1. Health
    Shingles affects 1 out of 3 people in the United States. affect or affects answer: affects
  2. English
    Read the thesis statement that follows. Identify why it is a good thesis statement. Government should provide health insurance because the costs of uninsured people damage the economy. A.It is interesting B.Everyone already knows it’s true. C.It mentions a broad topic, makes...
  3. Health
    Leo is late to practice again, so his soccer coach reprimands him and makes him run extra laps. When he gets home, Leo bullies his little sister until she cries. Identify which defense mechanism this is and explain how it works.
  4. Health
    The hair on your body is able to help keep you healthy in many different ways.Your hair (1) protects your scalp from sunlight and provides insulation from the cold. (2) hair from nostrils, ears, and ______ prevents debris from entering the body. 1-eyebrows 2-eyelashes 3-hand 4...
  5. English
    Which of the following is a multiple-meaning word? A) GREED B) TURTLE C) MONITOR D) HEALTH I think C Thanks in advance for your guidance
  6. Health
    28. Referrals for mental health services should be made when A. the problems have persisted for several weeks to months. B. the situation is steadily improving. C. support and interventions are showing definite signs of helping. D. there's insufficient time to provide support ...
  7. health and physical education
    Using the excitement of violence to keep video games users to playing their games is an example of which risk factor? A. poverty B. family violence C. media violence D. availability of weapons
  8. physiology and health
    a relationship is a bond between people?
  9. Health
    What are 3 Resources youth can go to for help with mental health issues?
  10. ECE4
    According to your text, early childhood educators should plan and implement the health component of their programs to respond to the A. necessities of providing low-cost care. B. convenience of parents. C. need to work to find cures for communicable diseases. D. predictable ...
  11. Health
    1. To eat more healthful and decrease your calorie intake, MyPlate recommends that you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with no snacks in between meals. eliminate starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn, and lima beans that are high in carbohydrates. drink fruit juice for extra...
  12. Health and Physical Education
    1. When you wake up and a large pimple greets you when you look into the mirror, this endocrine gland is to blame. thymus gland reproductive gland (my answer) thyroid gland pancreas
  13. health
    Why do schools not teach childeren about sexual abuse. If i was taught that no one is alowed to touch my private parts when I was in kindergarten then i would have been able to tell that my father was raping me.
  14. law
    In a one-page paper, define each concept below and compose a sentence or two that describes how the concept is used and relates to Health Information Management (HIM). Be sure to use your own words. Discovery Spoliation Stare decisis Tort law Jurisdiction Statutes E-discovery ...
  15. American Government
    Please check my answers 1. Which kind of policy was the troubled asset relief program (TARP)? A. It was a fiscal policy and I could buy the federal government to prevent inflation B. It was a monetary policy enacted by the federal government to expand the economy C. It was a ...
  16. Health
    A Daily value of 10% means that? A:10% of your calories should come from a particular nutrient. B:a food consist of 10% of a particular nutrient. C:a food package can bear the nutrient claim "light." D:one serving provides 10% of the daily amount for a particular nutrient.
  17. health and P.E.
    Which type of fat is not naturally found in foods and should be used very little in your diet? A: monounsaturated fat B: saturated fat C: trans fat D: unsaturated fat I THINK ANS IS C
  18. health and P.E.
    Why is fiber necessary for proper functioning of the digestive system? A:It creates cell membranes, nerve tissue, and substances that aid in the digestion of fat. B:It helps proper functioning of the digestive system and prevents constipation. C:It is important for ...
  19. Health
    Amino acids get absorbed into the bloodstream after eating which nutrient? A: Carbohydrates B: Fats C: Fiber D: Protein I think D
  20. Health
    Trans fats can best be limited in the diet by? A: drinking low-fat milk B: eating chicken instead of beef C: eliminating milk D: limiting baked goods I think B
  21. Health
    In some cultures, people choose not to eat any type of animal products. How might they people get the protein they need? A; fruits that have pit...mango, avocados ,apricots , peaches B: lots of leafy green vegetables C: nuts, dried peas , lentils D; root vegetables, carrots, ...
  22. Health
    of the 5 food groups, which should be consumed in smallest amount? A: Dairy B: Fruits C: Grains D: Protein I think A
  23. LA
    PLEASE check my answer this is my last test and i d not want to mess up PLEASE 1. Which sentence contains an opinion? (1 point) Thomas Jefferson supported American independence from Great Britain. He was a lawyer in his home state of Virginia. Jefferson authored the ...
  24. Government
    1. Read this excerpt from the textbook about state legislators. " The rate of turnover and legislative seats is fairly high although it tends to vary from state to state and time to time. In a given year some 20% of all lawmakers around the country are serving their first term...
  25. Health
    According to MyPlate, which two food groups should you consume in the largest amounts? (1 point) fruits and grains grains and protein protein and vegetables vegetables and grains 2. Which food group is the only group that does not contain foods that originate from plants? (1 ...
