bear is buckled up in the seat of a car. There are three steps you can take to help you reach your personal health goals gain awareness, gain knowledge...

41) When planning a music activity, teachers should I. think of a fun activity. II. know the functioning level, musical abilities and interests of individual children in the class. III. align the activity to one or more of the National Standards for Music Education. IV. ...

36) Too often children equate their physical size with their character. False 37) Using ditto sheets and coloring-book art activities provides children with the opportunity to learn to stay within the lines and to imitate another's artwork, which is still one type of creative ...

31) The benefits of creative movement include I. brain development II. creativity III. accommodating children with special needs IV. social and emotional development V. combats boredom A) I, II, III, IV B) I, II, V C) I, II, III D) II, III, IV Answer: C 32) The main goal in ...

26) Skill in which of the following concept areas has the most influence on a child's reading readiness? A) Number B) Shape and form C) Size D) Color E) Weight and balance Answer: D 27) Spatial relationships refer to the mathematical study of astronomy and space. False 28) ...

21) Music and movement in early childhood I. should be left for outside the classroom since there is so little time to cover standards and academic curriculum. II. provide an outlet for children to express themselves in a variety of ways. III. integrate the functions of both ...

16) For young children's early experiences with rhythm, it is best to select music with an even and steady rhythm pattern. False 17) In order for a teacher to engage children in musical activities and experiences, the key is A) the teacher's positive music attitude. B) the ...

11) Dramatic play helps children develop interpersonal skills of conflict resolution and cooperation and improve their problem-solving and language abilities. True 12) Early childhood teachers should use play money instead of real money because the children may lose the real ...

6) Classification relies on the ability to recognize likenesses and differences. False 7) Conservation means A) that if two sets are compared and found to be equal, when they are rearranged so they do not look the same, the child determines that the two sets are equal. B) to ...

1) Art pieces should always be discussed, and children should explain why they drew what they did. True 2) Because young children have difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy, puppets should not be used very often in the classroom. False 3) Children could have a keen ...

Letter (language) plz help
Dear Mayor Ralston 1. I would like to bring an important matter to your attention. The field at the Corner of the Country Road and Smithfield road is up for sale. The owner, Reginald Cooper is willing to sale the property to the city for a children's park. 2.. The Parent and ...

Language helppp
The Great Plains Baking Club at a Kansas middle school is writing a cookbook. Its main focus is favorite cake recipes. Club members plan to sell their book at the Mile-High Bakers Conference in Denver, Colorado. What information should they include to support the successful ...

Language arts need help fast!!
The sun is setting in a splendor of color Like a sinking ruby in a ocean of orange Which statement provides the best restatement of these lines The sun is setting before dusk the sun is setting over the ocean the sunset is sparkling like a ruby The colorful sunset is striking...

A ball is thrown up in the air with an initial velocity of 15m/s from a 17m high platform Find Maximum height reached by the ball Time of flight if the ball is catched Time of flight when it strike the ground Velocity when it returns to the hand Velocity when it strike the ground

1) Art pieces should always be discussed, and children should explain why they drew what they did. True 2) Because young children have difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy, puppets should not be used very often in the classroom. False 3) Children could have a keen ...

The coordinate plane below represents a city. Points A through F are schools in the city. graph of coordinate plane. Point A is at negative 5, 5. Point B is at negative 4, negative 2. Point C is at 2, 1. Point D is at negative 2, 4. Point E is at 2, 4. Point F is at 3, ...

trigonometry(opt math)
From the roof and basement of a house 20m high,the angle of elevation of the top of a tower are 45 and 60 degres respectively. Find the height of the tower. (Ans=81.97m)

Chemistry-Balancing equations
Write a single, balanced equation for the formation of ozone from the high-temperature reaction of atmospheric nitrogen and atmospheric oxygen.

aloe highr school, life orientation
explain four type of risky behaviour amongst teenagers

A Stone of 5 kg falls from the top of a cliff 50 m high and buries 1m in sand. Find the average resistance offered by the way sand and the time taken to penetrate.

A 12 - ft ladder leans against the side of a house. The bottom of the ladder is 6 ft from the side of the house. How high is the top of the ladder from the ground? If necessary, round your answer to the nearest tenth.

Language Arts need help now!
"Tara aren't you going to try out for the school play?" asked Bill. "Auditions are in a few minutes." "No, Nita is trying out for the lead. She's a much better singer than I am. I don't have a chance." Bill was a kind and helpful boy. He hated seeing Tara so sad. "Mark is ...

Physical Education
physical health, refers to how well your body is functioning as a result of several factors, including proper diet, exercise, sleep, and medical/dental care. The second side, your social health, refers to how well you interact and communicate with others. The third side ...

1) A great way to teach math is through children's everyday experiences. Answer:True 2) Children can use words they have never had experience with or heard before. Answer:False 3) Children with limited experiences have limited language ability with regard to semantics or word ...

There is very little relationship between language and thought. Answer: False

Teachers should avoid showing children written images until they are able to read. Answer: False

st.mary school(science)
at the average speed of 40km/h a car takes 5 1/2 to reach jiribam from imphal.how far is jiribam from imphal.

Biology research paper
I fixed up my research paper and I'd love it if someone could look through it and tell me what they think. Thank you! The majority of people would agree that fossils have been one of the most important parts of our society. They are used to fuel many of our transportation ...

Penn foster high school.
4. When sewing a new dress for yourself, the best method of marking the hem length is to A. pin it an even distance from the waistline. B. do it yourself with an adjustable hem marker. C. ask someone to mark it for you. D. chalk an even line from the lower edge. Go to previous...

A body is dropped the roof of a building 10 mtr high calculate the time and speed g =10 m/s

In Manorville, the current rate for school taxes is 7.5% of property value Find the tax on a house assessed at 20,000?

Ken has let 100m of string out while flying his kite. He estimates to angle of the string to the ground is 65 degree. How high is the kite?

Hi I wrote about my routines.. I would like to know what do you think. Thanks My name is Liz. I am a teacher. I always wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning then I wash my face and brush my teeth. After that, I go out for a walk with my dog in the open field. Then I return ...

Call for tender: Creating competitive advantge through effective people management at Café Espresso 1 Introduction 1.1 Who We Are: Cafe Espresso is one of the main players in the UK ‘coffee house’ industry. We have more than 550 stores (bars) in the UK, and employ around ...

Algebra 2
Elaine shoots an arrow upward at a speed of 32 feet per second from a bridge that is 28 feet high. The height of the arrow is given by the function h(t) = -16t2+32t + 28, where t is the time in seconds. a. What is the maximum height that the arrow reaches? b. How long does it ...

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