Substance Abuse

  1. Physics
    An object is freed from the top of the tower at an altitude of 39.2m. At the same time, another substance is thrown at an initial speed of 19.6 m per sec. At what time both the objects and the height of the cave get?
  2. Science
    A human body required 0.01 m activity of radioactive substance after 24 hours .Half li of radioactive substance is 6 hours .Then injection of maximum activity of radioactive substance that can be injected is : a). 0.08 b). 0.04 c). 0.16 d). 0.32
  3. Chemistry
    A solubility graph showing the solubility in grams of substance X in 100.0 g of alcohol. At 20 degrees Celsius, 24.0 grams of substance X will dissolve. At 50 degrees, 60.0 grams will dissolve. A saturated solution of X (s) in alcohol is cooled down from 50 °C to 20 °C. 80.0...
  4. Chemistry
    If a 300g sample of a substance has a half-life of 5 days, how much of the substance will decay after 22 days? A)293.4 g B)290.6 g C)285.8 g D)299.9 g
  5. Chemistry
    For the following reaction, the partial pressures are listed in the table: Substance Equlibrium H2S 5.4 I2 1.2 HI 0.43 S 7 If the Kp of the reaction is 0.134, which direction would the reaction need to go to establish equilibrium? H2S(g) + I2(s) <--> 2HI(g) + S(s)
  6. Science
    one of the properties of matter is density. density is defined as the mass per unit of volume of a substance. a substance that is more dense than another has more mass for the same volume than the other substance. Density of gases : chlorine-3.21, ethyne-1.17, helium-0.18, ...
  7. chemistry
    what type of substance would be best for use in a heating system? a. a solid with a high specific heat b. a liquid with a high specific heat c. a liquid with low specific heat d. a gas with a low specific heat
  8. english
    Here, take my Likeness with you, whilst 'tis so; For when from hence you go, The next Suns rising will behold Me pale, and lean, and old. The Man who did this Picture draw, Will swear next day my face he never saw. I really believe, within a while, If you upon this shadow ...
  9. Chemistry
    Given the table of pKa values, at a pH of 3.5, which substance(s) exist predominantly in the non-protonated form? Acid pKa HNO3 -1.3 HSCN 4.0 HCN 9.4 HOCI 7.4
  10. Algebra
    A radioactive substance decays exponentially. A scientist begins with 140 milligrams of a radioactive substance. After 21 hours, 70 mg of the substance remains. How many milligrams will remain after 35 hours?
  11. Chemistry
    Consider the following properties of a particular substance: melting point: -7.2 degrees C boiling point: 58.8 degrees C heat of fusion: 10.571 kJ/mol specific heat of the solid: 87.4 J/mol degrees C specific heat of the gas: 40.0 J/mol degrees C specific heat of the liquid: ...
  12. science
    I'm doing Science right now. I have the answers down for most of them but I'm not sure if I am right..... Can u pls help me and tell me if my answers r right? I suck at science :S 1.A 2.C 3.B 4.D 5.D 6.A 7.? 8.A 9.E 10.C 11.A 12.D 13.C 14.B 15.? 16.? 17.? 18.E 19.D 20.E 1. The...
  13. Biology (Answer ASAP Please)
    ok i need help with this like ASAP. Please math the following terms to their corresponding cell structure Cytoplasm [ K ] Flagella [ H ] Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum [ ] Cilia [ ] Mitochondria [ ] Golgie Apparatus [ ] Chromosones/Genes [ N ] Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum [ ] ...
  14. Trigonometry
    A scientist has 37 grams of a radioactive substance that decays exponentially. Assuming k=-0.3,how many grams of radioactive substance remain after 9 days.
  15. Science
    How Is a compound different from a mixture? it is made of one substance It cannot be made of organic materials It cannot be broken down It cannot be separated by a physical change I don't know  This formula shows the chemical reaction that occurs when the body breaks down ...
  16. Chemistry
    If 10.0 g of substance X dissolved in 100 mL of solution, and the molarity of the solution is 1.0 M, what is the molar mass of substance X? 1000 g/mol 10 g/mol 1 g/mol 100 g/mol
  17. science
    can somebody explain to me whats the difference between physical and chemical properties of a substance?
  18. chemistry need help
    how to determine the molarity of iron (II) acetate solution? design an experiment. Would it be possible to determine the molarity be immersing a material in it then applying another substance ? confused because there is no way to know liters of solution.
