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Which aspect of health would this scenario affect? A friend sends you a hurtful e-mail. Social Health. Mental Health. Emotional Health. (MY ANSWER)

Which of the following could be directly related to not getting enough sleep? You have a negative outlook on in general. You have lack of concentration. (MY ANSWER) You have supportive relationships.

Based on the data collected by the National Centre for health Statistics and made available to the public in the Sample Adult database, it was found that the percentage of adults who have at some point in their life been told that they have hypertension was 15%. Suppose that a...

Social studies
Why were backcountry colonists more self-sufficient that plantation owners? A.They had more slaves to help them. B. Farming along the coast provided everything they needed. C.Living in the "breadbasket" Provieded them with enought money from their cash crops. D.Nearly ...

Which side of the health triangle corresponds to having loving relationships with others and giving and accepting help? A. physical health B. mental and emotional health C. social health D. non of the above I think b or c.

Roughly how many former memberes of Congress and staffers serving as lobbyists were involved in the health care reform debate in 2009

write 6 points to reduce business sector in nepal?

1.The rational style of learning sometimes conflicts with the traditional school environment. Could a school be created that takes advantage of the characteristics of the rational style? How? Are there types of learning for which the analytical style is clearly superior? 2....

social studies
Which of the following is an example of how the Constitution sets up a balance of powers between the three branches of government? The president is the commander-in-chief of the military, but Congress must declare war. The president is elected for four-year terms, and senators...

write down the six point to reduce business sector in nepal?

Applied Stats
Based on the data collected by the National Centre for health Statistics and made available to the public in the Sample Adult database, it was found that the percentage of adults who have at some point in their life been told that they have hypertension was 24 percent. Suppose...

Social Studies
What was the significance of the battle at fort necessity? A) British defeated the French and went on to claim Fort Duquesne B) the battle ended the French and Indian war C) the battle ended in a stalemate but with heavy losses on both sides D) it was one of the first battles ...

finance management
Wanda wants to open a health-food store. Her monthly expenses are rent $3,500, utilities of $1,000, insurance of $500, and payroll of $4,250. She estimates that her cost of goods is approximately 65 percent of sales. Wanda would like to make $4,000 a month for herself. a. What...

Social Studies
Compare the tactics used by the french troops in the french and indian war with those of the american patriots during the revolution

Social Studies
How could John Adams defend the British soldiers but still seen as a Patriot? Adams knew that many patriots wanted the British soldiers to be set free. Adams defended the soldiers because many Patriots' belief in justice****** Adams defended the soldiers because he thought it ...

Social Studies
Why did the Algonquin's become allies with the French? Select all that apply They were afraid the French would take their land They wanted to maintain their strong fur trading relationship**** They wanted to help the French secure land east of the Mississippi**** The French ...

social studies (check my answers)
What was the significance of the battle at fort necessity? British defeated the French and went on to claim Fort Duquesne The battle ended the French and Indian war The battle ended in a stalemate but with heavy losses on both sides It was one of the first battles of the ...

social studies
which statement best summarizes the paragraph's main point . question 22

social studies
upon the start of WW1 what alliance was russia apart of

Social studies
if a savings account can suddenly buy much more than before does that mean deflation is occuring?

according to the health and exam survey (1999-2008)35.7% of u.s adults were consdered obese(body mass greater then30)if two people in the u.s are selected at random is the probability that both are obese

Using the following passage from Jean-Jacques Rousseau's 1763 book The Social Contract to answer the following question Which quotation from the Declaration of Independence shows the influence of the idea of the social contract on the founders of the United States?

Health care
Of the racial/ethnic groups, which has the highest rate of low birth weight infants? Asian or Pacific Islander Hispanic Black/ African American White

set a SMART mental health goal and One social health goal

Business Management
Which in of the following approaches would make it easier to network with new business contacts at a social gathering? A- talking only to those you think can help you B- keeping your drink in your left hand C- always introducing yourself in the same comfortable way D- keeping ...