    Paid employees' salaries, 20,000. Employees' payroll deductions are made at the end of every month. the employees' payroll for July 31 is shown Gross Pay 24,000 Deductions: Withholding Tax 2,500 SSS Contributions 1,000 Health Contribution 500 4,000 Net Pay: 20,000 Where should...
  27. Health
    Which 2 food groups should we consume in the largest amounts? 1) fruits and grains 2) grains and proteins 3) protein and vegetables 4} vegetables and grains I think # 3
  28. Health
    1. In a soccer game, the coach of the home team realizes her players are not as highly skilled as the other team and she wishes to avoid a high scoring game which she believes her team will not win. How can she apply coaching tactics to give her team the best chance of winning...
  29. Health
    At the mall, John and three of his friends are waiting for the movie to start. One of his friends has an older brother who says he can get them all into the movie for free if they go around to the back of the building and come in through the employee entrance when the manager ...
  30. Health
    In some cultures, people choose not to eat any type of animal products. How might these people get the protein they need? A)fruits that have a pit-mangos, avocados, apricots, and peaches B)lots of green leafy vegetables**** C)nuts, dried beans, dries peas and lentils D)root ...
  31. Health
    Specialists who review patient charts and assign diagnosis codes in addition to codes for the procedures and services received are called
  32. Health
    Is hitting a golf ball skill-based or health-based
  33. Health
    Explain the relationship between hepatitis and virus?
  34. Health
    According to MyPlate which two food groups should you consume in the largest amounts? A:Fruits And Grains B:Grains and Protein C:Protein and Veggies D:Veggies and Grains I'm still not sure... However, if you can't help, no worries!
  35. Language Arts
    While television can be entertaining and educational, it also has a dark side, especially for children. On average, children spend nearly 4 hours a day watching television. The harmful effects of television viewing far outweigh any benefits. Doing poorly in school is one ...
  36. HEEEELLLPPP!!!!!!!!!!! LA!
    1 While television can be entertaining and educational, it also has a dark side, especially for children. On average, children spend nearly 4 hours a day watching television. The harmful effects of television viewing far outweigh any benefits. 2 Doing poorly in school is one ...
  37. LA HELP!!!!!!!!
    Walking for Fitness and Fun Walking Is for Everyone Walking is a popular form of exercise, and it is growing more popular each year. Walking is good for every age group: The rate of participation does not decline in the middle and later years. In a national survey, the highest...
  38. Health
    i am so stuck on this answer and cannot locate it at all in my resources via online or off. please help... Here's the question: The proper way to take care of your skin would be to: a) burst pimples before they get too big. b) use quality products to help you tan safely. c)...
  39. Health
    Sometimes a patient needs additional care that his or her regular physician cannot provide. In this instance, the physician can make a referral for a patient to see another physician. What are the three types of referrals? (1 point) regular, urgent, fast normal, fast, STAT ...
  40. L.A.
    While television can be entertaining and educational, it also has a dark side, especially for children. On average, children spend nearly 4 hours a day watching television. The harmful effects of television viewing far outweigh any benefits. 2 Doing poorly in school is one ...
  41. Science/Biology/Health and Social Care
    What would happen if the body didn't have any energy? I have looked at Anabolism and Catabolism but I am overall, stuck answering this fully.
  42. child care managment
    6. Child care staff should integrate health education into child care programs for A. local police and emergency workers. B. neighbors of young children. C. children, staff, and families. D. the entire communit
  43. Health
    A sense of patriotism is an example of[select all that apply] a. love b. fear c. primary emotion d. a learned emotion. My answers are a and d. Am I right?
  44. health
    During the exchange of air in your lungs, oxygen is being taken into your bloodstream while this substance is being released. microorganisms carbon dioxide plasma mucus
  45. Health
    What is sex. This is an actual wuestion in my grade 7 Health Class
  46. health 7th
    1. during the alarm stage of you stress body release a chemical called adrenaline which is part of a. eustress b. the flight-or-fight- response*** c. mental rehearsal d. a catastrophe 2.nay event or situation that causes stress is called a(n) a. eustress b. catastrophe c. ...
  47. Gov.
    A. Should Congress be able to regulate private business activity? For example, should they be able to set rules or laws that doesn't allow a small business owner from refusing someone service based on their religion, race, nationality, age or something else? Why or why not? ...
  48. Health
    It's unprofessional to discuss your client with anyone, even the doctor or nurse. True or False? I think that this answer is true. I'm I correct? It's easier to spot unprofessional behaviors than it is to see professional behaviors.I think that this answer is true. I'm I ...
  49. Health
    proteins are made up of substances are called Amino Acids right ?
  50. Health
    Why is it important to eat a variety of foods?