  19. Physics
    Objects A and B have the same mass of 4.3 kg and are at their melting points. They melt when 4.9 × 104 J of heat is added to A and when 12 × 104 J is added to B. (a), (b) Determine the latent heat of fusion for the substance from which each object is made. (c) Find the heat ...
  20. Maths
    Experiments show that the concentration of substance X in a first order chemical reaction at future time (in seconds) t i.e. [X] is described by the following differential equation: d[X]/ dt= .001[X], find: (a) Find an expression for the concentration [X] after t seconds ...
  21. Math
    Matter is in a liquid state when its temperature is between its melting point and its boiling point. Suppose that some substance has a melting point of negative 46.81 degrees and a boiling point of 357.63 degrees . What is the range of temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit for ...
  22. Chemistry
    Suppose you had sulfur hexafluoride as your unknown. It has a cost of $200 for 5 pounds of the substance. If your syringe has a volume of 125.0 mL, the room temperature was 78F, and the pressure was 755 mmHg, what would it cost to fill your syringe 3 times to determine its ...
  23. Science
    When water is mixed with another substance and the mixture will not scatter light, the mixture is a:? 1) suspension  2) compound  3) solution  4) substrate 
  24. Chemistry
    'Is the amphoteric substance C2O4H- more likely to act as an acid or a base, and why?' I was given the Ka of C2O4H- as 6.4 x 10^-5, so I calculated its pKa as about 4.19. Then I found its pKb as about 9.80, which makes its Kb about 1.56 x 10^-10. Thus, I concluded that it is ...
  25. Math
    The density of a substance A rectangular s given as 13.6 g/cm^3 and that of a substance B as 11.3 g/cm^3. Determine the volume of B that would have the same mass as 50 cm^3 of A.
  26. biology a1
    What substance diffuses across the membrane in osmosis? A>> glucose B>> ions C>> water D>> amino acids I'm thinking A
  27. Physics
    A radioactive substance has a half life of 60s.what fraction of the original substance would you expect to exist after 180s.
  28. Chemistry
    The thermal decomposition of 1.6608 g of MgSO4 * H2O produces 1.4446 g of a product in a well-behaved reaction. There are two possibilities: 1) MgSO4 * H2O(s) -> MgSO4(s) + H2O(g) 2) MgSO4 * H2O(s) -> MgO(s) + SO3(g) + H2O(g) Complete the following table, and then ...
  29. Science Help!!!
    How does the amount of substance affect the rate at which temperature changes?? Can someone help me explain please?!
  30. Science
    Mass=48; volume=24cm³. What is the density of this substance?
  31. Early Childhood Education
    Substance abuse during pregnancy Emotional and behavior disorders Write a two-page double-spaced paper describing the risk factors involved and the possible outcomes for the child who is exposed to this particular type of risk. How might this risk factor impact the child's ...
  32. math
    The half life of the radio active substance is the time require the half the substance to decay. the mount A ( in grams) of 100 gram sample of a radio active substance remaining after t half lives by A equals to 100 (0.5) t. suppose the substance has a half life of 10 days. ...
  33. Physics as repost please answer and help
    Silver plating: A student attempts the process of silver plating to determine the mass of a silver atom. a series of objects are measured, then electroplated for a measure period of time, while maintaining a steady current through a solution of silver nitrate in tap water. ...
  34. Earth's Dynamic Atmosphere
    The only substance that exists in the atmosphere as a solid, liquid, and gas is A. glucose. B. water. C. oxygen. D. nitrogen. My answer is b.
  35. Chemistry
    Hi there, can someone please help me with this chemistry problem? Write the equation for the acid-base reaction that takes place when nitric acid (HNO3) dissolves in H2O. (Include the phase of each substance.) I got HNO3(aq) + H2O --> H3O+(aq) + NO3−(aq) but the answer is...
  36. Chemistry - Liquid Methane?
    "The planets Uranus and Neptune are so far from the Sun that temperatures are low enough for atmospheric methane, CH4, to condense and form clouds. How is it possible for methane, a nonpolar substance, to exist in this liquid state?" I want to say it's because nonpolar ...
  37. English comp
    I need suggestions on how I could rephrase these without being repetitive and that the point comes across. Thank you (: 1. Alcohol is a dangerous recreational substance that many Americans very much abuse to what their body could take. 2. The reason why people start consuming ...
