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1. One major difference between a debate and a research paper is that
a. a research paper involves a multistage process of gathering,
organizing, and revising information.
b. a debate involves the delivery of ideas before an audience.
c. a debate involves gathering the most up-to-date information.

2. Participating in a debate is like giving a formal speech in that you
a. research your subject.
b. avoid using gestures.
c. present both sides of an argument.

3. The proposition of a debate is the
a. issue being debated
b. opposition's rebuttal.
c. constructive speech of the negative side.

4. Participating in a debate does "not" require you to
a. anticipate an opposing point of view.
b. make eye contact with your audience.
c. prepare a detailed paper of your speech.

5. The goal of a constructive speech is to
a. present an outline of the speech.
b. give support for the thesis statement.
c. disprove your opponent's argument.

  1. Writeacher

    I agree with #4. I disagree with the others.

  2. SAm

    I'm not sure if I understand this to my fullest

  3. Writeacher

    I agree with your second answers now.

    Debate requires not only researching and speaking on YOUR side of the subject, but also refuting your opponent's side. Research papers normally don't require that -- unless it's an argumentative paper.

    Argumentative papers and debate performances resemble each other greatly.
    Research papers don't usually require dealing with opposing views.

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