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posted by anonymous

If the bearing of A from O is θ°T, then what is the bearing of O from A:
a. if 0° < θ° < 180°
b. if 180° < θ° < 360°?

I don't quite understand what the question is trying to ask, need some insight, thanks.

  1. Damon

    Draw a picture

    say θ° is 30.
    then from O to A is 180 + 30 = 210
    for any θ° between 0 and 180, add 180
    once θ° is greater than 180, then when we add 180 it is bigger than 360
    so to get it right you have to back up 180 and use θ° - 180

    (or in fact you could still do it the same way and subtract 360 once you got 390 for example but that would be 180-360 = -180 anyway :)

  2. Damon

    or if A to O is east then O to A is west :} That might be where you got stuck.

  3. anonymous

    riight, thanks. Appreciate it a lot Damon.

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