Ap govt.
Please check my answers and help me with those that are wrong. Which of the following forms of government most clearly bases power on the consent of the governed? A. aristocracy B. totalitarian regime C. Oligarchy D. Anarchy E. Republic I put A All of the following are factors...

Write the two balanced equations, one for the incomplete combustion of methane (to form carbon monoxide and water vapor), and another one for the complete combustion of methane (forming carbon dioxide and whatever vapor). What are the conditions, at which do you think the ...

American History
Describe the impact of the social changes of the 1960's on today's culture in America? Female activists demanded more rights for women, whose role in society began to change. Today women are head of big company's. The birth control pill and other contraceptives were introduced...

Our rights are sometimes restricted in order to protect: a. those that are offended easily b. health, safety, and moral standards of the community c. the government from being overthrown d. individual rights

What does Vitality tell us?

Sexually transmitted diseases are not considered as indicators of limitations of health communication. True False Help?

examples of situations displaing positive stress.

What do obesity trends presented by surveillance systems help with? present trends in colorful, creative maps change behavior about the obesity problem in the U.S. they do not tell us much raise awareness about the obesity problem in the U.S. C?

health communication
For your communication intervention, you are trying to get young mothers in a developing country to use more nutritious complementary food for their infants. You find that their mothers-in-law make most of the decisions, so you try to convince them first that this a good idea ...

Social studies
Clarify the international between executive and judiciary in four points

explain how heredity and lifestyle can both influence the onset of genetic disease.

Social studies
Suppose,you got opportunity to meet with a Gorkhali solider on the occasion of the hundred years of the first world war.on the basis of your talking with him regarding places where Gorkhali soldier fought,lessons that they learnt and it's effects in Nepal,prepare a report on ...

Social studies
Suppose you met a student leader who had involved in the movement of 2036B.S.?prepare a model of article to publish in the newspaper accomplishing the causes and cnsequençes of movement of 2036B.S on the basis of his views.

US History - need answer ASAP
For a report i'm doing i need the following two: The political, social, and economic issues of Calvin Coolidge's philosophy & programs during his time in office; and the causes and effects of his programs on the US. i don't necessarily need the answer (tho i would appreciate ...

health 1
Risk factor for depression execpt

What are the major differences between a functionalist or a conflict theorist when it comes to social class inequality?

If you could make changes with regard to our social class stratification system, what changes would you make and why?

What is scale

Workers in a certain company are required to 8% of their salary into a social security fund. Mr Doe has a monthly salary of GH¢22.00 . How much does he pay into the fund every month? And every year?

Social science
Write a diary entry relieving your days glory as Napoleon in exile at st.helena

What is one effective way to keep bones strong

What is one effective way to keep bones strong?

Abnormal Psychology
Given below is a case. You need to read the case carefully and answer the below questions. Ramsha is a 24 years university student. She avoids going to market place for grocery. She prefers to cook over going to open/public places like market. She thinks that if she goes to ...

life orientation
Evaluate the physical;social and economic consequences of Jacob Zuma how did this corruption and fraud of nepotism;stealing country'resources favoritism etc impact negatively in South Africa for example service delivery;tax;expenses of trial

child development
How does social and emotional development affect physical development?


is evil in humanity a social issue? if not, how can i turn it into one? or is there a social issue that is similar to evil in humanity.

social studies
1. How important is cooperation to the success or failure of the canning cooperative?

social studies.
1. What two countries were in a cold war? c. UNited States and Soviet Union 2. The actions of Rosa Parks lewd to the boycott of cities buses in b. Montgomery, Alabama. 3. Malcolm X, an important voice for some African Americans, was a leader of the a. Black Muslims. 4. What ...

social studies.
1. WHat act provided monthly pensions for retired people? d. Social Security Act 2. Douglas MAcArthur was the commander of the Aliied forces in ____. c. the Pacific 3. What was one cause of the Great Depression? d. stock market crash 4. What was the general approach of New ...