  38. Chemistry
    In the 18th century Lavoisier experimented with oxides, such as CO2 and SO2. He observed that they formed acidic solutions. His observations led him to infer that tot exhibit acidic behavior, a substance must contain oxygen. However, today that inference is known to be ...
  39. character education
    What is an obsession? loss of control due to a focus on less significant circumstances enjoyment of something unusual dependence on a physical substance A? What is a compulsion? an addictive substance a behavior that is given undeserved urgency loss of control due to a desire ...
  40. Calculus
    In a certain chemical reaction, substance A combines with substance B to form substance Y. At the start of the reaction, the quantity of A present is a grams, and the quantity of B present is b grams. Assume a<b and y≤a. At time t seconds after the start of the reaction, ...
  41. Physics
    Calculate the specific heat capacity of substance x from the following data. A container made of the substance x has a mass of 3.6kg and contains 14kg of water. A 1.8kg-piece of the substance x initially at the temperature of 180°C is dropped into the water. The container and...
  42. Science
    How does dilution of a substance effects the endpoint of tritation? Like if you dilute a 50 mL of .5 M acid to a 100 mL concentrated .5 M acid, what would be the endpoint? Would it be twice the ending since you need more moles or the same, since you are only adding nonreactive...
  43. Science
    1. what is a single replacement reaction A. A reaction in which two or more substances react to form a single substance*** B. A reaction in which one element takes place the place of another element in a compound. C. A reaction in which a compound breaks down into two or more ...
  44. scince
    Which of the following is not an example of a physical property of a substance? density combustion solubility freezing point thx
  45. Science
    If a substance is a mineral, how could you identify what type of mineral it is? help me!!
  46. AP Chemistry
    A 5 gram sample of a gaseous substance occupies 10 L at 48◦C and 697 torr. What is the density of the gas under these conditions? Answer in units of g/L I first started converting the temperature to Kelvin, and the pressure to ATM. I then re-arranged the Ideal gas law to ...
  47. Science
    What kind of substance does the following, reflects light, warms up in my hand, flattens out if hit with a hammer, conducts electricity? 1)nonmetal 2)metal 3)metalloid I think #3
  48. Health and PE
    What substance in tobacco products causes stained teeth and skin? 1) nicotine 2)carbon monoxide 3)tar 4)menthol I think #1 Thanks
  49. Biology
    Which phrase does NOT describe one of the functions of proteins of the plasma membrane? -forming a channel through the membrane -initiating the replication of the genetic material (CORRECT) -binding to a substance to carry it through the membrane -acting as a pump to move ions...
  50. Math
    Each ounce of a substance A supplies 2% of the nutrition a patient needs. Substance B supplies 15% of the required nutrition per ounce, and substance C supplies 15% of the required nutrition per ounce. If digestive restrictions require that substances A and C be given in equal...
  51. Math
    Each ounce of a substance A supplies 2% of the nutrition a patient needs. Substance B supplies 15% of the required nutrition per ounce, and substance C supplies 15% of the required nutrition per ounce. If digestive restrictions require that substances A and C be given in equal...
  52. science(pls help :D)
    Particles have enough energy to break free from each other and can move around freely. What kind of substance is described? A:solid B:liquid C:gas D:Molecule
  53. Science
    How does the amount of substance affect the rate at which temperature changes? I will like someone to explain this to me, please.
  54. 7th grade PE help
    An blank is a substance that helps in the chemical digestion of food Epiglottis Enzymes **** Gallbladder Peristalsis 2.the blank is a small flap of tissue that closes the windpipe when you swallow food to keep you from choking Epiglottis**** Enzymes Gallbladder Peristalsis
  55. Chemistry
    The combustion of methanol (CH3OH) forms carbon dioxide and water vapor. A combustion reaction refers to a reaction of a substance with oxygen gas. What is the balanced equation?
  56. biology
    1. What is the major component of blood plasma? a. Nutrients b. Ions c. Water d. Gases 2. How many layers of phospholipids does the cell membrane contain? a. 1 b. 2 c. 4 d. 3 3. Which substance stores polysaccharides in plants? a. Sucrose b. Glycogen c. Glucose d. Cellulose 4...
  57. Health
    _______is a substance that helps in the chemical digestion of food 1. Epiglottis 2. Enzyme 3. Gallbladder 4. Peristalsis plz help
  58. Health
    A(n) ________ is a substance that helps in the chemical digestion of food. A. Epiglottis B. Enzyme C. Gallbladder D. Peristalsis
  59. Chemistry
    Re: Qualitative analysis - group 1 cations lab What single reagent could you add that would allow you to differentiate between the members of each pair of solid compounds below? Tell what happens to each substance when the reagent is added and show a balanced net ionic ...
