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okay, I have a lot of job ideas for before I am able to start a business, but I would like to know if anyone has advice for getting into acting?

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    you need some experience. Drama club? or similar?

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    community theater?
    class at a local college?

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    I live in a small town, the only theater we have is in the high school, but I'm doing online and I'm not aloud to be a part of the musicals they have. I also don't have a college within a reasonable radius that has acting classes, I would join a drama club, but that is not available online. Is there any other advice you've got?

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    You can't learn much about acting without actually acting. You'll need to move to a larger community to get this experience.

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    oh, joy. This is going to be a lot harder than I was expecting it to be.

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    okay, I double checked my schools options for clubs, and it looks like they added the arts, maybe I've got a shot, but the page was posted a few years ago, who knows if it's still available

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