social studies.
1. A feeling of intense loyalty to one's country or group is called _____. a. nationalism 2. Which country fought in the war but did not sign the Treaty of Versailles? b. United States 3. The Treaty of Versailles required which nation to make reparations-or payments-for the ...

social studies.
1. The first state to grant women equal suffrage was _______, in 1869. b. Wyoming 2. Which incident leg to Congress's declaring war on Spain? a. explosion of the Maine 3. The first action of the Spanish-American War took place in ______. c. the Philippines 4. IN many cities ...

social studies.
1. In 1886, a group of national trade unions formed the _____. b. American Federation of Labor. 2. Who was the steel company owner who built his company through vertical integration? c. Andrew Carnegie 3. John D. Rockefeller built his oil empire by creating _____. b. a ...

social studies.
1. What was a boomtown? a. towns that grew quickly near mining sites. ****** 2. The 1862 Homestead Act gave how many free acres of land to any settler who paid a filing fee and who lived on the land for 5 years? c. 160 ****** 3. The last Native American to surrender formally ...

Year 10 Geography
Q) What social justice and equity issues are there for the countries involved with Australia's tourism?

Hanson & Lynch detail how historical and present issues of race, ethnicity, language diversity, and socioeconomic background can impact equal and equitable access to education, health care, housing, food security, and community resources/services. Please speak to this

Social Studies
What did West Africans trade to North Africans in exchange for salt? A camels (my answer) B gold C silver D masks Am I correct?

health care
Meaningful use is using certified EHR technology to accomplish the following with one exception, Identify the exception from the following. Improve quality, safety, efficiency, and reduce disparities. Engage patients and their families in their health care. Improve population ...

You have just assumed a position as HIM Director of a large HIM department in a different state, and you are faced with an overflowing paper file unit in the hospital. You need to determine how long various health records must be maintained. As part of your research, you would...

When a record destruction program is considered by a healthcare facility, all the following are usually consulted EXCEPT The patient or legal representation. Facility board of directors. Facility attorney. Malpractice liability insurance carrier. HELP?

Health data
One advantage to storing health records is to contract with a commercial storage company for both storage, retrieval, and filing. True False False?

Which of the following activities is supported by patient data? Evaluation of care Clinical education Financial viability All of the above

Approach to data quality monitoring methods and solutions should consider: type of health facility data requirements level of technology available type of health care providers who are the major sources of documentation All answers provided are correct DATA REQUIREMENTS? ...

Health Care
The purpose of Minimum Data Sets (MDS) is to promote comparability and compatibility of data by using standard data items with uniform definitions, and these exist for: Ambulatory care (outpatient) Acute care Long-Term care Home care All answers provided are correct I believe ...

Health Science
(3) Write in full (i) H.I.V -Aids (ii) F.G.M

Health Science
Please help me. (2) Discus the following diseases under the following - heading) i. Causative agent ii. Method of transmision iii. Signs and symptoms iv. Control and prevent. 1-Gonorrhae 2- HIV and AIDS 3- syphiles.

Health Science
1a) What are controceptive b) Name six types of controceptive c) Name 10 diseases associated with the reproduction system. Please help me

write down six points to reduce the loss in the business sector in Nepal

financial management
Angela Anderson is employed as a Tax Manager by Super Cell Phone Service, Inc. She earns $135,000 per year in this role, supervising a department of five Tax Accountants. Calculate the Medicare taxes that will be withheld from Angela’s annual salary assuming a tax rate of 1....

Health management
One of the major challenges and obstacles for providers is timeliness and efficiency of access to patient information. True False

HELP? Health
Because of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), privacy and security of health information technology are not a concern in regional health information organizations. True False

One of the earliest means of HIT automation was the administrative functions of patient billing and patient registration, and later attempts included automated lab results, CPOE, and CDS. True False FALSE?

Continuing education is mandatory for maintenance of certification as a health information professional. True False False? because it is not official Help

When did the recording of clinical information begin in the United States? Late 1700s Early 1800s Late 1800s Early 1900s 1920s itoccurate it accurate?