  60. yfoyfoy
    A phenomenon where a magnetic material temporarily acquires magnetic properties when a magnet is brought near it, is called magnetic induction. This method is generally used to make temporary magnets. The magnetic properties of the substance disappear the moment the influence ...
  61. chemistry
    Examine the information. Isotope B has a half-life of 3 days. A scientist measures out 100 grams of this substance. After 6 days has passed, the scientist reexamines the sample. How much of Isotope B will remain in the sample? 100 grams 63 grams 94 grams 25 grams
  62. chemistry
    Connelly cuts a solid object in half. What happens to the mass, volume, and density of the object that Connelly cuts? A)The mass and volume are both divided by two, and the density is divided by four. B) The volume is divided by two, but the mass and density do not change. C) ...
  63. Physical Science
    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 3. During a phase change, the temperature of a substance (1 point) a) increases. b) decreases. c) does not change. d) increases or decreases. My Answer: C Could someone please check my answer? Thanks! - Da Fash
  64. Physical Science
    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 4. Water is a compound because it (1 point) a) can be broken down into simpler substances. b) always has two hydrogen atoms for each oxygen atom. c) is made of water atoms joined together. d) both the first and second choices ...
  65. chemistry
    2mno4 - + 5h2o2 + 6h= 2mn 2+ + 5o2(gás) + 8h2o You must determine the percentage of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in a solution by permangan titration. In an acid solution, the permanganations will oxidize hydrogen peroxide to oxygen gas ......... You must determine the percentage...
  66. chemistry
    Examine the statement.  Substances dissolve through three processes: I. ionization II. dissociation III. dispersion  Which of the answer choices correctly lists the dissolving processes that change the identity of a substance? I and II II and III I,II and III I and III I
  67. PE
    a(n) _______ is a substance that helps in the chemical digestion of food A epiglottis B Enzyme C Gallbladder D peristalsis
  68. math
    Suppose strontium-90 decays at a rate of 2 percent per year. (a) Write the fraction P of strontium remaining, as function of t, measured in years. (Assume that at time t=0 there is 100 % remaining.) Answer: P(t)=(.98)^t (b) Estimate the half-life of strontium. (c) If presently...
  69. chemistry
    Read the scenario. A scientist needs to dissolve a solid in a liquid as quickly and efficiently as possible. Which two methods should she use to get the desired result? heat the solution and use larger chunks of the substance heat and stir the solution cool and stir the ...
  70. Science
    Which of the following is a pure substance? Choose all that apply. Choose 2. A)Fruit juice? B)nickel? C)saltwater? D)rust? (Fe2O3) I think it is A and C
  71. chemistry
    What is the mass of the organic substance formed by heating of 21.0g of butanoate of ammonium, admitting that the reaction presents a yield of 50%?
  72. chemistry
    Examine the information. Element A has a half-life of 10 days. A scientist measures out 200 g of this substance. After 30 days has passed, the scientist reexamines the sample.  How much Element A will remain in the sample 100g 12.5g 50g 25g is it d?
  73. chemistry
    Examine the unbalanced equation. CH4 + O2 → CO2 + H2O What is the best classification for the unbalanced equation's reaction, and why? It is a combustion reaction because carbon dioxide (CO2) is emitted as a product. It is a synthesis reaction because O2 displaces carbon (C...
  74. Science
    I have two questions and I have answers for them and I don't know if there right or not. The ones that have stars by the answers is the answers I picked. 1. Complete this sentence. If volume remains the same while the mass of a substance ________, the density of the substance ...
  75. science
    A substance has a half-life of 10,000 years and an initial mass of 1,000 grams. How many years will pass before only 250 grams of the substance's parent material is left?
  76. chemistry
    If a substance has a concentration of 85 mmol/L and gives 3 particles on ionization, what would be its concentration in milliosmoles per liter?
  77. Chemistry
    What's the difference between the pressure of a system and the partial pressures in relation to Le Chatelier's principles? I know that when the pressure of the system is increased, it goes to the side with less moles/particles and when decreased it will go to the side with the...