  51. Health
    3. Which is not a health professional who treats mental and emotional disorders? A psychiatrist B neurologist C social worker D psychologist 4. Arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, is an example of a(n) A. Personally disorder B. Anxiety disorder C. Mood disorder D. Impulse-...
  52. Health
    Which of the following is not a kind of psychotherapy A insight B cognitive C medications D groups
  53. Health and Physical Education
    BMI is a ratio to? •Height to body fat •Weight to height •Muscle mass to bone mass •weight to activity level
  54. Health
    Which of the following people is most likely to have the highest self-esteem? A 15-year-old male A 15-year-old female A 50-year-old female A 50-year-old male (MY ANSWER)
  55. georgraphy
    In the following passage written by a conquistador in 1540, what can you infer about how sick citizens were treated? “No one who was lazy or tried to live by the work of others was tolerated; everyone had to work. Thus on certain days each lord went to his lands and took the...
  56. Health care
    Which of the following refers to the presentation of patient information in a useful form and the association of other relevant details with it? Computer data Health information Patient data Health data Consumer information Computer dat? was my gut choice
  57. Health!
    Statistics of Suicide regarding Antisocial Personality Disorder
  58. Health care tech
    Which of the following are required by networks? A network card A network router Network cables Hardware and software All of these B and C but im assuming all of these
  59. Health And Physical Education
    according to psychologist Abraham Maslow, a person must have his or her physical needs, the need to feel safe the need to belong and the need for esteem met in order to reach. 1 point 1).Self concept 2).Self actualization 3).Self esteem 4).Self awareness
  60. Cost Accounting
    You have been appointed as the costing manager of a large health club having a membership of around 2000–2500 members. The club provides personal trainers for its members on request as an add-on facility. The club pays a small salary to the hired personal trainers as ...
  61. Health
    Identify and define the causes of mental disorders
  62. health
    Which occupation is most likely to suffer a partial or complete rotator cuff tear on the job? A teacher A plumber A doctor An electrician A baseball pitcher
  63. MATH
    The role of GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid is involved in down-regulating the activity of neurons in the human brain and is linked to mental health disorders as: anxiety, depression, autism, schizophrenia, bipolarity, and epilepsy among many others. You sample 50 males ...
  64. Health And Physical Education
    Identify a common defense mechanism that protects you from an uncomfortable? A.reaction formation B.abstinence C.mature behaviors D.acceptance I would like to know if anyone knew the answer and if so can you please tell me my parents are getting on to me about one BBBB
  65. Health!
    What motion does a saddle joint allow? What movement does a pivot joint allow? (please don't say pivotal) Thanks. :)
  66. Health
    I plan to practice my tennis drills every day all summer so that I can maintain my #1 seed on the tennis team this year. This is an example of a? 1- performance goal 2- outcome goal my answer is performance goal
  67. HEALTH
    do you think there is big difference in the number of deaths caused by disease and those not caused by disease.
  68. Health
    An individuals self-esteem stays the same throughout their life: A - true B - false ** Self-actualization means that you focus on yourself all the time A - true B - false ** Which of the following is a skill you can practice to improve your self-esteem? A - Recognize your ...
  69. Language Arts
    How does the writer support the statement that dental floss promotes good dental health? With personal opinions with opinions from experts with facts that and statistics with sales information
  70. Language Arts
    How does the writer support the statement that dental floss promotes good dental health?
  71. math
    (A) An architect estimates that the average height of the buildings of 30 or more stories in Suva is at least 500 feet. A random sample of 12 buildings is selected, and the heights in feet are shown. At =0.025, is there enough Evidence to reject the claim? 634 385 411 ...
  72. Physical education HELP PLS!!!!!!!!!
    a person who engages in healthy habits and minimizes health risks will likely increase his or her A: risk factors B: action plan C: health continuum D: life expectancy
  73. math
    (A) An architect estimates that the average height of the buildings of 30 or more stories in Suva is at least 500 feet. A random sample of 12 buildings is selected, and the heights in feet are shown. At =0.025, is there enough Evidence to reject the claim? 634 385 411 ...
  74. Please help do by 10:00 Science
    1. Convert 4.0 kilometers (km) to meters (m). (1 point) 0.04 m 40 m 400 m 4,000 m 2. For his science project, Austin wants to determine if the pH of standing rainwater changes over time. He collects a jar of rainwater and places it indoors in a spot that does not receive a lot...
  75. american government
    2. which of the following reflects a difference between debate on the House and the Senate floors? A. debate in the senate has very few restraints B. the minority party in the senate manages debate on the floor. C. representatives in the house may filibuster a bill D. senators...
  76. The Human Resource Environment
    Which of the following is a false statement about the performance management process? A. In some organizations, employees evaluate their own performance, and often, peers and subordinates participate, too. B. Performance measures may emphasize either observable behaviors or ...