Which of the following is a legitimate and stated use of health information according to American Health Information Management Association? The development of public policy on health care The brokering of patient data for health care marketing The prevention of disease and ...

Health Care
All the following are recognized roles of a health information management professional by American Health Information Management Association except Clinician. Educator. Analyst. Researcher.

Social studies
Which form of literature was most common among th Aztecs

1. In the early 1990's, President George H.W. Bush did not want Saddam Hussein, the leader of what country, to get a hold of oil reserves in Kuwait? A. Iraq B. Iran C. Saudi Arabia 2. This government program, designed to help elderly people with their retirement funds, is ...

Can you summarize this case study 300 words minimum? Overview Hospital A: Porter Regional Medical Center (PRMC) Located on the east side of town, Porter Regional Medical Center (PRMC) was a for-profit hospital, consisting of 110 hospital beds, 8 of which were reserved for ...

Social Studies
"Even among the more prosperous classes there was open criticism of the sovereign's person and his political choices. The dictatorship was dead weight on all sections of security, and public opinion saw the Shah as embodying everything that went wrong." Which statement best ...

Social studies
how have geographic conditions most impacted Nancy's economic activities 1)Lack of arable land has made farming impossible 2) Difficult terrain has led people to rely on forest resources 3)Inadequate rainfall has encouraged people to develop irrigation methods 4)Seasonal ...

Social studies
Which movements/rhythm are native to the Caribbean and which are not? If they are not native, identify the culture they came from. Im having trouble finding answers.

health care
Each of the following has been an influential factor in how health care has been delivered in the United States except Increasing cost of health care. Growing geriatric population. Advances in technology. Demand for jobs by health professionals.

health care
When a public health issue, such as an Escherichia coli outbreak from contaminated food, makes the news, what organization is responsible for investigating and minimizing such threats to society? Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Agency for Health Care Research and ...

which would you most likely find a smaller a smaller amount of in a governments budget than in a personal household budget? a. the percent of total income that goes towards national defense and health care b. the percentage of people affected by the budget who are responsible ...

Social studies
Which rules and organization are native to the Caribbean and which are not? If they are not native, identify the culture they came from. I understand what its asking but im having trouble finding an answer.

Positive energy balance is important when A. weight loss is desired. B. you're stressed. C. weight stability is desired. D. a child is growing is it c ?

How are living conditions in the twenty-first century different than conditions in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries? (You may compare any of the following areas: the role of women, leisure and entertainment, social classes, education, family, legal rights, and/or ...

social studies
1. What does Eid-ul-Adha celebrate? a. the birth of the prophet Muhammad b. Abraham's sacrifice of a lamb to God *** c. Muhammad's first revelation 2. What is the message of "The Tale of the Crow and the Civet"? a. Everyone should mind their own business b. Neighbors should ...

social studies
What are some external or internal affect in a extended family? Disadvantages in a reconstructed family?

social studies
What are some internal affects in a nuclear family?

during summer, the beach is crowded. the people who come to the beach, leave it dirty when they go. a small group of school and college students volunteer to clean the beach. how will they plan to carry out the activity. 1. no. of participants 2.materials to carry 3. time plan...

Social Studies
fter the Civil War, Americans faced the new challenge of reuniting the nation. How would the ex-Confederate states be treated? Would they be allowed to reenter the nation? What would be the fate of the nearly four-million newly freed slaves? Political leaders offered various ...

Social Studies (Please check these)
What title best represents the subject of the cartoon? The title is Inch by Inch picture is of a huge door with tiny children trying to push it open a. "Change Is a Long, Slow Process" b. "Education Opens the Door to the Minds" c. "Students Take Early Steps to Graduation" d. "...

Social Studies (Please read this)
Please just make sure that my information is right and it is grammatically correct. Thank you! In 1965, Congress adopted the Voting Rights Act. Describe this act. In our description, explain what led Congress to pass the act, and describe at least two of the act's effects. The...

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