  78. forensic science
    What type of substance is the mobile phase in gas chromatography? a polar liquid a nonpolar liquid a mixture of two liquids to create the correct polarity a polar gas an inert gas like nitrogen my answer is an insert gas like nitrogen
  79. physical science
    Do the following substance desosolve in water? Give a reason for answer A) Ethanol B) Iodine
  80. physical science
    Why does liquid substance have the same meniscus shape
  81. Chemistry
    A substance has a molecular formula of C8H10N4O2. The empirical formula is -
  82. science
    which substance has a melting point of -219 degree celsius and boiling point of -183 celsius at room temperature 30 degree celsius
  83. chemistry
    What would a substance that boils at 70 degrees celsius at 30 kPa be? I'm really not sure on how to find this.
  84. American Government
    Which adjective best describes how the Necessary and Proper Clause of the US Constitution is often interpreted by the federal government? A. brittle, meaning that it falls apart when used in a legal argument B. elastic, meaning it can be expanded as needed C. watery, meaning ...
  85. Science
    What occurs when atoms link together in a new ways to create a substance different from original substances
  86. CHECK my answers Physical science
    1. which of the following should be classified as a suspension? A. soda** B. sand in water C. glass D. milk 2. Which of the following is an of example of a chemical property? A. density B. flammability C. hardness** D. melting point 3. Which state of matter has a definite ...
  87. chemical reactions
    Hector has a piece of pure substance that reflects light and bends or dents when dropped. if he takes it to a factory that makes electrical wires it could? turned into wire because non-metals are ductile but not shiny b.not be turned into wire because metals are malleable...
  88. science
    1. Which of the following is a reason why a person might want to wear snowshoes if walking a distance in deep snow? (1 point) snowshoes spread the person’s weight out snowshoes reduce the amount of pressure on a given spot snowshoes keep the person from sinking in the snow ...
  89. chemistry
    You vaporize a liquid substance at 90.0 °C and 795.0 mmHg. The volume of 0.548 g of vapor is 237 mL. What is the molecular weight (in amu) of the substance?
  90. American Government
    Which adjective best describes how the necessary and proper clause of the US Constitution is often interpreted by the federal government? a. brittle, meaning that it falls apart when used in a legal argument b. elastic, meaning it can be expanded as needed*** c. watery, ...
  91. American gov
    But freedom to differ is not limited to things that do not matter much. That would be a mere shadow of freedom. The test of its substance is the right to differ as to things that touch the heart of the existing order. . . . If there is any fixed star in our constitutional ...
  92. Chemistry
    The enthalpy of formation for a substance corresponds to the enthalpy change for a reaction. Write the specific chemical reaction defining the enthalpy of formation of butane: Just checking to make sure this is correct: 4C + 5H2 ---> C4H10
  93. science
    The small structures in the cell that carry out the cell's activities are known as?   The ____ can be described as the basic unit of life The jelly-like substance that fills the cell is called Mitochondria are responsible for
  94. Physics-Heat
    Calculate and compare the temperature changes of copper (specific heat of 0.09c/gC) to glass (Specific heat of 0.20 c/gC) when 535 g of each substance are given 1,500c of thermal energy.
  95. Calculus
    A tank contains 100 grams of a substance dissolved in a large amount of water. The tank is filtered in such a way that water drains from the tank, leaving the substance behind in the tank. Consider the volume of the dissolved substance to be negligible. At what rate is the ...
  96. Calculus
    A tank contains 100 grams of a substance dissolved in a large amount of water. The tank is filtered in such a way that water drains from the tank, leaving the substance behind in the tank. Consider the volume of the dissolved substance to be negligible. At what rate is the ...
  97. science
    What property must a substance have if you want to use the substance to make aqueous solution
  98. Math
    There was a sample of 550 milligrams of a radioactive substance to start a study. Since then, the sample has decayed by 5.2% each year. Let t be the number of years since the start of the study. Let y be the mass of the sample in milligrams. Write an exponential function ...
  99. advance physics
    A carnot’s engine with air as working substance is initially at 3270C and pressure of 12 atmospheres. The volume is one litre to start with. The expansion or compression ratio is 1:6. Find the lowest temperature and efficiency. (γ= 1.4)
  100. Chemistry
    Can someone check my answer and let me know me if the are right or wrong. 1. What is the maximum amount of KCl that can dissolve in 600 g of water? (The solubility of KCl is 34 g/100 g H₂O at 20°C.) * 34 g 204 g ***** 2040 g 3. (1 point) If the solubility of a gas in water ...
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