  77. health care tech
    Each of the following are specific transaction standards for types of electronic data interchange EXCEPT: claims status. employment status. enrollment and deenrollment in a health plan. first report of injury. premium payments. Help
  78. Health care tech
    RNs who receive additional training and certification in pregnancy and childbirth are called: nurse practitioners. nurse anesthetists. nurse midwives. licensed practical nurses. None of these Practioners are more right help??
  79. world geography please check my answers
    1. Which is not a factor contributing to poverty in Africa? (1 point) long periods of drought and desertification a sudden decline in unemployment drastic increase in population leading to a shortage in available resources an inability to establish a diverse industrial economy...
  80. check my work
    The table below shows your expenses. Use the information in the table to answer questions 1­3. Expense Type Cost mortgage (monthly) $1,850.00 groceries (bi­weekly) $113.50 telephone (monthly) $96.80 credit card (monthly) $100.00 car payment (monthly) $389.45 car insurance (...
  81. Business (Health Care)
    what is a recent health care business that has changed the way health care staff perform their jobs or the way patients receive services?
  82. Health
    Which of these is an example of a hereditary risk factor? A. Smoking B. Eating Junk Food Everyday C. Being A Couch Potato D. Having Fair Skin That Is Prone To Sunburn I don't know which one I should choose. PLZ HELP.
  83. Health
    In order to make healthy choices you must learn to what risks? A. Ignore B. Advocate For (C.) Evaluate (My Answer) D. Take More
  84. Biostatstics
    Question: The New York State Health Department reports a 10% rate of the HIV virus for the “at-risk” population. Under certain conditions, a preliminary screening test for the HIV virus is correct 95% of the time. (Subjects are not told that they are HIV infected until ...
  85. helth
    1. Health related factors refer to coordination, agility, power, speed, balance, and reaction time. (1 point) * True (1 point) * False (0 points) 2. There are some aspects of fitness that we have little or no control over. (1 point) * True (0 points) * False (1 point) 3. Good ...
  86. FRENCH
    1. Quel travail voulez-vous? (What job do you want?) - Je veux être un pédiatre . 2. Quel type d'education avez-vous recu? (What kind of education have you received? - I got my M.D in med school and finished pediatric residency. J'ai obtenu mon M.D à l'école med , et fini ...
  87. French
    Can someone help me fix anything that needs to be fixed in terms of correct structure of the words. I would really appreciate it! 1. After studying premed at University, I want to be a pediatrician. 2. The reason for this is because I have a little sister who was born with ...
  88. Health
    Why is it important to recognize hinger versus appetite? If you eat too many calories you will lose too much weight. You should only eat as many calories as your body needs/ Hunger makes you eat based on emotions not nutrition. Your appetite tells you when your body needs ...
  89. Health
    Basal Metabolic rate (BMR) can be affected by Age Daily Values Appetite Hunger
  90. Science
    The Strange Case of Beriberi In 1887 a strange nerve disease attacked the people in the Dutch East Indies. The disease was beriberi. Symptoms of the disease included weakness and loss of appetite, victims often died of heart failure. Scientists thought the disease might be ...
  91. health
    Which of the following foods are exempt from the food labeling law?
  92. medical health tech
    Why are healthcare facilities undergoing the transition from ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 codes?
  93. health care technology
    Which department in an Inpatient hospital is considered an outpatient facility, and why?
  94. Health
    Developing an action plan is part of which of the seven health skills? A. Advocacy B. Communicating C. Setting Goals (D.) Making Decisions
  95. vocab help
    words - detriment, dexterous, discretion, facetious, gregarious, optimum, ostentatious, scrupulous, sensory, and vicarious. "you have to be use __ in choosing your friends," my father said."If your associates are dishonest, people will think that you yourself may not be__." ...
  96. Health
    1. The way in which your emotions affect your physical and overall health is part of? Setting goals. heredity. The mind-body connection. (MY ANSWER) Your cultural environment. 2.In order to make healthy choices, You must to _______ risks. Ignore. Advocate for.(MY ANSWER) ...
  97. Confidentiality and Allied Health
    When should information be entered into a medical record? A at the time the event occurs b at the time set aside at the end of the shift c while the physician is making rounds d when the patient is discharged from the hospital I think its a
  98. SS plz help thx i appreciate it
    1. Why does scarcity exist? Producers need scarcity to set prices. Wants are always greater than resources. Economic institutions control most money. No country can make all the goods it needs.*** 2. Which of these is an example of a capital resource? workers*** iron ore ...
  99. Health
  100. eng 122
    Select the most accurate APA-style reference: (Points : 1) Kenney, M. (2012). Child, family, and neighborhood associations with parent and peer interactive play during early childhood. Maternal & Child Health Journal, 1688-101. doi:10.1007/s10995-012-0998-7 Barnett & Belfield...
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