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1. Let's meet at the car at six.
2. Let's meet near the car at six.
3. Let's meet inside the car at six.
[You mean #1 is #2. #1 doesn't mean #3. Is that right?]

4. Let's meet at the bus at six.
5. Let's meet near the bus at six.
6. Let's meet inside the bus at six.
[You mean #4 is #5. #4 doesn't mean #6. Is that right?]

7. Let's meet at the park at six.
8. Let's meet near the park at six.
9. Let's meet inside the park at six.
[What about these three sentences? Here, #7 doesn't mean #8. #7 means #9. Is that right? Do you have any logical theory about the difference between these three sentences and the previous example sentences?

  1. Writeacher

    1 and 2, yes
    3 maybe -- if both have keys if the car is locked

    4 and 5. yes
    6 not a normal expression, no, but possible if the bus waits for both to get on board

    7, 8, and 9. All are OK.

    Any logic here depends on what it is.

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